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Lets continue our large conversations here...
 :: piggytat :: 15/12/2009
It's unfair that I can't understand 90 % of the topics written in spanish... :(
Plus that I'm too lame to learn spanish...
 :: :: 16/12/2009
Only five fans speak english? ok, i will join to make it 6; since 6 is my lucky number :)
 :: luguroga :: 16/12/2009
7 :)
 :: :: 16/12/2009
We need a spanish to english translator to find out what people are saying out of this topic of ours.And I don't mean google,lol.
 :: :: 17/12/2009
Yes, we were 4 and before that 3 and before that 2, but now we are 5!!!
I hope we are all still alive.
 :: piggytat :: 17/12/2009
Well I'll join in the fun then, bad show by us english speakers!! Anyway
does anybody know when Manu will tour in europe again? Especially in
the uk? thanks!
 :: Kartvader :: 17/12/2009
Everybody has to speak other languages, that´s the way to understand what´s going on in the world. I´m so happy that you want to understand spanish, and I think that there is a lot of people here that can help you to understand.

Saludos from Argentina
 :: :: 18/12/2009
Hi from another English speaker!! I have just found this really nice clip of Manu from 2001:

@ Gabril - I agree that understanding other languages is the only way to understand other cultures. I love the Spanish language and I have been studying it for years!!
 :: Teresauk :: 18/12/2009
I've been too busy to participate!!!!!
 :: nubiasol :: 18/12/2009
Which - Teresa - means that you haven't learnt it YET, because if you had learnt it you would have stopped studying it. xoxoxo xexexe
 :: piggytat :: 18/12/2009
Piggy - It can take a lifetime to become fluent in a language and that it my goal.....I am a perfectionist.
 :: Teresauk :: 19/12/2009
I don't think Manu will tour in mother Europe any time soon.I'd love to see him again in Greece but I'm thankfull that I saw him last year.
 :: :: 20/12/2009
Ephemar - I think he will play a few dates in Europe 2010 if you are prepared to travel.
 :: Teresauk :: 20/12/2009
That would be great but I would have to travel alone since no one from my friends listen to Manu!Poor them...
 :: :: 20/12/2009
Ephemar - Yep poor them!!! Going to a gig alone is no problem, I have done it myself in the past and there are many others on this forum that have done the same. Or perhaps you can meet up with someone from this forum for a gig.....that has been done before as well!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 20/12/2009
I'll praise to the money god until then.That's my only concern,not traveling alone or not really.
It would be great if Manu visited Greece once again but I don't think he's happy with us anymore.Heard that he was frustrated about the high prices of the tickets we had to pay.
Not me of course since I bought mine 3 months earlier,but with at the door ticket wich was about 40 or so euros.
 :: :: 21/12/2009
Enough with the ticket prices! I paid 25 as an early buyer, BUT 40 euros is not much for a festival. If he doesn't want to come again he better use another reason. I really didn't hear any complaints about the prices.
 :: piggytat :: 21/12/2009
¡Hola todos!

I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. Or should I say "spirits"? ;^) We had our Christmas tree
decorating party the other night, and I was showing off my MC shirt from the summer tour, pointing out to
everyone that I had "eyes on the back of my back." Yup. Have another vat of punch, Papi!
 :: :: 21/12/2009
Feliz Navidad, everyone!!!! :)

Papi, Piggy, & Teresa... you three are die hards, that's fer sure!!! I was super surprised to see this forum still going on! LOL

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas / holiday/ season (whatever is least offensive to the reader! hahaahaa... I personally like the first one).

Still waiting for the man to come back to the states!!! Any word?
 :: :: 22/12/2009
Yeah, when is Manu comming back to the Los Angeles/San Diego area, or Tijuana, or Mexicali? Its been a while and i am sure a lot of people is waiting for Radio Bemba to make us jump like always.
I am in the spirit for traveling to Europe on 2010, maybe i will catch them overthere :)

Happy New Years to all of you, here and there!!
 :: luguroga :: 23/12/2009
Hi #7 :)
 :: luguroga :: 23/12/2009
Went to a place today that sells used vinyls and cds and found the cd single of Manu ''Me gustas tu'',wich I don't have!The cd is in a great shape.Very happy!
 :: :: 29/12/2009
When you have time you discover things.
Here is what I found for English-speaking fans:

Happy 2010!
 :: piggytat :: 30/12/2009
8 now!
Merry Christmas and happy new year from Toulouse (South-West France)!
Best wishes!

Tu Gato.
 :: tugato :: 30/12/2009
I got Baionarena for Christmas and it's fantastic! :-)

Happy 2010, everyone!
 :: :: 30/12/2009
Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: travarica :: 31/12/2009
Happy New Year!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 31/12/2009
happy new year guys!
 :: :: 01/01/2010
Hi Folks,

Best wishes for 2010 from the Caribbean! Since Manu Chao will never ever visit and play at the small island that I live, I decided to make some Manu Chao music here myself and did a cover of 'Bienvenido a Tijuana'. It is not in English (not in Spanish or French either), though. ;^) It is called 'Welcome to Amboina'.

Anyway, I made a nice, original video to go with it, so please enjoy! (and if you do, and have a youtube account yourself, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a comment).


Turtuga Blanku

* Solar Power Music at: *
 :: :: 01/01/2010
hey guys just letting u know the english speaking fiesta is growing
muchos amour to u all
and i deffo want to see manu chao this year so heres hoping!!!
 :: johnny angrylove :: 06/01/2010
Hey Piggytat,

Seems like Europe don't like us here Yanks. This is the messge I received when I clinked on your link.

"This video contains content from CNN (Europe), who has decided to block it in your country."

Normally, we get "service is not available in your area," which makes it sound as if there is a technical problem the server cannot get around. Our apologies.

Instead we get "who has decided to block it in your country," which suggests, yes, we thought about it and decided we didn't like you enough to share.
 :: nubiasol :: 12/01/2010
Hey Nubie - That message sounds really odd. Try this link direct to CNN and enjoy the freaky women interviewing him, where the hell did they get her from!!
 :: Teresauk :: 12/01/2010
Hey Nubie - Don't feel bad; they don't seem to like us Canucks either, eh? I clicked on that link and got the same message.

Hey Teresa - Oh now, that woman isn't so freaky. It's just that she's got a bad haircut and maybe drinks too much coffee! ;^)
 :: :: 13/01/2010
Hahahahaha ''I don't remember what inspired me to write Mi Vida because what I smoked this day''
 :: :: 13/01/2010
No, I watched it again and she is still freaking me out. It's all that crazy hand waving and pointing. I think she needs a bit of what Manu has been smoking :D
 :: Teresauk :: 13/01/2010
Yup, that'll slow her right down. ;^)
 :: :: 14/01/2010
Hey guys & girls!
Where can I find two songs that plays on Radiolina?

Paola Pitzalis - Sardagna Leila
Seineken y Manu Chao - Doctor Krapula

Please? :)
 :: :: 14/01/2010
This day or that day? The one he wrote it or the one of the interview?
I'm confused! I think I will smoke something.
Teresa, how is your working project going?
 :: piggytat :: 14/01/2010
Piggy - "this day" is the term Manu uses in the interview he means "today".

