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 English-Speaking Fans III
We'll continue over here since the previous one is taking too long to load and has over 500 messages.
 :: :: 09/02/2009
Good for you Bixo!

How's your neck of the woods coming along?
 :: nubiasol :: 09/02/2009
I followed your suggestion that someone should open a new thread ; )

For all the new visitors, this is the thread to talk about anything related to Manu Chao and Radio Bemba and the language used, as you probably have noticed by now, is English.

 :: :: 09/02/2009
I disagree! Here is the thread to talk about anything including MC and RBSS and as you probably have noticed by now the language used is mainly English.
 :: piggytat :: 09/02/2009
That's right Piggy...! :-)

Oh this is great, my computer opend thread in a second...!
 :: :: 09/02/2009
can i join the chat here? I visit sometimes the forum and usually posted in french topics. but seems full of weirdos, cos ppl are allways fighting about nothing.
 :: madcow :: 09/02/2009
Of course you can!!! We like to talk about nothing here too, except that we don't fight!
 :: piggytat :: 09/02/2009
Welcome madcow...! :-)

Hey what happend with our Utopia plans...?
 :: :: 09/02/2009
thx for the wxelcome
Utopia plans? can you tell more?
 :: madcow :: 09/02/2009
Well our plan is to go on desert island away from everything and enjoy in life... :-)
Sandy beaches, palm trees, little beach house, tropical night, little camp fire
and Manu singing, Madjid playing.......I don't remember what destination was chosen...Puerto Rico or Spain...
Are you with in...? :-)
 :: :: 09/02/2009
Oops, it's soppose to writte are you in...
 :: :: 09/02/2009
of course I'm in it sounds great! I like these kind of dreams...
Madjid playing...
grand utopia!
 :: madcow :: 09/02/2009
Dreams come try one day...
Madjid playing....without shirt... :-)
 :: :: 09/02/2009
Sorry, that I'm not sharing your dream FOR NOW. I mean both the Utopia and naked Madjid. Shame to you girls!!! He's a married man! With two kids I think...
But I have a suggestion. Lets make the next one English-Speaking Fans V instead of IV.
What do you think???
 :: piggytat :: 09/02/2009
Hahahaha! Good for him but we don't care for that right now... :-)

Piggy we could, but I would love to make one especialy for you English-Speaking Fans --- xoxoxo
 :: :: 09/02/2009
Yes, I guess your plan is not to marry him...
Still shame to you girls!!! xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 09/02/2009
You mean something like this-
but without signs of civilization.
Great fantasydea!!!!!
Maybe someday will be reality!?when you look at this pure rapsody ,this place and life now,seems like hell.
 :: kariola :: 09/02/2009
Problem is, everyone's idea of utopia is different. And am I the only one who remembers all the paradise-seeking backpackers that got
shot in that movie? I guess they didn't see the "No Trespassing" signs... ;^)

Hey Piggy - Oh relax, and quit guilting out the girls. I'm married too, but I've still got eyes!
 :: :: 09/02/2009
And now for something completely different...

I'll actually talk about Manu & RB.

As I recall, it was about this time last year that the spring and summer tour dates were announced. (Or maybe a little later.) Anyway,
if they play the Sasquatch Festival in Washington State (as they did in 2007), there's probably a good chance they'll come to
Vancouver too. BIXO, let's keep our fingers crossed!

 :: :: 09/02/2009
Yes Pap, we have to keep our fingers crossed ! And if they come, we'll contact Manu and show him around the city. Oh yeah...
 :: :: 09/02/2009
I think that what will finally happen is irrelavant to what we hope.
Did I spoil everyone's mood?
 :: piggytat :: 09/02/2009
Nice try, piggytat, you didn't spoil the mood. Just made the balloon of lofty aspriations to hover closer to the ground.

Clever comment, by the way: "We like to talk about nothing here too, except that we don't fight!"
 :: nubiasol :: 09/02/2009
Bixo -

Absolutely! G and I live walking distance from the Commodore -- we can have an after-party at our place! :-D

BTW, I checked the Sasquatch site and there's still no line-up for this year, but that must mean they're still negotiating. No news is good news!

Piggy - Not to worry, babe. It's SUNNY and warm in Vancouver today. You could pee in my Corn Flakes and still not spoil my mood! ;-)

Nubie - Hey, chica! ¿Qué tal?
 :: :: 09/02/2009
hiya friends!
yes, Papi you're right everyone's idea of utopia is different... as for Madjid playing half naked, why not, but if very often the both are playing half naked (Manu and Madjid, and also Philippe, the drummer) so no utopia, reality!
no warm and sun here only cold and I've taken a severe cold, I'm just a poor thing typing on the com...
I look forward for the new tour dates!
 :: madcow :: 09/02/2009
Sunny and warm in Vancouver and raining in Athens?
I don't believe in that shit that if you want something much it can happen. It CAN happen, but this will have nothing to do with the fact that you want it.
PS: I would never think to pee in anyone's Corn Flakes, because I totally respect the Corn Flakes and generally any breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. ;)
 :: piggytat :: 09/02/2009
I mean "warm" relative to the rest of Canada. So it's kind of like saying the fridge is warmer than the freezer. ;-)
 :: :: 09/02/2009
Hi guys...!

