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 English fans- How did you hear about manu?
lets begin another fun conversation! also where is you ethnicity from and is that what contribute to find out about manu? Aaaand GO! i will go first
My name is ana soraya i was born in beautiful ECUADOR but moved to United States in 1998 in my high school years i heard about Manu with " me gustas Tu" and it stuck to my head now with the past year or so i gotten almost OBSESSED with manu i coudnt attend any of his US concerts so hopefully i get to go to either SF, washington or seattles concert
 :: :: 06/10/2010
Bis repetitas....
i m not a manu chao fan
im just attract by him
its not really the same
i think im going to be crazy
because its a nocense for life
to be attract like this
because i know that for him
im nothing i dont understand
my feeling since one year
im falling down like a crash
its a big crash in my head
be carefull
lol if you want its not my problem
 :: fanch34 :: 06/10/2010
Que pasa por la calle :)
 :: :: 07/10/2010
Tranquille Fanch !!
La vie est belle.........
 :: :: 07/10/2010
 :: fanch34 :: 07/10/2010
umm?? i dont know what you all saying if you wish to speak en espaniol adelante... no francais po moi?????
 :: :: 07/10/2010
 :: fanch34 :: 07/10/2010
Hi, I'm from Colchester in ENGLAND.

One of my friends lent me the album "Proxima Estacion Esperanza" to listen to and it's AWESOME!! Now need to get the rest and listen to them as well.

I'd never really been a fan of "World Music" but this style of music is infectious!!

Plus, the guy is playing here in London on October 23rd. I have so got to try and find a ticket!! :-)
 :: :: 07/10/2010
Hey BlueArmy I know Colchester very well ;-) Tickets are going to be up for sale again soon, keep watching If you get a ticket maybe I will see you there!!
 :: Teresauk :: 08/10/2010
Have fun, UK peeps! :-)
 :: :: 08/10/2010
Hey Pap!! Only 4 days to go!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 08/10/2010
Super stoked! :-)
 :: :: 08/10/2010
My Spanish professor introduced me to Manu by playing "Me Gustas Tu" to help us learn how to conjugate gustarse. I immediately asked her to let me borrow the CD, and then proceeded to buy every album he's contributed to, as well as traveling across the US to see him in concert 6 times. I am an American of mostly western European descent, but am passionate about social justice and many of the issues Manu writes about. It was also through his music that I primarily learned Spanish, and was also inspired, by Madjid and Roger Cageot, to learn to play guitar (and now am in a band which covers several Mano Negra and Radio Bemba songs).
 :: superchango6 :: 08/10/2010
cool story super chango.... do you have a web site that i can check out ur cover songs....? by engish fan i meant like english speaking fans in the world..
 :: :: 09/10/2010
Seems like everyone's first song was "Me Gustas Tu"! It is a catchy one.
 :: :: 09/10/2010
Oh Yes!! Got Tickets for the London Show Oct 23rd!!!! Am Well Excited!!!!! :-)
 :: :: 15/10/2010
I'm from the US and live in San Francisco. I was invited by Centro Sociale
Leoncavallo to make a silkscreen print studio in the squat in Milan Italy.
My print shop mate was an Argentinian called Marcello, and he was a
huge Manu Negra and Manu Chao fan. We listened to Manu every day
while busy at work making posters and political banners for the squat.
 :: yosquirt :: 17/10/2010
I don't remember exactly when I first heard Manu,but I remember the first cd that I bought .It was King of the bongo cd single back in 1998.Mentira was one of my favourites back then.
 :: :: 18/10/2010
Standing in Tower Records around 1989 I heard some great music over the store speakers -- sounded a little like my favorite band the Clash, but the singer was switching from French to Spanish to English. I asked the clerk who it was; he didn't know but asked someone else who said it was a band called Mano Negra. I bought their CDs, and my wife, who is from Puerto Rico, loved them. So that's how we discoverd Manu, and we've since been lucky enough not only to see him play several times, but to go backstage and meet him after a show in Quebec a couple years ago. We have travelled as far as California to see him play, most recently at the Smokeout. (Great show, but tight security kept us from being able to say hello.) (Maldita Vecindad were also excellent.) We're hoping his next tour brings him back to the East Coast...
 :: boston :: 19/10/2010
I'm from Vancouver, Canada but was born in Croatia. My husband and I were on a bus traveling
from Costa Rica to Panama about 8 years ago, and the bus driver was playing all kinds of Latin music. We heard
"Me Gustas Tu", et voila ... an addiction was born! Went CD shopping as soon as we got home. :-)
 :: :: 19/10/2010
As si! I want to be alive when Manu and Radio Bemba come back to Austin, Texas. Any ideas?
 :: :: 18/11/2010
well actually, I would like to write a book about this... :-P but I try to tell
you my life in a few lines :D