Oh and don't ask about the work project.....not a good subject with me at the moment : ( What about your work situation has it improved? Is the weather in Athens better than in London....we are have been covered in snow for weeks : (
 :: Teresauk :: 14/01/2010
Teresa Manu says this day, but does he really mean it? hmhm
You never know with Manu and English.
Yes, I finally found a job in less than two months, which is good.
The money is the same as my previous, which means that I have exactly the same financial problems as before... xoxoxo..... but i don't really really like it.
So I'm thinking about looking for another one after some time, as I'm trying to recover from some health problems now.
The weather here is always better than in London.... we haven't seen snow since last year, or the previous one, I don't remember, but today it was really cold and oh that rain... grrrrr. They say that we'll have a few winter days now, we'll see!
Nuby, did you finally watch the video?
Pap, where is your always good mood?
 :: piggytat :: 14/01/2010
Hi piggy! I'm around; I've just been busy. I hope you feel better soon. :-)
 :: :: 15/01/2010
Likewise, Piggy. I di d watch the video. Of course, the shadow makes it look like he's wearing Cleopatra makeup when he looks down. Strange effect.

And that interviewer. Very forceful. Her voice is better suited for disaster and political news. With a gentle speaker like Manu, she overpowers him vocally.

Well, we are getting blasted with rain here too. At least it isn't snow and we had sunshine for about two hours. It's still cold, though.

Hi Papillo, Teresa.

Ephemar, try:

or this one:
 :: nubiasol :: 20/01/2010
Thank you nubiasol! Appreciate it!
I need my Manu Chao medicine ! :P
 :: :: 20/01/2010
¡Hi Nubie, feliz año nuevo! Cleopatra makeup, LOL!

BTW, the shirt Manu is wearing in that interview is the same as the one I bought in September, only mine is black, and I
actually got it taken in to fit me better. I wear it with pride. :-)

We're having a remarkably mild winter here. I hope our weather cooperates for the Olympics.
 :: :: 20/01/2010
OK guys. An unscientific poll inspired by Annie's post and Kitapena:

How long does it take for you guys to get over heartbreak?
 :: nubiasol :: 24/01/2010
13 dias! :D
 :: piggytat :: 24/01/2010
Ha ha ha ha! Very funny.
 :: nubiasol :: 25/01/2010
Nubie - It depends on the heartbreak. I've never 100% gotten over my dog dying (a year and a half ago). But if
you're talking about a different kind of heartbreak (and I think you are), I heard a funny quote the other day:

The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. ;^)
 :: :: 25/01/2010
...or over...
 :: piggytat :: 25/01/2010
or in between :)
 :: luguroga :: 25/01/2010
Nub, I'm afraid you didn't have that in mind...
We have obviously not suffered from a heartbreak, or at least we have forgotten it.
 :: piggytat :: 25/01/2010
when will Manu come back to Canada and grace amalucada vida once more ?
 :: :: 26/01/2010
That's a GREAT line!!!! As are the quips, Piggy and Luguroga.

Ah, I needed a good laugh.
 :: nubiasol :: 26/01/2010
Nubie - That's our job!

Bixo - You're alive! ¿Que tal? Are you still in Vancouver? Lots of great FREE live music coming up soon here! :-)
 :: :: 26/01/2010
I've been hearing some rumours that Manu Chao
is going to PLay Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics..
anyone else heard anything. my sources are fairly credible.
been hearing rumours for a couple months now.
 :: Scotty :: 27/01/2010
I know a certain person who will freak out if he is!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 28/01/2010
Me, too! She has been strangely quiet though.
 :: nubiasol :: 28/01/2010
Hmmm yeah she has but then again this whole forum has been quiet for ages. I guess it's cos' there is not much Manu action going on at the moment.
 :: Teresauk :: 28/01/2010
Oh. My. God. Scotty, don't toy with my emotions. Can it be true???

Nubie & Teresa - I haven't been *that* quiet. How's 2010 so far?
 :: :: 28/01/2010
Scotty - Could this be what your sources are talking about?

Manu Chao le 12 février 2010 à l'olympia
 :: :: 30/01/2010
Hmmm I think so.....this is in Paris at l'olympia and sadly not Vancouver the Olympics.
 :: Teresauk :: 30/01/2010
no, I've heard from some media sources.
possibly feb 27th
 :: Scotty :: 31/01/2010
Scotty - Any venue names being tossed about?
 :: :: 31/01/2010
I've heard chatter about Canada place, Granville island, yaletown..
but nothing concrete.
 :: Scotty :: 03/02/2010
Hi All ... here is yet another HUGE Manu fan from Vancouver ... can
anyone confirm IF he will play in Vancouver during Olympics?

I am also traveling to Barcelona in March ... any gigs over there in
 :: Sava :: 03/02/2010
Hi Sava! Now there are at least three of us (Vancouverites) here. :-) I have a friend who works for VANOC (i.e. the
Vancouver Olympic Committee) and another friend who's a concert promoter. I've asked both of them if they've
heard anything, but they haven't. I guess we'll just have to go out every night during the games! Lots of great free
music happening. If Manu does perform, my guess would be David Lamb Park (Yaletown), as that's where all the
big names seem to be scheduled. FINGERS CROSSED!! :-D
 :: :: 05/02/2010
Hmmm. Do you think he'll use pseudonym?
 :: nubiasol :: 08/02/2010
Pap, I have the feeling that he won't play there during the Olympics. I really wish I'm wrong, but I have a question... are you going if it's not free? :P
When do the Olympics start? And how do you feel about them?

Nub, I expect much more from you than a sentence and a hmmm.

PS: Watch out for Oscar Tramor... hahahaha
 :: piggytat :: 08/02/2010
Hey nubie, good thought about the pseudonym. I've looked through all the performance listings though, and
double-checked on any artist I hadn't heard of, but they all had websites and myspace pages. There were,
however, 3 TBA spots, so who knows ... yeah, I'm an eternal optimist. :-)

Hey piggy, I think you're probably right. Am I going if it's not free? What do you think? Please, I'd live on toast and
popcorn for a month if I had to! ;-) The Olympics start on Friday, although the athletes started arriving last week.
I'm actually quite excited. The city is feeling so alive right now, but I think we should change the name to "The
Spring Olympics" since our weather continues to be unseasonably nice and warm. (By Canadian standards,
anyway.) And yes, I scanned the live music schedule for Oscar Tramor, but no luck. Poop!
 :: :: 08/02/2010
 :: commandantmarco :: 12/02/2010
Pap - I am keeping my fingers crossed for you :-)

Thanks for the link commandantmarco :-) The clip of the G8 summit is one of my favorite clips. Just today on the TV I saw stories of banks bailing out banks and now countries bailing out countries!! Its all a joke...except its not a very funny one. Like Manu says governments are all payasos.
 :: Teresauk :: 12/02/2010
To the world

It's not a joke, their is people who die!!
Their is army who kill! And now, policeman kill!
It's not a joke, it's LIES!
The system is a big lie!!!!
You know, people don't need system. What want all the people around the earth? To live in peace. Not specially rich, just in peace, without obligations..

Imagine yourself, nude, alone in the earth. Without cars, roads, building, money, borders and obligations.. Just you.
The life is that normally. Normally, there is no car, no building, no concentrations in cities, no big manufacturies.. Normally there is nothing of all this "system" : uniquely people, men & women who live in peace in the earth.