Piggy as soppose to spoil my mood you did oposite, you changed my day that
was totaly crap... :-) I'm sorry that you didn't make it... Better luck next time... :-)

And I still belive that we can unite our ideas for Utopia, that's not so hard or is it...?

Madcow - Get well soon you poor thing... :-)

PS I'm eating Corn Flakes right now, and you make me spill milk all over me and
computer...thank you very much... New lesson - don't go on this thread if you
are eating becouse of unexpected attack of laughing...
 :: :: 09/02/2009
Hello! It seems that I have a problem!
I suddenly fall in love with Tonino! Weird, don't you think?
It happened to me just some minutes ago, the time I was taking a lunch break and therefore surfing in youtube.
PS: Marija, is your computer still working?
 :: piggytat :: 10/02/2009
Ohhhh we have a new english section!!

Hola tod@s!!!!! I have just found this on the Bob Marley website. Manu has played on a new version of Bob's "One Love". I can't find the whole song anywhere at the moment but take a look!
 :: Teresauk :: 10/02/2009
Teresa nice link, thx!! I wonder when and where we can have the full version??
Piggytat, in love with Tonino? oh god...why not, after all? he's really talented...
I wonder how long you'll stay in extatic mode?;-))
 :: madcow :: 10/02/2009
I think this is the whole song:
 :: piggytat :: 10/02/2009
Hehe look like RBSS have their own groupies( no offense girls ;-))Madjid was unexpectidly became a sex simbol.but what's with the rest of the band?
Gambit for example,he`s the real masculine man,Roy Paci itallian stallion ,the unfuckuble Bidji...
The main thing is that glory and popularity didn`t hit them.
They succesfully resist to be products.
For a long time I listening just Manu,nothing else,I tryed, but it doesn`t go.
Am addicted.
My little wife :-x teach me to expired Manu on the diffrent way.Some higher level.
Don`t laugh at me I already laugh to myself.:-)))
 :: kariola :: 10/02/2009
unfuckuble Bidji??? so funny...
I like them all and not sexual minds 'bout them... and am addicted too... is it serious, Dr??
piggy, thx for the link, I just rip it!
 :: madcow :: 10/02/2009
We are not offended kariola, because we are joking. At least I am! But I believe the other girls too! I think you are right to that: They succesfully resist to be products.
And so, they can have a normal life...
madcow, look at your name before asking the doctor...
 :: piggytat :: 10/02/2009
I find Bidji quite attractive to be honest ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 10/02/2009
Of course Teresa. I make an exception for Bidji, he's hot!
 :: piggytat :: 10/02/2009
Hello to all! For one day I wasn`t looking forum and now surprise! we
got new thread : ) So people ,we supposed to talk about Manu ; ),well I
have something to son went crazy about La didobera song
(every few days he goes crazy about some other Manu`s song) and he
ask me what is it about?? Can somebody help me,because I don`t
understand a single is in portugese,right?
Kariola,I know what you mean,because Manu`s music gets me in higher
level too,and just like you,for a long time I don`t listen anything accept
Manu,just can`t imagine my life without his music...We are addicts,yeah!
Pap,you`re so right! Just because we are married it doesn`t mean that
we don`t have eyes :) and my eyes likes to to see Madjid without
 :: canabinola :: 10/02/2009
¡Hola todos!

MARIJA - Where are you??? Please tell me I wasn't indirectly responsible for kapootsing your computer... I can't afford to buy you a new one.

Teresa & Piggy - Thank you for sharing; what a beautiful video! It nearly brought tears to my eyes. But then, I'm pretty easy that way. :-)

Kariola - "Unfuckable Bidji"?? I don't think HE'D be happy to hear about that! Anyway, I gotta agree with the girls -- he's pretty easy on the eyes.

Hmm... I seem to have an "eye" theme going on... maybe I should draw something today.

 :: :: 10/02/2009
that video of "one love" was GREAT. Does anyone have the audio track ?
 :: :: 10/02/2009
Piggy luckly he is working fine...He is little sticky but It's okey...Hehe Piggy better for you that Travarica don't visit forum thise days..You know that she loves him too...! Who now need to be shamed ha...?

Kariola hehe I think my eyes are on Bidji as well...!

Guys.....I need to confest to you something....I'm too addicted to Manus music.....

Papi it's okey I get used to it, you and Piggy are something that I should avoid if I don't want to make any corateral damage...

Bixo I could get it tomorow and than send it to you if you want...

Teresa, pIggy thanks for the links... :*) ;
 :: :: 10/02/2009
If you have the interview Manu gave to BBC radio 3, listen at 16:50 how he talks about his good friend Tonino. It's interesting.
 :: piggytat :: 10/02/2009
"one love" audio version
 :: madcow :: 10/02/2009
Thanx Madcow!

Piggy - Yes that BBC3 interview was really interesting.....I always thought that Tonino was Italian but he is Spanish....and seems to go through phases when he wishes he was other nationalities...LOL!
 :: Teresauk :: 10/02/2009
 :: :: 11/02/2009
you're welcome!
Teresa yep it's odd I was thinking the same 'bout Tonino, but he's spanish...anyway he writes good songs!
 :: madcow :: 11/02/2009
Yes, I think everyone though he was Italian. Maybe it's because of his music (and dressing) style and the fact that he is cooperating with that Italian group, aprioni if i remember correct the name.
 :: piggytat :: 11/02/2009

would you have also the song A Cosa ? the version that is on la radiolina, the first one you hear when you open the website.