first I heard about Manu Chao in '98 or '99, on the street in Budapest by
a mountclimber friend of mine :-P he was telling me about this fantastic
video on the tele with a huge smile on his face... a funny guy walks the
streets with this funny hat on his head and sings "Mama was queen of
the mambo, Papa was king of the bongo"... it touched our world... by the
way... I was introduced to Miss Maria by that time :D then also by that
time... I moved to England and was given by another Hungarian friend
(who studied French and got involved with French underground music)
a travel music selection (on audio tape :)) with Bongo Bong, Welcome
To Tijuana and Dia Luna Dia Pena from Clandestino, songs by Mano
Negra, Noir Desir, Les Negresses Vertes and kind of stuff on it... this
tape was one of the best presents in my life... first time going abroad
trying to get a livin... a 32 or whatsoever hour long trip by bus across
Europe then penetrating The Island Of Britannia....... wooooooow and
hanging around in Crazy London City WITH WELCOME TO TIJUANA
IN MY HEAD!! :D :D :D Proxima Estacion... Esperaza was another
present, from an Italian friend who also gave me Clandestino on a burnt
cd :D also by that time... I started to study cultural anthropology... and
from that time I am getting deeper and deeper in mundo clandestino... :
D it also lead me to Portugal... specifically Bixo was that... like WHAT IS
THIS LANGUAGE??!!!! I WANT THIS!!!!! :D :D :D and I won an internship
to Lisbon what also led me to BRASIL :D (though only by friends and
music and language, like I haven't been there...YET! :-P)... and so on... ;)


kisses from bcn :D
 :: narzissus :: 18/11/2010
anitabonita, que pregunta más bonita! :D
 :: narzissus :: 18/11/2010 is really a good online dictionary and translator. if you
switch the language it has more options (dict. directions). and if you a
Mac, Sherlock seems a pretty good one! :-P
 :: narzissus :: 18/11/2010
yosquirt and papillaposa, how cool! yeah, there are some talented
dictators :D
 :: narzissus :: 18/11/2010
Narzissussssss !!!
If you pop over here again, would you mind sending me an email, pls?
I've got sth to ask you!
Muchas Gracias in advance !! :)
 :: :: 19/11/2010
Great story, Narzissus!
 :: :: 19/11/2010
I know. Mine is the simplist. I was at a local library and there on the shelf was Clandestino. I thought the cover looked interesting and picked it up. (It is how I discovered Lhasa, the xx, etc.)

Lo and behold - a fan was born.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/11/2010
Hey Nubie -- I like Lhasa too. So sad that she died of breast cancer, and at such a young age. :(
 :: :: 20/11/2010
i want to Manu venga a la Argentina? When?
Los quiero !!!
 :: clota :: 20/11/2010
I know. And Charlie Manson is still alive!
 :: nubiasol :: 22/11/2010
I'm irish living in London and first heard manu while living in barcelona a few years ago - the first song I heard was vac loca... Love him he's fantastic!
Anyone know if he's any tour dates lined up anywhere around Europe?
 :: :: 23/11/2010

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