All of the others things, of the system, and all of the mentality, reflexion and logic that you need for live inside are FALSE !!! IT'S A LIE !!!!!!
The mentality that the system want you take is "binaire, in french), bi-polaire : yes - no, white-black, good-bad.... It's again in a LIE because all the people is different.
The Human Rights Declaration say :
" All the people is egal in the law, in the right"
In the reality all people is different!
One personn have his history, his education.
He have see some thing, he never see some others..

If all the people is different, why make a standard? A standard for all?
The world is changing.
Many people open the eyes! Because many people show.
Many people understand because many people explain and speak of what is love!

Every people must have this reflexion : who am I? A people who discover or a people who see and explain?

You know, all the people who understand what's happening must say.
Now, I think it's necessary to make action.
We must move!
We need and we must assert !
We must say NO!
We must stop this system!
We must stop this autority' men without ears and heart.
We must stop this commerce!
We must stop the Army!

Our childrens NEED that we say NO !!!
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
Every people!!
It's writed!
Many people of all the country, all religions, all categorie will be united for say NO to the system!
What's happen?
What are you doing?
It's time for action.
It's time for non-action. Why do you want wait? What're you waiting?

I hope one day, all the people don't pay taxe volontarly.
I hope they say STOP.
I hope the people refuse money, make exchange and say fuck of.
Why this autority?
Why 1 autority? We don't need autority! We are adult!

Originaly, their is no border.
Originaly, their is no money.
Originaly, their is no autority.
Originaly, their is no problem!

FTA Fuck the Army!
& Fuck the gouvernments!
 :: commandantmarco :: 12/02/2010
I was starting to lose faith cuz I hadn't heard anything this week.
But Tonight I heard some good INTEL.

Stay Tuned For Manu Chao 2010 info!
 :: Scotty :: 13/02/2010
At the Olympics? You had better spill the beans now so Pap can get herself down there!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 13/02/2010
yes at the Olympics!.. don't know which day or venue yet, my guess is feb 26th , but thats just a guess.
 :: Scotty :: 13/02/2010
Scotty - Are you in Vancouver? If this is a matter of keeping things on the DL, you could click on my user name
and email me personally. I swear to God(ess), I can keep a secret! C'mon, just a HINT, even...
 :: :: 13/02/2010
Hey Teresita! Did you happen to catch the opening ceremonies on TV? I
had no idea what to expect really, but I was completely blown away.
Spectacular! We went to a local pub with a group of friends to watch it.
When they honored Nodar Kumaritashvili, there wasn't a dry eye in the
house. I've been telling myself at least the boy died doing something he
loved. He would have been on an adrenaline high and the impact
happened so fast, he wouldn't have suffered or even had time to be
terrified. Still, so f***ing sad.
 :: :: 13/02/2010

I only know what I've posted, heard from some media types and someone working for a group thats putting it together. I will know exact details when I can.
it's been hard getting anything out of some of these people. very secretive.

Check my radio podcast site for updates..

or my twitter
 :: Scotty :: 13/02/2010
¡Muchas gracias, Scotty!
 :: :: 13/02/2010
Hope manu will come back to sweden
 :: ramrod2 :: 13/02/2010
Pap - Yes I watched some of the ceremony and the snowboarder was awesome!! You are making us feel the pressure over here for 2012 ;-)
And yeah real sad about the Georgian guy.
 :: Teresauk :: 14/02/2010
heard more confirmations about Vancouver 2010.
might not be a free show. but will be on.
I know the where, but not the when!
 :: Scotty :: 15/02/2010
Why so cryptic?
 :: Teresauk :: 15/02/2010
Teresita - Actually not that cryptic. If you check out "Ska-T's" tweets, he notes that the Commodore (venue
where MC & the boys kicked off their Norte Americano tour a few years ago) is closed during the O's, raising
the possibility for surprise shows.

Ska-T - So, assuming the show's not free, people would still need at least a little advance notice, or how would
they get tix or even know when to show up? Good podcasts, BTW. :-)
 :: :: 15/02/2010
I am very happy for you guys!
Still waiting here for the official announcement, but very optimistic that it won't be much late...
 :: piggytat :: 15/02/2010
Thanks, piggy! I'LL be happy once I'm actually AT THE GIG. I'm just a little paranoid after missing out on tickets a
couple of years ago. But I won't revisit that old disappointment; I will just keep my fingers crossed. :-)
 :: :: 15/02/2010
Yes Papi.....I so hope it all goes ahead!!! You deserve it after the long wait!! :-) Maybe Canadian tour managers help the cause as well ;-)
 :: Teresauk :: 15/02/2010
Here's hoping, Teresita. Here's hoping! :-)
 :: :: 16/02/2010
I haven't heard any new chatter REGARDING VANCOUVER/COMMODORE


May 26th

Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System

 :: Scotty :: 18/02/2010
Woo-hoo! Cheers, Scotty. That's actually where I first saw them perform a few years ago. Fun festival, but you can
never count on the weather. We saw Manu early Saturday night. Overnight and into Sunday, it was so windy a guy in
our campsite actually lost his tent.
 :: :: 18/02/2010
Oops! Hey Scotty, you might not want to spread that around anymore. I just checked out the line-up in that post, and it's EXACTLY
the same line-up as the one we saw a few years back! Coincidence? Not likely. I'm guessing the person who posted that just
misunderstood an old link or something. 2010's festival actually starts on the 29th.
 :: :: 18/02/2010
you're right,

someone must have cu and pastedd the line-up from 3? years ago..
 :: Scotty :: 18/02/2010
Urgh! So close . . .
 :: nubiasol :: 19/02/2010
It's driving me craaaazy! And that's not a long ride... ;-)
 :: :: 19/02/2010
3 VIDEOS (HQ) de Manu Chao : Live @ Abby Road
A voir !

And go to see in the "Skydrive" > Manu Chao, there is albums and unpublished. My work isn't finish, so go to see sometime for to know if there is something new!
 :: commandantmarco :: 19/02/2010
 :: Teresauk :: 24/02/2010
 :: Teresauk :: 24/02/2010
New ! on
- Manu Chao @ Radio Nova : Inspecteur "La Galette", contrôle discal
- Manu Chao @ TelegraphTV (HD)
- Manu Chao @ 20th years of South Winners of Olympique de Marseille

And in the part "SKYDRIVE", there is a file "Manu Chao" where there is unpublished albums, remixs, rares etc...
 :: commandantmarco :: 26/02/2010
Great videos, guys! Thank you.