 :: :: 11/02/2009
He isn't...? I also thought he was Italian...But if I haven't known Manu's bio, I'd sad he's spanish guy...

Let's get together and feel allright...! :-)
 :: :: 12/02/2009
And now that you know Manu's bio, what makes you believe that he is not?
 :: piggytat :: 12/02/2009
Manu is international&multicultural kind of guy,king of the Bongo :-).
My kidz also enjoy in beautiful sounds of comrad Chao and compadres..they haven`t too much choice hahaha
 :: kariola :: 12/02/2009
Hello, hello!
After a long long time, I'm here again! I'm reading your posts for about an hour! English speaking fans 3? Great!
Are you still here, or you went on Utopia island? Pure nature, except you're all planning to take laptops, televisions, ipods, etc...
I want to go with you! I'll be a morning coffee maker! That's the only thing I know how to do! Ok! I can make a tea too! OK! I'm lying, I know how to drink and smoke too!

Girls, I see that your hormones are working like crazy! Madjid without shirt? Unfuckable Bidji? (altought this was a male comment)
And the most interesting thing is that someone entered in a forbidden zone! TONINO CAROTONE! Real name Antonio De La Cuesta! Born in 1970, lived in Pamplona where he was dreaming abou Italy and italian music, but he visited Italy for the first time in 1995 !
What does Manu say about him in that interview?
 :: travarica :: 12/02/2009
Hey travarica! Good to hear from you again. To be honest, I'd never heard of Tonino outside of this forum. Sounds like he's big in Europe,
though. And he was born in 1970? In pictures and videos, he looks older to me. Maybe it's the receding hairline and Salvador Dali moustache?

The other day, piggy had mentioned that Madjid was married and had kids. It occurred to me after reading her post, that really, I know
nothing at all about the RB members. It would be nice if the site had bios for them, wouldn't it? I'd suggest that to the webmaster... but what
would be the point? ;-)
 :: :: 12/02/2009
Here's one video with Tonino! When you see it you will know why love him! And he's not so famous in Europe, I heard about him first time when I watched manu's video from bar mariatchi!
I like your perception of his styling, his Salvador Dali moustache!
 :: travarica :: 12/02/2009
Travarica, I noticed your absence these days, so I thought it was a good time to make my move. ;)
Manu says about Tonino that he is a good friend of him, he had a fabulous Mexican punk-drunk band named Kojon Prieto y los Huajolotes, he wrote this song, Cancelero, in jail, where he spent some time because he didn't want to go to the army.* The journalist says that his name Toninio Carotone - he added an i - sounds like Italian and Manu says that he used to be a Mexican from Pamplona, now he is an Italian from Pamplona. His name comes from the Italian singer Renato Carosone that he's a big fun of, he sings in an Italian style, they have recorded a lot of songs together, one beautiful song, Me cago en el amor, became an underground hit and he's very proud of this song. He is a big poet AND he likes parties.
* I make the assumpion that he finally went. As I read in wikipedia: "he did not visit Italy until 1995 as part of the Spanish military service." I can't understand though why the Spanish army would go to Italy...
PS: He forgot to say that he is crazy, but we can see that in every video.
 :: piggytat :: 12/02/2009
Yeah, he is kind of fun, isn't he? :-)
 :: :: 12/02/2009
Pap, 9 words???
 :: piggytat :: 12/02/2009
I see 8.

Travarice welcom back...! Take care of Tonino...

Papi I also didn't know that Madjid have 2 kids and that he is married. And I think that's a good idea to put bios of members on site...Thay've have shop but not bios, that's most important...!
Webmaster english speaking fans are calling you...! Put bios porfavor hombre...
 :: :: 12/02/2009
Put bios porfavor hombre? lol
I counted "isn't" for 2. Is it 1? I don't know! I haven't studied english literature!
 :: piggytat :: 12/02/2009
I don't get it....what words are we counting?
 :: Teresauk :: 12/02/2009
Right piggy, that is my spanish, very good as you can see... :-)
And isn't is one word, I think...

Teresa we are counting what Pap sad about Tonino -- Yeah, he is kind of fun, isn't he?
Is that 8 or 9 words...?
 :: :: 12/02/2009
"isn't" means "is not" so it's 9 words in my opinion.

But I don't understand why we are counting them?