BTW, the Big Rumour was exactly that: a rumour. Oh well. It was fun to hope for a while. :-)
 :: :: 27/02/2010
Sorry to hear about the "rumour" Pap...but he could still turn up at some point this year, fingers crossed :-)

Does anyone know what the song is on the home page of this site? Is it SMOD?
 :: Teresauk :: 01/03/2010
We are able to download "Sibérie m'était contéee..." from, and that is great :-)
But why is it remixed? And why are there fewer songs, than on the original? Does Manu Chao like it better?
 :: mjjoe :: 01/03/2010
Yes it's SMOD.
 :: piggytat :: 02/03/2010
Wow the conversation is flowing on this forum ;-)
 :: Teresauk :: 02/03/2010
 :: piggytat :: 02/03/2010
I meant yes it's flowing.
 :: piggytat :: 02/03/2010
 :: Teresauk :: 02/03/2010
 :: :: 02/03/2010
Live @ La Madriguera acoustic solo remasterised by me, at :

I hope you'll like it !
 :: commandantmarco :: 04/03/2010
Call me stupid but I have only just realised that there is a bonus section on the Baionareana DVD!!!!!!! Jajajaaj How did I miss that!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 27/03/2010
How about blind instead?
 :: nubiasol :: 27/03/2010
OK fair point.
 :: Teresauk :: 27/03/2010
Dear English speaking fans! I quite enjoy the song that is playing on Manu's homepage, but I can't find out the title nor the artist. Who knows more?
 :: Bertus :: 28/03/2010
Hi Bertus. The song is SMOD but I am not sure what its called.
 :: Teresauk :: 28/03/2010
It's called " Ca chante "
more about Smod here:
 :: :: 29/03/2010
@ Teresauk & lolalola: thanks a lot!
 :: Bertus :: 29/03/2010
anything new in Manu tourdates ? I'm looking everywhere and stil no success :(
 :: andwin :: 29/03/2010
I bought today the standard edition of Baionarena. I already have the limited one but I wanted to see if there was anything different in the other one. LoL
 :: :: 29/03/2010
So? What was different?
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2010
hi there, just wanted to join you, one more english speaking fan, from Latvia xD
 :: musix13 :: 01/04/2010
Hi piggy!! Nothing different of course.Just a little book with 4 pages with photos already shown in the limited edition.But it's more practical to open it out and take out the cds. LoL (At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself). I got a great present yesterday. A Mano Negra best of compilation with 2 cd's! Listening to it all day long!
 :: :: 01/04/2010
Welcome musix13!
 :: :: 01/04/2010
I just heard a rumor that he is coming to Ohio in April..... but I haven't
verified it at all
 :: zambonp :: 01/04/2010
Damn it! I got april fooled :(
 :: zambonp :: 01/04/2010
Ohhh, that's a cruel joke. : (
 :: :: 01/04/2010
Hi Geminis.

I know you're out there. (Piggy!)
 :: nubiasol :: 18/05/2010
Is Baionarena available on vinyl too?
 :: :: 18/05/2010
Hello everyone! It’s been a looooong time! Anything new about Manu? Are there any scheduled concerts? I’ve heard absolutely nothing! He is finally not coming to Greece. Maybe he was afraid that we wouldn’t pay him. hahahaha What is he doing really this period? What about a new album? Isn’t it time?
The mood here is a little down. You can imagine why. There are a few interesting concerts – like Gogol Bordelo – that I’m not planning to go.
What are your summer plans? Are you travelling anywhere? I’m determined to have a better time than last year!
I hope you all are fine!


Ps: I have no idea if Baionarena is available in vinyl.
 :: piggytat :: 24/05/2010
 :: :: 24/05/2010
Hi Piggy - Where have you been???? I hope things are not too bad for you at the moment? I am so glad that the summer is now here to cheer us all up!!! Its very very hot here today...unfortunately I have to work so I can't just relax in the sun.

Manu is playing gigs with just Majid and Garbancito at the moment and they call themselves "La Ventura". They played in Barcelona and I think that they are now in Brasil. So maybe there is chance that they will play in Greece too :-)
 :: Teresauk :: 24/05/2010
Thanks for the info Teresa! So I have to be careful for La Ventura!
To be honest, there is nothing different for me so far, apart from the mood which is pretty bad as we are expecting worse things to happen. Everybody is just trying to keep their jobs. Noone is hoping for a better job or a better salary. We all just hope not to become worse.
Thanks god it's summer! I don't know what we'll do in winter!
I've noticed your spanish has improved a lot!
How is your job going?
 :: piggytat :: 24/05/2010
Hi Piggy! I've been thinking about you in recent weeks and hoping you're doing okay. I'm glad you have summer at least. So far, it seems determined to ignore Canada's wet (I mean west) coast. :-/

Hi Teresa! Interesting news about La Ventura. If they're in Brasil, maybe they'll make their way to North America eventually this summer. Stranger things have happened.
 :: :: 25/05/2010
Have we seen the last of Radio Bemba with its members as it is right now?Like we've seen before ? (Bidji,Roy Pacci etc.)
Is La Ventura the new ''soundsystem'' ?
 :: :: 26/05/2010
Sorry, what is the question? hahahahahahahaha
 :: piggytat :: 26/05/2010
Piggy - I have a really crap badly paid job that I have to do 7 days a week to pay the bills :-( But only until September when I will become a full time student (again) and just study and enjoy myself :-) I hope that your boss is better than the last one!!

Pap - You maybe in luck this year!! Sorry to hear your weather is bad. Ours was too until last week when it jump up 10 degrees overnight and took us all by surprise. Unfortunately it seems to have dropped back down again today...but hey that's the British summer for you.

Ephemar - Who knows. Maybe Gambeat and the others where doing other things and this is just temporary. But I really think it is time for a new CD from Manu this year, it seems ages since La Radiolina.
 :: Teresauk :: 27/05/2010
It's funny that we go c'mon already! How long was it between Proxima Estacion and Radiolina? YEARS!!!!

Still. I listened to his first solo album recently and it brings back the feelings I felt at the time - not memories - just the feel. Hearing something new and thinking, who IS this guy? And why am I so strangely attracted to the guy's voice?
 :: nubiasol :: 28/05/2010
hey does anyone know who sings the song that plays first on the
homepage right now?? it's awesome and i have no idea who it is. it
sounds like some french-african group.
 :: worldrocker :: 29/05/2010
The song is "Ca chante " and the group is Smod. Lolalola posted this link a while back:
 :: Teresauk :: 30/05/2010
Yes, it's SMOD, from Bamako, "rap'n'Folk" band whose guitarist is none other than Amadou & Mariam's son!

Their third album is out tomorrow, entirely produced by Manu!
Spread the word if you enjoy it, they need the support!!
 :: :: 30/05/2010
Is Manu doing anything else in this album apart from producing it, for example.... singing?
 :: piggytat :: 30/05/2010
Piggy there's a topic wich says what i meant.
'' ¿Murió Radio Bemba? ''
(So,must I learn french and spanish to understand what people says over here? Sux! )