I only know of Tonino because of "Me cago en el amor' and the Mariatchi Bar video. I think he's kind of cool but I have to admit to not liking his music very much.
 :: Teresauk :: 12/02/2009
I thought I would share this little jem of a video that just found.
Its the original version of "Si me das a elegir" - pre Manu. Its painful to watch....those trousers are way too tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 12/02/2009
 :: :: 13/02/2009
We are counting them, because it seams that we have plenty of free time.
Apart from that, my point was that Pap is usually more fluent than 9 words.
Teresa, I wasn't dying for Tonino's music either, but I heard him live, he's really good. If he comes around, don't lose it!
 :: piggytat :: 13/02/2009
Piggytat, you were on Tonino's concert?
Lucky you!
Did you listen to Tonino's ex band? I downloaded some albums, and I can't listen that! It's too much for me! I like him now! Especially because he's weird! Not crazy, only weird!
Where did you find those information about Madjid! I was trying to find something abut him, but I didn't!
 :: travarica :: 13/02/2009
Yes Travarica he comes here often. The last two years he sings in Half Note Jazz Club, a quite small place for one week, once or twice the year.
I think I read about Madjid in this forum, but I can't remember the subject or find it...
Where can I find some songs of Tonino's ex band? I admit though that the description Mexican punk-drunk band is not very promising.
 :: piggytat :: 13/02/2009
 :: piggytat :: 13/02/2009
thank you lolalola !
 :: :: 13/02/2009
Travarice,this supposed to be Madjid`s official site,but it is in spanish.I
found link here in forum
 :: canabinola :: 14/02/2009
Happy Valentine day... :-)
 :: :: 14/02/2009
Piggytat - I know Tonino is often in Greece, all his youtube videos are from there!
You can find his ex band Kojon prieto y los huajolotes on rebelsounds, you can download it from there! Does anyone know what the name of that band means?
Canabinola - thanks for the link!
 :: travarica :: 14/02/2009
Anyone know where I can get the reggae version of A Cosa that plays when you open i LOVE it...btw im new here so hello everyone :) Im a huge fan of manu! please help me find this i must have it!!!!
 :: mm352007 :: 15/02/2009
hi Folks!
Manu Chao in a radioshow on the beebs tomorrow

hope you're all ok, miss time to scroll back...;-))
 :: madcow :: 15/02/2009
nm352007 - Welocme.....sorry I don't have that version of "A Cosa". But it is a great version!!

Madcow - Thank you for the radio link!!!! The BBC is doing a good job at the moment with all this interest in Manu : )
 :: Teresauk :: 15/02/2009
 :: piggytat :: 15/02/2009
Thank you madcow...!!! :-)

mm352007 - Sorry I don't have it...And hello to you... :)
 :: :: 15/02/2009
Before we were talking about the webmaster moving messages etc. It just made me laugh when I noticed that a few days ago, someone had posted a message asking for help translating a phrase into spanish so that they could get it made into a tattoo. While I was just reading the discussion "Tour Dates 2009" ........ there was the message about a tattoo!!!!!!! LOL What the hell is it doing in a tour date section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 15/02/2009
I noticed that too Teresa and I found it really entertaining! It was when I wrote this w goes crazy it's an emergencyyyyyyyyyy
I meant the webmaster and not the world...
 :: piggytat :: 15/02/2009
And why is he doing that...?!
Webmaster is smoking too much green thise days.

Ok it looks realy stupid my last message, piggy posted it while I was writteing it. I hate when that happend.
 :: :: 15/02/2009
webmaster's gone crazy... it's an emergency

; D
 :: :: 16/02/2009
LOL Piggy - Now I understand why you wrote "w"
The poor person who wrote it probably thinks that nobody wants to chat with them, and thinks their message has been deleted!!
 :: Teresauk :: 16/02/2009
I think he's happy...

He can now make tattoo becouse they translated phrase...
 :: :: 16/02/2009
Hola amigas y amigos,

Just checking in to see que pasa.

I watched "O Brother Where Art Thou?" (one of my favourite movies) last night; I hadn't seen it in a long time
and it was great to watch it again. Anyway, now this song has gnawed its way into my brain, so I simply HAD to
find a YouTube vid and share it with you guys. Enjoy!
 :: :: 16/02/2009
Hola Pap

I went to see Slumdog Millionare at the weekend. What a great film....everyone should go and see it. Great story, great music and the photography and the graphics are so beautifully done. As a designer I wish I had clients that wanted designs like that : /
 :: Teresauk :: 16/02/2009
Hey Teresa,

It's a wonderful film, isn't it? I hope it wins the Oscar for Best Picture, but there's a lot of buzz about Mickey Rourke's big
comeback in The Wrestler, so that's probably what will win.
 :: :: 16/02/2009
Back to Tonino, I like very much his old band.
I shouldn't talk before listening to it.
I admit I had a completely different idea when I was thinking a Mexican punk-drunk band. Why don't you like it Travarica? Very happy sound! Maybe too happy?
Check it out the rest of you and tell us your opinion.
Unfortunately, I don't know what the name means.

Has anyone seen the Wrestler? I don't really want to see it, except if you tell me that it's fantastic.

PS: Marija it does look stupid, but it has happened to us too, so we know!
 :: piggytat :: 16/02/2009
Madcow???? Did you record the programme? I just listened to the was short but sweet.

Everyone - the wrestler doesn't really interest me....I find Mickey Rourke a bit of a sad character.
 :: Teresauk :: 16/02/2009

Kojon prieto y los huajolotes - Cojon is a cuban (I think) word for ball - most often said in the plural: cojones/balls and Guajolotes are turkeys. So it could be dark (or black) ball and the turkeys.
 :: nubiasol :: 17/02/2009
Pyggitat - I don't like the band, it's too mariatchi for me! Some songs are Ok, but some I listened inly once, and I don't have a need to hear them again! But the biggest problem is that Tonino is not singing! I Not all songs!

nubiasol - thanks for the translation! The name is strange enough, There's no doubt that the idea for the name came from Tonino's brain!
But are you sure that it's correct because Kojon is with K, Huajolotes with H not G!
 :: travarica :: 17/02/2009
Piggy it's fantastic. :-)
 :: :: 17/02/2009
Hi Travarica,

No I'm not sure, that's why I wrote: It COULD be. But then it's not unusual for bands to butcher the spelling of words in an effort to look "cool." Split Endz, Limp Bizkit, the Monkees, Outkast, etc.
 :: nubiasol :: 17/02/2009
Hi friends
sorry not able to rip the beebs... seems there's sthg blocking my comp.
anyway, you can listen to the show during a week
yep! Manu is really a sweet man... I know why I love him (in a non sexual way of course)...I'm actually reading Ramon Chao's 'train of ice and fire' and it amazes me, how things runned (and surely always runs) in Colombia...

fot 'the wrestler" I think I could go watching it...not for Mickey... I like"difficult" movies...
and I have the whole music track for 'o brother where art you" if someone need links... I can make them!!
 :: madcow :: 17/02/2009
Good morning thread, may this day bring peace and love to you, as it didn't to me. Love! -BC.
 :: :: 17/02/2009
Bixo Chango LOL! I have lots of days like that too ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 17/02/2009
It's night here...
Every day is a war, at least a battle, but what happened to you BC?
 :: piggytat :: 17/02/2009
Hey Madcow,

If you like "difficult" movies, I recommend Bus 174. There's a website called Rotten Tomatoes that posts most critics' reviews of the movie. It received 100%. In other words, journalists/movie critics who reviewed the movie were impressed by it.
 :: nubiasol :: 18/02/2009
what's going on with the "Politik Kills" remix? is the campaign still active?
 :: xaerial :: 18/02/2009
xaerial - I think the campaign for the remixes is still going on because MC was on a BBC radio interview in the UK on Monday and he mentioned it.
 :: Teresauk :: 18/02/2009
Bixo what happend...?

Yeah my day was tottaly crap, I almost broke my arm. Here every day when you go out you'll return with broken part of body becouse it's inpossible to walk on ice, every street is like that... People are falling on every corner, I injoy watching them falling but its dangerous in the end...
 :: :: 18/02/2009
BIXO, what's the matter, hermano? Well, you've cheered me up more than once when I was down, so now
it's my turn to return the favour. Caveat: Okay, I KNOW I'm a wee bit weird, but this never fails to put a
smile on my face:
 :: :: 18/02/2009
Thank you for your messages, I will just get over it with music, positive energies and love,

All I can say is la vida es una tombola, y arriba y arriba!

C'est tout.
 :: :: 18/02/2009
OK, Pap. I groaned and then I laughed.

Well, Bixo. If you're from California, you'll get this. Everyone else may not relate.
 :: nubiasol :: 18/02/2009
Nubie - *Snicker!* *Purrrrrvocative posing!" BTW, the Little Joker sketch cracked me up. He actually says
"eh" kind of like a Canadian! ;-)

Bixo - Don't forget to nap, and get outside into the sun. Not necessarily in that order. I find those things work
wonders for me. :-)
 :: :: 19/02/2009
Haha, Pap have you ever after smiling felt like you've done 100 exercise..? Uf that kitty cat is great...

Bixo how are we feeling today...? :-)

Wow forum return to life this days...
 :: :: 20/02/2009
I know what you mean, Marija -- I can really feel it in the tummy muscles!

Hey guys, if you're feeling down and finding overly cheerful people difficult to deal with, check this out:
 :: :: 20/02/2009
Hi all,

thanks for your sweet messages, we have a nice team here picking each other up to keep us going por la carretera. ; )

I'm feeling better now!

Nice vids pap lol.
 :: :: 21/02/2009
Excellent news, Bixo! Making each other feel better is part of the job description here, I think. ;-)
 :: :: 22/02/2009
Drug was tested on realtors, kindergarten teachers - HA!

Very good actors - but even more hilarious is the second clip: Sony releases new stupid piece of sh**.

Now either we're very busy - it's been slow on this forum - of we ran out of things to say!
 :: nubiasol :: 22/02/2009
Also very funny is the piece about Bratz dolls causing young girls to have unrealistic expectations about
the size of their heads!

Believe me, Nubie, I WISH I was busy. The only thing more nerve-wracking than waiting to find out if Manu
is coming here this year is waiting to find out if work we've bid on is coming our way. To quote David
Bowie, "The shrieking of nothing is killing me."
 :: :: 23/02/2009
Yikes. I'm in the same boat. Work is SLOOOW. Thank god I have two jobs, otherwise my paycheck wouldn't cover this month's rent.

My other job allows me to fill in for people who have car trouble, sick children, or have that condition that impedes them from working when the sun is out and the sky is blue.

Speaking of which, I finally figured out Neil Young's line yesterday: "When you're out of the blue and into the black." When you are alive under blue skies and dead in a dark coffin. Hey hey, my my, indeed.
 :: nubiasol :: 23/02/2009
Good old Neil, gotta love him.