P.S: Hope I'll buy the album soon.If it ever makes it to Greece...
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Ephemar - the topic "¿Murió Radio Bemba? " is about an article which was published in Brasil which talks about Manu's tour with La Ventura and mentions that all the members of La Ventura are ex members of the "extinct" Radio Bemba!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 01/06/2010
They are also saying that Radio Bemba was never a static line up, it has always changed over the years. But always under the heading of Radio Bemba. Which does make me wonder why he is not using the name Radio Bemba for this tour, why the name change when the music he is playing is the same. Hmmmm
 :: Teresauk :: 01/06/2010
I just realised that the article which speaks about the extinct Radio Bemba is in the News section of the website. Which means it must be official :-(
 :: Teresauk :: 01/06/2010
Appreciate it Teresa!
I actually have read a book about Manu and it actually said that Manu never keeps a static line up for very long.He changes it whenever he thinks that that line has nothing more to offer.
Kind like a refreshment.
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Just heard the entire Smod album.Smells like summer!!
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Did you buy it Ephemar?
I think changing is a good thing.
I love Manu and everything he does and I really trust his talent.
It's generally clever to stop something before the artist and/or the fans get bored.
Teresita, what are you going to study?
Pap and Nuby and everyone, I miss you!!!
 :: piggytat :: 01/06/2010
I didn't get the chance to check the availability of the cd. I downloaded it,but worries...
Soon as I buy it i'll upload some photos :)
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Where? :P
 :: piggytat :: 01/06/2010
Where I'm gonna upload the photos? lol
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Noooooo! I mean No 2!
 :: piggytat :: 01/06/2010
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Just realised...No2 IS uploading photos ...
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Of course it is! What else could it be?
 :: piggytat :: 01/06/2010
Not the downloading thing...god forbit. lol
 :: :: 01/06/2010
this so disrespectful to post this link here....
 :: :: 01/06/2010
Well yes SMOD are struggling new artists and we should support them and buy the CD if we like the music. But also there are people who have little money and cannot afford to buy the CD legally. Its a personal choice I guess. I really like the SMOD tracks that I have heard so far and will buy the CD when it is released in the UK, but not sure then that will be. The artwork for the CD is really nice so I would buy it for that reason alone.
 :: Teresauk :: 01/06/2010
lolalola,it's everyones personal choice. Personally I'll buy it, like I do with all the other music that I like,and I'm faaar from rich.But it's not just as easy to find some artists at the loclal music shops.
For example I can't find anywhere Mano Negra's Putas Fever and King Of The Bongo.Sure there is amazon ,ebay and stuff,but that's the last ''line of defense''.I had to search for 3 months for Siberie M'etait Conteee,and finally payed 38 euros.
Anyway,if there's something that I'm guilty off,is that I couldn't wait to listen the cd.
My theory is ''if you like it,buy it''. I sure like it...I even liked it before the release,when I listened the EP,when the links were posted right here.
I also would like to have the original EP ,but heard that the cd was given as promo in a Manu's concert...
Again sorry for the inconvenience...
 :: :: 02/06/2010
Sorry guys, but we are in an economic crisis in Greece!
We have no money for food, we can't buy cds!
 :: piggytat :: 02/06/2010
I hope things get better for you soon over there, Piggy. xo
 :: :: 02/06/2010
I was just trying to make lolalola feel guilty!!! :P
 :: piggytat :: 03/06/2010
Pour une fois je suis d accord avec elle :)
 :: :: 03/06/2010
fafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is aliiiiiiiveeeeee X) hahahaha je sens la petite vanne? =P
Allez spécial classique pour toi fafa
 :: Nicolas05 :: 03/06/2010
Is it me? Or is this French?
 :: piggytat :: 04/06/2010
Yeah Piggy is back on top form ;-)
 :: Teresauk :: 04/06/2010
Yes, but then again he states for once he agrees. Hmmm.
 :: nubiasol :: 04/06/2010
He agrees that it's not very respectful to have copied this link here, if I'm not mistaken....

@piggytat: ha ha nice try... I'm not feeling guilty just yet though....whatever crisis hits you over there, it's still nowhere as bad as the situation in Africa, so....

@Ephemar: it's everyone's personal choice to buy it or not, still it doesn't make it all right for you to decide to take their work and give it away for free to just about anyone, on the very day of release .....
 :: :: 06/06/2010
I would have not given the link if not for piggy. Anyway,if someone just edit my message.
 :: :: 07/06/2010
Don't worry! No more than ten people read this topic (including Ephemar that already had the link)!
 :: piggytat :: 07/06/2010
LOL, piggy! I'm one of the ten. :-)
 :: :: 07/06/2010
True piggy ...true..
 :: :: 08/06/2010
for you ladies and gentlemen !
sorry I did't find subtitle but :
ask an anglo-french ?
hi hi hi hi
 :: lamibart :: 08/06/2010
The smod album is going to be available in Greece at late august.
 :: :: 08/06/2010
I was one damn lucky bastard today!
Found and of course bought on vinyl(!!) the Puta's Fever album and the King Of The Bongo single (45).
I didn't even had these on cd!
 :: :: 22/06/2010
You are crazy! Congratulations!!!
 :: piggytat :: 25/06/2010
Thank you piggy! Tip for you: Found them in Monasthraki at Zaxarias record store at Hfaistou street ;)
Now I'm missing only ''King of the bongo'' album.
One way or another I should find it.
 :: :: 25/06/2010
Hi guys, I hope everyone's summer is going well!

So, it seems like Manu has retired from touring, doesn't it? *Sniff!*
 :: :: 26/06/2010
Hi Papi - Well I guess he deserves a rest. It is odd not to see him in the line up for the summer festivals etc. Maybe he will start again at the end of the year. Also no new music releases....I need my Manu fix :-/
 :: Teresauk :: 26/06/2010
Since there are no concerts, maybe he is preparing new songs, maybe.....
 :: piggytat :: 26/06/2010
Fingers crossed!
 :: :: 28/06/2010
Hey guys, i have a question =) where (and when) will be first concert of manu? will he go to Greece, in july? Please give an answer for me =)
 :: :: 29/06/2010
Nop. Radioarvyla ;)
 :: :: 29/06/2010
 :: :: 29/06/2010
Ephemar you will go to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 29/06/2010
And I payed only 3.90 euros for it! Heaven's cheap I tell ya!
 :: :: 29/06/2010
 :: :: 30/06/2010
Maybe it's because you posted the link in good faith?
 :: nubiasol :: 30/06/2010
Good day people, how y'all doing this sunny July morning ?
 :: PitchBlack :: 01/07/2010
Long live King Manu!!!
Nubiasol,it's all about positive energy lol.
 :: :: 01/07/2010
Exactly two years ago, I was getting ready to go there..........
 :: piggytat :: 10/07/2010
Me too. Unforgetable day...
 :: :: 10/07/2010
I don't think Europe is going to get to see MC in concert this summer :-( Or maybe not even this year :-( :-( :-(
 :: Teresauk :: 10/07/2010
I agree. :(((
 :: piggytat :: 10/07/2010
Has anyone else noticed that "gregoriomexicano" on youtube has had his account suspended? He had the best selection of Manu videos.
 :: Teresauk :: 10/07/2010

But on that note - no connection - just want to say:

SIIIII, Espana. Or as my accent-subtle family likes to say. Go! Espain! (Yes, part of me was sad Netherlands lost - but only a part.)
 :: nubiasol :: 11/07/2010
I wasn't sad at all. Holland had to resort to cheating. The best team won, Espain totally deserved it and I am so happy for them!! ¡¡¡Viva La Roja, campeones del mundo!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 12/07/2010
 :: :: 12/07/2010
Yes it was totally fair that Espain (jeje) won.
Sometimes fair things happen (just to remind us the rule)....

ps: I hope you have all seen Toy Story III... Remember the spanish (espanish?) mode? Sooooooo funny!
 :: piggytat :: 12/07/2010
Hello everybody! Could you help me with the name of the song, which is
played (at first) on ? :)
 :: :: 13/07/2010
Yes no problem ....
it s a talentuous group
his name SMoD people of Mali
Manu Chao is the "producteur"
in french in the text...
OnAmazone you have
the possibility to buy it
I buy it and it s an excellent
That s all ....folks

on Amazone you
 :: fanch34 :: 13/07/2010
Thank you very much, you have made me day :)
 :: :: 14/07/2010
Hey! I've just joined this forum and I'm taking a look around...
Are there any other language threads? As in other nations than just English...
I talk English and Spanish is one of my mother tounges, so I could translate things for you guys. I saw that someone requested that long time ago, I don't know if you sorted it out or not though. Just thought I should mention it. :)
 :: Adida :: 14/07/2010
LoL, that would be nice. All they do in here is to speak spanish and french. Hohoho.
 :: :: 17/07/2010
it would be great if U could do some translating.
Unfortunately I only speak languages that do me no good here,apart from English.Help us Understand....................................
 :: quatebriga :: 19/07/2010
I've never heard this version of Me Gustas Tu - it's the same video, but the song is different - especially toward the end.