Hey, here's something else you might get a kick out of. When a Goth's heart breaks:
 :: :: 23/02/2009
I'm not busy either. I just don't understand what you are talking about the last days. So, I'll just say that our girl Penelope won the Oscar! xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 23/02/2009
She did play a great little psycho in V C Barcelona! ;-)
 :: :: 23/02/2009
I'm not busy and I wouldn't love to be... I'm going tomorow to see movie about Maradona, I hope ther is more than just song from Manu, maybe little scene with him...why ther isn't movie about Manu... ;-(
 :: :: 23/02/2009
I know - where's the "Behind the Music" specials that we see for other artists?

Oh: "Behind the Music" is a documentary series that examines a musician's life. I suppose we do have two documentaries on Manu, though. One that follows Radio Bemba and the other that follows Mano Negra.

Piggytat - the Oscar's was yesterday? Missed it.

Pap: Goths. Sigh. The young never think they'll outgrow things. And yet, many of us have retired our jet black hair dye, white pancake makeup, dark eyeliner, and our skeleton collections. Middle age sucks! Just kidding.

Well, not too long ago a very wise person in your life said: We'll get through it. Damn free market ideology!

By the way, can I say that I am still happy with our President?! I haven't been able to say that for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
 :: nubiasol :: 24/02/2009
Mr. Obama was a great hit during his visit to Ottawa. Canadians love him. A man of charm AND

LOL re: goths! Black hair and white makeup would highlight every line in my face and make my eyes
look like the two proverbial piss holes in the snow, even with eyeliner. Not a look I'm after these days.

BTW, that same very wise person quit smoking (cigarettes) two weeks ago yesterday. And he hasn't
even been a bitch to live with! ;-)
 :: :: 24/02/2009
One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain!!!!!!!!!!
 :: travarica :: 25/02/2009
Travarice to me seems that something hit you...just kidding
 :: :: 25/02/2009
travarica was quoting marley's trenchtown rock...

it was just done so out of the blue... lol
 :: :: 25/02/2009
Hi, I´m new here...
 :: Mike3000 :: 26/02/2009
Hi Mike! Welcome! We are a little lazy lately...
Maybe the more we become the less we talk.
I hope not, but noone seems in a good mood the last days.
I have an excuse: it's fucking winter here.
Where are you from Mike? Just curiosity...
 :: piggytat :: 26/02/2009
Piggy - LOL It's fucking winter here too!! Its a bastard....I just want to wear my flip flops : (
MIke - Hi welcome!!
I have been quiet lately as I haven't really understood what anyone is talking about to be honest LOL : ) But I have some good news I have a 3 day holiday in France booked for April and I am going to book a 2 week holiday in Spain in June....but I have decided where yet...and I have no money but I am going to put it on the credit card.I have decided that if the whole economy is going to collapse I might as well take advantage of it while I can and worry about it later....what the hell they can't put you in prison for a credit card debit : )
 :: Teresauk :: 26/02/2009
Also I think us lot in Europe are quiet as Manu is playing in Latin America right we are all depressed : (
 :: Teresauk :: 26/02/2009
WOW 3 posts in one day!!

All you Tonino fans have you seen La Radiolina lately????? Very Funny : )
 :: Teresauk :: 26/02/2009
Hi Teresauk

No, they would love it you had "a credit card debit." ; ). Good old England and the U.S. used to have debtors' prisons. Yes.

It's winter here, too. But the sun is out and it's too warm for a coat. Oh, I gloat!
 :: nubiasol :: 26/02/2009
Nubia - Debtors prisons.....well more and more I am beginning to agree with something more along the communist lines......I wouldn't mind having nothing if everyone around me had nothing as well. But here in the UK the ordinary people have nothing while the banker have millions. One in particular it seems even though he is to blame for most of the country's problems has been paid to retire at 50 years old with a pension of about £650,000 per year paid for by the tax payer ..... the tax payer who has just bailed out his bank for over £16.2 billion and now looks set to take another £13 miilion form us. It is beyong belief......and they expect the people to just except this? Surely the "sheep" will wake up and rebel against this corrupt system!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 26/02/2009
I know. The rich have access to politicians - we don't. Our only strength is our numbers. The same thing is happening over here in the U.S., not just with bankers but with war profiteers. So much waste of money.

By the way, I saw the video on La Radiolina. The woman tells Tonino that he much more handsome when he shuts up!
 :: nubiasol :: 26/02/2009
Here is also winter but finnaly sun came out and ther is no more ice on streets thank god! And I can't go outside. I got flu. First time this year is great weather (for this time of year) and I'm lying in bed...
Mike - welcome!
Hehe I feel soo sory for those guys that don't have ticket, what were they thinking??? They knowed that he is playing and why they didn't took them earlyer? Yeah live isn't fair...

Teresa - that are great news! I'm glad that you can finnaly take a breath from work! And don't worry about prison I just watched prison break on tv, and they'll put you in if you don't clean after you'r dog couple of times...And thise could be very educated serie if you are planing to visit prison for longer... C'est la vie...
 :: :: 26/02/2009
I saw the video with Tonino. I admit that I was at a good point trying to persuade myself that he's just weird and not crazy. Now I have to start from the beginning... And I made so much effort to get there!
I think I have the best weather from you all, but i'm stilll complaining.
Teresa, nice to hear that you didn't get anything either, because I thought it was me and my ability in english. Good news about your travel plans!
 :: piggytat :: 27/02/2009
Nubia - Trouble is numbers only count if the people do something about it. Like refuse to pay their taxes or something on mass to get them to listen.