Me gusta la noche . . .
 :: nubiasol :: 30/07/2010
Nubie - Its always bugged me why this line is plural,"Que horas son, mi corazon?" surely it should be "Que hora es......"?
 :: Teresauk :: 01/08/2010
Teresauk - Hey, glad you brought that up -- I thought it was just me
missing something, but I know your Spanish is excellent. I'm curious to
know too.

Hope everyone's having a great summer!

 :: :: 01/08/2010
''Que horas es, mi corazon'' doesn't rime. lol
 :: :: 02/08/2010
Good point!! hahaha
 :: Teresauk :: 02/08/2010
 :: :: 04/08/2010
Ephemar, are these CDs or Vynyls?? if they are vynyls let me know where you bought them. thanks.
 :: luguroga :: 04/08/2010
All vinyls. I live in Greece so I bought them here.Don't know where you live.
 :: :: 04/08/2010
I live in California USA, not too much Manu's music selling here. Just today I received Baionarena on vynyl, brand new, which I ordered online last week from a guy in Florida; got here faster than I expected. To my surprise, the dvd was included inside the package, was not mentioned in the description when I ordered it. I love vynyls, so if you know of a good website where I can get any of the ones you just bought I will be devoted to thank you for life.

 :: luguroga :: 05/08/2010
LOL luguroga.
Congrats for your purchase! The thing is I never buy from internet,but a good site is this one and has much of Mano Negra from different sellers.
Another one is
Don't you think that there is much of Mano Negra vinyl here in Greece too,but there is a record store that from time to time brings some.I guess I was just lucky to find these rarietes,especially Amerika Perdida,wich surprisingly I can't find on vinyl on any site.
Well,I must work for 3 days now to take my money back. LoL.
But it was surely worth it.
Till next time.Cheers.
 :: :: 05/08/2010
Thanks Ephemar.
I am a little skeptic about buying online as well. I kind of need to see the face of whoever is getting my money sometimes, but when I don't have any other options I like to take the risk to satisfy my needs and wants.
I previously visited, bought La Radiolina from them. I will definitely visit as soon as I'm done writing this message.
Hey listen, if they say Jesus Christ raised from the dead on the third day, I'm pretty sure you can get to that third day of work without any problems, haha.

Hasta la vista! :)
 :: luguroga :: 05/08/2010
I got a total of exactly 36 euros tips today,so I made Amerika Perdida's money! LoL ,no worries.
Hey,take a look at this:
Tel: 210 3245035 - 210 3210055 / Fax: 210 3211449 (dial 0030 for Hellas)
Address: Ifestou 20 - Monastiraki, Athens
MUSIC: Easy & hard to find records: LPs, CDs, maxi singles, 7inches & music books.
This is the place I got the vinyls from.Why you don't just call them or mail them and ask if they have anything else and perhaps they could also send it to you.I think it's worth a try,don't you?
Cheers mate and please keep us informed of any new buys.I would love to see that you'll make it eventually.
 :: :: 05/08/2010
Que horas son mi corazon.

You're right, it would not rhyme. BUT the question is not specific to one region. Que horas son, mi corazon is a question with multiple answers.

12:00 en la noche en Havana, Cuba
11:00 de la noche en Managua, Nicaragua

Me gusta este foro, me gustas tu. . .
 :: nubiasol :: 05/08/2010
¡Si, claro! Thanks, nubie! How's your summer going?
 :: :: 06/08/2010
Hola tod@s!!

Manu is playing at the Smoke Out festival in October.

Nubie you lucky girl you can go see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 13/08/2010
$75!!! I've heard part of the agreement bands must sign when they do these festivals is not to tour in the area before or after the festival - so this may be the ONLY time he will play in southern California. SHOOT!

Hi Papilloposa - my summer is going well (writing, writing, writing).
 :: nubiasol :: 15/08/2010
Hey i search the song on the homepage

help me please the song is so great

 :: BenMcCartman :: 15/08/2010
 :: :: 15/08/2010
hi han!
 :: lamibart :: 15/08/2010
thank you^^
 :: BenMcCartman :: 15/08/2010
Hi from another English speaker fan from Hungary!
 :: edydyt :: 15/08/2010
Teresa & Nubie - Hmm, *that's* interesting news. I wonder what actually constitutes "the
area"? Bands often come to Vancouver just before or after doing festivals in Washington
state. In fact, Manu did that just before the Sasquatch festival a few years back.

Anyway, $75 is a lot to pay, especially if you're not into the other bands. Deadmau5 is kind of
cool though, if you like electronica.

Apropos of nothing, Mr Pap and I are going to Burning Man for the first time in a couple of
weeks. Am simultaneously excited and nervous -- why do I let my friends talk me into these
madcap adventures? Maybe Manu will make a surprise appearance ... ;^)
 :: :: 15/08/2010
Hi! Festivals are a bit shit. You have to pay a lot of money for bands that you don't want to see. F@#ck!
ps: I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow after 3 weeks of holidays! F@#ck again!
 :: piggytat :: 15/08/2010
Good luck, piggy! Back to work after three weeks does suck.
 :: :: 16/08/2010
Haven't been here for so many months... regards to everyone + the one and only papilloposa !!!

Bixo... out.
 :: :: 16/08/2010
¡Hola Bixo! Are you still in Vancouver?
 :: :: 17/08/2010
You had three weeks of holidays!?! Damn, I wish I had ONE.

Hi Papilloposa. Yes, about the festivals. I read it in Rolling Stone. The upside of a festival is people probably won't be shoving and crushing into you. The downside? No shade.
 :: nubiasol :: 19/08/2010
Hi Nub! Do you know Obama's religion? :))
 :: piggytat :: 20/08/2010
 :: Teresauk :: 20/08/2010
Let's see. Since he was born in Kenya and he faked his birth certificate so he could be President and make the US a socialist country, I'd say atheist. I mean Muslim.

Have you heard about the cultural center controversy in New York? Or are you referring to the birthers?
 :: nubiasol :: 23/08/2010
This is the internet - so just to clarify: No. I don't believe Obama is a socialist and no, I don't believe he was born in Kenya. And no, I don't care what religion he practices.
 :: nubiasol :: 23/08/2010
Cultural Centre? Don't you mean Mosque?
 :: Teresauk :: 24/08/2010
He was born in Mosque?
That makes him a communist!
 :: piggytat :: 24/08/2010
Huh? I meant a mosque i.e. the churchy type thingy that muslim people pray in.
 :: Teresauk :: 24/08/2010
No, no I meant Moscow! THAT makes him a communist.
I'm just making fun of the crazy rumours....
I heard that 60% of the americans believe Obama is a muslim.
ps: churchy type thingy??? :)))
 :: piggytat :: 24/08/2010
Tzami .
And I don't mean glass .lol.
 :: :: 24/08/2010

I think Piggy is having fun with word associations - quite clever that one. (Mosque - Moscow - Muskrat - Muskrat Love -

It's an Islamic Cultural Center designed for multiple purposes, including prayer.
 :: nubiasol :: 24/08/2010
Nubie - I did understood what Piggy was implying, I was just playing with my churchy type thing :)

Muskrats aren't very intelligent are they ;)
 :: Teresauk :: 28/08/2010
Buenos dias/ noches, amigos! im from country U(oo!) in our language it is like U-kraina in engless- Ukraine... you`ve seen, its not far from Moscow(NOT Mosqe!!!) In recsent times we were called Malo-rossia (not mala("bad" from latino) but the centre of aincient Rus!!! And we are not communists, I wish you know Spanish... Hasta la vista ahora!
 :: ValenTainKruk :: 06/09/2010
Hola ValenTainKruk la persona de la Ucrania como Eugene no? :) Welcome to this little english speaking thread!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 06/09/2010
OK. That's just disturbing, Teresauk.

The photo - not your HOLA!
 :: nubiasol :: 06/09/2010
Hi guys! wow english speaking on the forum yay!
 :: Annis :: 07/09/2010
We speak english, but we don't speak much.
Maybe there is nothing to be said.
So how tall is Obama Nuby?
I saw him today on tv and i thought of you and the fact that you had some hope when he was elected. We all had. How do you see things now?
 :: piggytat :: 07/09/2010
Yeah new tour dates :-) Sadly none in Europe :-( But maybe there is hope yet for Papi!!!

Piggy - You're obsessed!!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/09/2010
Manu will be in Seattle, and I'm sure pap will go down there to see him ! :D btw no hun I'm no longer in vancouver... the trip continues for me.
 :: :: 07/09/2010
I'm not obsessed!
I'm not obsessed!
I'm not obsessed!
I'm not obsessed!
I'm not obsessed!
 :: piggytat :: 08/09/2010

Are too!

 :: :: 08/09/2010
Well, it's about bloody time, stranger! I was wonder where you were, Papilloposa.

Ah, so close and yet so far. In San Francisco and then San Bernadino. #(#*%(*%!

Yeah, well, he's a tall man. I still like the fellow. I don't get that: you think we're stupid, #$# that I used to feel with Bush. That smug smirk.

Obama is different. But as far as some of his policies (like health care), the softening of his remarks to be less controversial - I don't dig that. That's why we elected him. To kick butt, not capitulate.

Still. I don't trust Republicans. They'll just cut taxes for the wealthy and cut services for the poor. It's great if you're rich and can live behind a tall fence with cameras. But those of who live quite close to many young people with few prospects, it's only a matter of time before they start coming around and stealing our stuff. And as little as I have of it - I like my stuff, damn it!
 :: nubiasol :: 08/09/2010
:-) so where are you guys from?
 :: Annis :: 09/09/2010
Nub, for a second I thought that you are one of those that live behind a tall fence with cameras! :))
I think too he's going well (for US president).
He's certainly not a disaster like Bush.
ps: I'm from Athens, Greece
 :: piggytat :: 09/09/2010
Ola !!!
I need help here people speak better than me please help me for the
traduction french>english of that
Ce ne sont pas les mots qui comptent ce sont les actes
Thanks a lot!!!
 :: fanch34 :: 09/09/2010
Ola fanch34 - The english phrase is "Actions speak louder than words"
 :: Teresauk :: 09/09/2010
Hey Nubie - Yep, I'm still around. Must admit, my summer has been busy, and mostly in fun ways. Two out-of-
town weddings followed by Burning Man. What a rush! Still washing dust out of everything that travelled with us.

Teresa - We're going to Seattle! Woo-hoooh! :-)

Annis - I'm from Vancouver, Canada.

Everyone else - !Hola!
 :: :: 09/09/2010
OMG!!!! Pap I am so happy for you!!!! And more than a little jealous!!!!

Annis - I'm from London
 :: Teresauk :: 10/09/2010
Hey Teresa -

Well, it's been quite a spendy summer for us, what with out-of-town weddings and
Burning Man, but I checked out the ticket prices at the theatre in Seattle, and they were
actually quite reasonable. Plus, we've got enough Visa points for a free night in a hotel,
and it's only a three-hour drive, so bottom line: We couldn't resist!

Hey, aren't you in España now? I bet you'll get to see a local gig before your studies
are finished! :-)
 :: :: 10/09/2010
Athens ,Greece here too.
 :: :: 10/09/2010
Hi English-speaking fans. Does anyone here know if the DVD, Mano Negra: Out of Time, can be found in NTSC format? I recently bought Part I and Part II from Amazon that were listed as NTSC but when it came it turned out to be in PAL format. I also tried MovieMars which also listed them as NTSC. The same story, when they came I couldn't play them because they were PAL. I live in Florida and my player is formatted for N. America. Papilloposa, we're going to be at the Seattle concert too. Two more weeks, I can't wait.
 :: Totok :: 26/09/2010
Hi Totok,

Sorry I can't help you with your question, but how cool that you're going to
Seattle. If you'd like, click on my username to PM me, and maybe we can
meet for a cerveza somewhere before the show. We don't actually know
anyone in Seattle, and I've never met a Manu fan I didn't like. :-)
 :: :: 27/09/2010
Im not a fan of manu chao
and there is moment i think
whats the fucking name i have??
who give me that weight to wear
i m not a fan of manu chao
really i dont know why i said that to you
im not a fan for nobody
and relly i dont understand
what i m doing here

have a good concert
i dont say anything more
its too bad for this forum
im too bad
 :: fanch34 :: 27/09/2010
i m not a manu chao fan
im just attract by him
its not really thesame
i think im going to be crazy
because its a nocense for life
to be attract like this
because i know that for him
im nothing i dont understand
my feeling since one year
im falling down like a crash
its a big crash in my head today
 :: fanch34 :: 27/09/2010
when i speak for that with anybody
they said to me thats normal
everybody becomes identified to manu chao
so now i think if it is that
really its a shitty feeling that i have
and its so hard
 :: fanch34 :: 27/09/2010
 :: fanch34 :: 27/09/2010
do you feel the feeling crazy that i have?
i dont want to be like my mother
the society said that she was skisophrenic
the remember that i have of my mother
was cry cry cry and alone in her head
me all of my life i thinf just with my instinct
its like a protection because if i think
too much i have the feelingmothermine
and i dont want i repete i want to be happy
and im worry why??
because there is one year and few months more
my reality its a dream impossible dream
where are my instinct and my goods vibes now?
i dont know just i know i lost them here
and now i feel my brain as my mother
cry cry cry cry sad and alone
 :: fanch34 :: 27/09/2010
Arrete la vie virtuelle... ou sers t'en pour nouer de vrais contacts avec de vrais gens, et ton instinct reviendra....pas de quoi paniquer...
 :: :: 27/09/2010
alors adieu g un ordi a vendre
 :: fanch34 :: 27/09/2010
j ai essayé le virtuel et ce n est pas bon
les vraies relations je n arrive pas a les garder
vous n entendrez plus parler de moi
et de mon mal etre
salut a tous
 :: fanch34 :: 27/09/2010
Virtual hugs to you, fanch34. And I hope you get some real ones soon, too.
 :: :: 27/09/2010
 :: :: 28/09/2010
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you lolalola :D :D :D :D :D :D
 :: Teresauk :: 28/09/2010
Yeah I have a ticket!!!! :D
 :: Teresauk :: 28/09/2010's just been taken off sale for some reason!!!
 :: :: 28/09/2010
 :: Teresauk :: 28/09/2010
I know but now they've taken them off sale until tomorrow 1 pm for some reason...pffff......!!!
 :: :: 28/09/2010
Well I hope mine is still valid!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 28/09/2010
I'm sure it's all good, T!
 :: :: 28/09/2010
It surely wil l!!! :D :D
They just wanted to get it out in the press ( tonight) before the sale...
 :: :: 28/09/2010
Its not even advertised on this site or on myspace yet. Do you have a sixth sense lolalola? :D
 :: Teresauk :: 28/09/2010
I will be your translator!!!!!!!! :) where are you all from and how did u hear about manu chao..? and do you have any french/spanish roots?
 :: :: 06/10/2010
Hi anitabonita27 - which I am sure you are ;-) I'm am from London, my great grandparents were Spanish and French but I am mostly English and Irish. I lived in Spain for 2 years which where I heared about Manu Chao.
What about you?
 :: Teresauk :: 06/10/2010
Hi anitabonita27 - I'm from Vancouver, Canada but was born in Croatia. My husband and I were on a bus traveling
from Costa Rica to Panama about 8 years ago, and the bus driver was playing all kinds of Latin music. We heard
"Me Gustas Tu", et voila ... an addiction was born! Went CD shopping as soon as we got home. :-) And you?