Marija - I hope that I will not be needing tips on how to survive in prison but if I do I will remember to tattoo a map with an escape route on it all over my body ; ) Or maybe I will go on holiday to Spain and go on the run, have a mad spending spree on my credit card, go and hide in the mountains and not go back home.....the police will never catch me!!
 :: Teresauk :: 27/02/2009
Piggy - No its not an english problem its a Europe vs USA/Canada popular culture thing I think. They may as well have been speaking another language LOL
 :: Teresauk :: 27/02/2009
Teresa, you have found a weird way to increase the posts' number. xoxoxo
People don't do anything, WE don't do anything. So, sorry guys, but no hope.
 :: piggytat :: 27/02/2009
Tonino??? I must watch that!

It's not cold anymore, winter is over! Hahahhaha!
Teresauk- I wish you luck in the mountains of Spain! It reminds me on Spanish Caravan,. the Doors................... silver and gold in the mountains of Spain ....................................
 :: travarica :: 27/02/2009
mmmmm it seems that he made a video without telling you. I think you don't communicate much. Your relationship has a serious problem... This might be my chance...
 :: piggytat :: 27/02/2009
Yes Piggytat! I have a big problem! But I think I'm not the only one with problems! I think Tonino wil soon be hospitalized! I've just watched that video........and is there any sense there? Have I missed something? ?Cause I don't understand anything, including their "communication"! HELP ME!
 :: travarica :: 27/02/2009
Hi Teresa
if you are going to Spain, maybe you'll be lucky to see Manu and RB! Who knows.
And I think in Barsa you'll have best chanses for that...So if you didn't decide
where to go, put it on your list... :-) I heard that bend is there between tours...

Just to get back on oscar's, i'm glad that Heath Ledger got one, he was great
actor and he deserves it...
 :: :: 27/02/2009
Wow Piggytat take it easy, Travarici need are support! Her relationship
is breaking down...You can wait little longer...And shhh! She is here
so don't be little devil that isnt fair, we are going to gossip later, ok...?

Travarice i'll send manu to talk with him, yeah he told me that he is very
strange thise days...Keep an eye on him...And on piggy... :-) Oh how did
i forgot that i'm liveing in barselona! So Teresa if you are planing to run in
spain come to me, i'll be your safe house.
 :: :: 27/02/2009
Travarica, I don't understand much, because they are yelling to each other in spanish, but I think they are playing the couple in an ordinary fight. The woman complains, the man makes silly excuses and of course always loves the woman. I'm not sure, I just have this impression. Sorry, I'm at work right now and I can't put it louder. lol
 :: piggytat :: 27/02/2009
Marija - no gossiping! I've decided to share Tonino with piggy! And I'm going to tell my boyfriend with my relationship with Tonino! Do you think he will understand? I also forgot that you live in Barcelona, hehe!!!!!!

Piggytat - I don't understand spanish at all, that's why I have no idea what are they talking! Maybe there is sense in all that........
 :: travarica :: 27/02/2009
Well that's good idea for shareing. If you are going to be happy like that I will support it.
I think he will understand it very clearly but question is how is he going to accept it... I don't know. And if something go wrong you still have that couch in my house (in Barselona :-))
 :: :: 27/02/2009
Hi @ all again.

I´m from Germany.

Winter seems to be coming to an end at the moment. I´m looking forward to the summer, listening to Manu in the garden, on the beach, while camping and at the lake.
 :: Mike3000 :: 27/02/2009
Welcome, Mike! I'm looking forward to summer too, but for now I'm happy to see signs of spring
here in Vancouver, Canada.


Okay, you know how Piggy doesn't understand the appeal of Eugene Hutz? Well, I'm sorry, but I
just DON'T GET IT about Tonino. Frankly, I think he looks a bit like a stereotypical pimp. I bet that
Radiolina video ends with Tonino and the woman strangling each other. Looks like a classic
marriage made in hell!
 :: :: 28/02/2009
And does anyone else find it vaguely disturbing that the woman's holding the little girl with one
hand and a huge knife in the other?? Anyway, that's gotta be the mellowest little toddler I've
ever seen! Mama and papa are going bat-shit, and she just takes it all in her stride... ;-)

And yeah, granted, it might all make a whole lot more sense to me if I could understand more
than every 4th word or so. Siigh... One day I will master this language and watch Almodovar
films without the subtitles! ¡Mierdo!
 :: :: 28/02/2009
Ah, the promise of spring:

Now it's half past two . . . (nice shot at 1:30!)

Tonino is a character, though. He cracks me up. That wild smile makes me feel like he knows the secret to life, but isn't telling the rest of us what it is. Oh and bat-shit? I haven't heard that one before!