Hey Teresa! You're sure she's what? "Bonita" or "27"? ;^)
 :: :: 06/10/2010
Pap - I meant "bonita", I wasn't questioning her age. LOL
 :: Teresauk :: 06/10/2010
what you think we open another topic thread with the question...english speaker fan- how do you hear from manu chao?? so that way it gives some people a new introduction :)
 :: :: 06/10/2010
Anyone know the song that automatically starts playing on the homepage here? I love the song, but I don't know what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
 :: ff747 :: 07/10/2010
Oops, I didn't read though the whole thread. Question answered. Thanks! Just a few more days until I see him for the first time! Seattle is ready for him!
 :: ff747 :: 07/10/2010
 :: :: 12/10/2010
Nubia is that near you?
 :: Teresauk :: 12/10/2010
Just as I promised some while ago,today I bought the cd by SMOD.

19.99 Euros here in Greece! How much is it worth in France you guys??
 :: :: 13/10/2010
Anyone know of some good images from the Seattle show? There are a
few youtube vids, which aren't too bad, but some stills
would be nice.
 :: :: 13/10/2010
So how was it papi??????
 :: Teresauk :: 14/10/2010
It was great, of course, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get any good pictures. My camera and I were both a little flaky.
 :: :: 15/10/2010
 :: :: 15/10/2010
Cheers, lolalola! Those are GREAT! Helping me cope with the post-Manu blues ... I'm sure many of us here have gone
through them.
 :: :: 16/10/2010
this is what he was like this weekend. and with only one drummer and
two guitars.
 :: gerila :: 26/10/2010
 :: Teresauk :: 29/10/2010
Use google translate:

Now let's discuss!!!.......................................
 :: Teresauk :: 03/11/2010
Teresa, about your previous link.... I'm I the only one seeing a wardrobe problem or think that this wasn't the right place for the microphone???
 :: piggytat :: 04/11/2010
Piggy I think its hard NOT to see both!
 :: Teresauk :: 04/11/2010
Hee! ;-)
 :: :: 04/11/2010
I need a new album... :(
 :: :: 07/11/2010
 :: :: 08/11/2010
I saw him in London a couple of weeks ago and he was as great as he always is :-)
 :: Teresauk :: 08/11/2010
Damn - I forgot how much I like this guy.

So - I am REALLY out of the loop, but I would like to peek at this microphone mischief. Where is it?
 :: nubiasol :: 09/11/2010
Nubie the mischief is in the link from 29/10/2010

But hasn't anyone translated the link after that one? Some nice new juicy info to chat about!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 10/11/2010
A friend of mine on FB sent me this link. Definitely worth checking out,
and no translation necessary. It's an interview and live music done last
month in an LA-based (I think) radio station:
 :: :: 10/11/2010
I find it (the above interview) strangely comforting vis å vis my own
middle-aged and weed-addled (dis)ability to remember some things. ;-)
 :: :: 10/11/2010
Teresita, I haven't translated your link because I'm lazy I guess.
I hope to do it soon!
Pap, your journalist is stupid!!! (Bush IQ)! MC is someone that has written one song - clandestino, has travelled to ColUmbia and lives in Madrid!!! F@ck, he is so americanignorant (one word, mine).
Apart from that, I don't like that Manu advertises marijuana whenever he has a chance. You can use a microphone for more important things - like in Teresa's link (joke).
I know I'm a little bitter tonight. :(
 :: piggytat :: 10/11/2010
Piggy - I certainly won't argue that the journalist is brilliant, but he's not *my* journalist, and at the risk of sounding
over-confident, I'm pretty sure I could come up with better (more original) questions and conduct an interview with
Manu myself. My God, how I'd love the chance!

As for Mary J, I don't think Manu is so much advertising it as admitting he uses it, and in that way diminishing the
completely stupid & unnecessary stigma that goes along with it. Smoke some ... it'll make you less bitter. ;^)
 :: :: 10/11/2010
The link I posted wasn't actually my link, it was from a topic in French that was at the top of the page for over a week. But it seems to have mysteriously been either deleted or moved. Which leads me to believe that it was either: a) Untrue, in other words a total load of crap, or, b) It wasn't approved of by the webmaster. Hmmmmmm. But I guess you lot will never know because you are all too lazy to use google translate and find out about the drug use and ex girlfriend Anouk. Oh dear well that's just too bad ;-)
 :: Teresauk :: 10/11/2010
Teresita - I did check out that link, but only saw pics on someone's blog, nothing to translate. Damn! Now my
curiosity is really piqued! What about Anouk and drugs? You could message me on FB .... pleeeeease? It's
November and there's never any Manu action at this time of year. I need a fix! ;-)
 :: :: 11/11/2010
No shit?! Well that def means it was info not meant to go public!! Shit I can't remember it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 11/11/2010
 :: :: 16/11/2010
Ja ja ja (ha ha ha).

It was strangly sexy - with all that jumping around, we can only hope the belt is tight enough. The microphone was actually placed in a good spot - between the belt loops.
 :: nubiasol :: 18/11/2010
This guy has lots of new 'old' stuff that I hadn't heard before on youtube:

 :: Teresauk :: 15/12/2010
 :: Teresauk :: 15/12/2010
Um .... words fail.
 :: :: 16/12/2010
I ♥ you Teresita -- what a goldmine!! :-)
 :: :: 16/12/2010
Um, that string of nonsense was supposed to be a little heart! It works on
Facebook. :-)
 :: :: 16/12/2010
Its a xmas pressie from me to you Pap!! :D
 :: Teresauk :: 16/12/2010
 :: travarica :: 23/12/2010
 :: piggytat :: 25/12/2010
Oooh, rare songs are nice!

And a happy neeeew yeeeeear.
 :: nubiasol :: 26/12/2010
Season's greetings, amigas! :-)
 :: :: 29/12/2010
Hi Piggytat (hi, Pap),

I thought of you when I heard this song - it's Greek:

I can't help but dance when I hear this.
 :: nubiasol :: 29/12/2010

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