Speaking of Almodovar, did you ever see Habla Con Ella (Talk to Her)?
 :: nubiasol :: 28/02/2009
Wow. This sounds remarkably similar to the recorded version, but it's live:
 :: nubiasol :: 28/02/2009
Pap, you don't talk nice about Tonino!
Mike, let me intruduce you everybody.
Pap, lives in Canada, she is a graffic designer, she desperately asks for Manu to visit Canada again - she almost threatens him - she loves animals and Gogol Bordelo - xoxoxo - and she says bad things about Tonino. She is very intellectual. She often makes some conversations with Nubiasol that only them can understand. She is married and she likes to talk about the time she met Manu.
Nubiasol is the other intellectual of the company. She is well-educated - BTW did you finish your dissertation? - she has two jobs because she is living in fancy LA and needs a lot of money to pay the big rent of her fancy appartment. xoxoxo Nubiasol also likes to translate, she has translated all Manu's songs into seven languages.
Teresa, lives in the UK - London I guess, or somewhere near - she is a graphic designer too, she is desperate for sun and her flip-flops, she wants to make a business on her own, she takes advice from Par about that - you can guess the success.
Marija is probably the youngest, so we hate her a little, she speaks remarkably good english, she lives in Croatia - Pap is from Croatia as well - she lives in the fifth floor of a building without an elevator, something that she enjoys very much every day.
Travarica, lives in Croatia too, she likes Tonino, in fact she is in love with him and she is about to confess it to her boyfriend. She makes quite good non-serious conversations, something that Marija does as well.
Kariola, unlike his name, is a man, married with one kid I think, he doesn't visit us often because he probably thinks that we are some crazy women - not far from the truth.
I, last but not least, live in Athens, like to spoil every serious conversation, I'm trying to steal Tonino from Travarica, but now that she said that we can share him it seems that I'm losing my interest...
The others can say more about me, because I can't really describe myself. You can also correct me if I said something wrong!

Bye for now!
 :: piggytat :: 28/02/2009
Little correction - I live in Serbia but that is close... :-) Good one on Nubi... :-)
I needed couple minutes to calm down from your know how
can laughing be dangerous for me and everyone around me...

Piggy.....I'm sooo sorry....but....I can't take it any longer.....
There I sad it.....

 :: :: 28/02/2009
Mike - Hi! Piggytat told you everything about everyone, so you know everything you need to know now!

Piggy- great description of us! Except you were wrong about where's Marija from, I think you've guessed everything else! You're reading me like an open book! If you want to have Tonino only by stealing him from me, than Ok, he's mine......don't want to share him.....
And yes, I told my boyfriend about Tonino..........and the only reaction was maybe me and my boyfriend will have to share Tonino..
 :: travarica :: 28/02/2009
Yeah! Marija, my deapest apologies for my mistake. My first thought was Serbia. FIrst thought is always right... Now I remember everything...
 :: piggytat :: 28/02/2009
LOL Piggy!!! You forgot to say that Marija lives in Serbia BUT thinks that she lives in Barcelona with a big couch.
And you Piggy are the queen of the dry wit and sarcastic comments.

Pap - I love Gogol Bordelo too....not all of their songs but most. But I don't find Eugene Hutz appealing in any way shape or form. I also don't WANT to find Tonino appealing but I must admit he has that cheeky grin that makes him hard not to like. But I admit that I don't like much of his music.
 :: Teresauk :: 28/02/2009
Ok, I don't like Tonino, but it would be nice if you ask something him....
You are treating him like he is some toy that everyone are shareing...
Can you imagine how is he feeling right now...poor guy...
O what a hell am I talking, he wouldn't mind if 5 women are shareing him...!
Piggy I tried to be good with Tonino but I simply can't!
 :: :: 28/02/2009
Right Teresa! Crap, I allways forgot that I'm in Barselona!!!
 :: :: 28/02/2009
Almost, right, Piggytat.

I actually live two hours NORTH of Los Angeles - near Summerland. So I pay a lot of money for a tiny little place. It is so fancy, I do not have a regular-sized refrigerator, stove, or washing machine. I do most of my laundry by hand. Ah, the high life!

Still working on the dissertation.

Actually, I think you described Pap the best. Surprisingly, Canada and the U.S. have cultural similarities. So yes, we do say things no one else understands. I'm not the only to forget cultural specificities, though. There was a post about Goldfish that confused everyone on this forum!

See, I tried to bring the subject back to Manu by posting those Mano Negra links. But no. Tonino is the man of the moment.
 :: nubiasol :: 28/02/2009
Hehe, Piggy was wrong about Nubi.
Shame on you...

I bet that Mike is going to ask Pap about time she met Manu...if he comes back...
 :: :: 28/02/2009
Piggytat, you crack me up, you chica loca! Great job on everyone's bios, including mine, but I must make a couple of
minor corrections:

(a) I'm not particularly intellectual; I only have a lowly English Lit degree and I read a lot, and, more importantly...

(B) I have sweet-talked, pleaded, guilt-tripped and yes, practically groveled, but never, ever THREATENED. Really, I
may be a bit eccentric, but I'm in no way peligrosa! ;-)

Oh, and you missed Bixo Chango, who I suspect is actually the youngest. We live in the same city, and perhaps if he
misses his mom, I can informally adopt him, feed him a good warm dinner once in a while.

RE: Tonino. Okay, MAYBE if he lost the Salvador Dali mustache and shaved his head... ;^)

BTW, I've just been reading the last few posts to my husband and cracking him up. He asked if anyone had posted
pics of themselves, and I explained that the forum doesn't provide that option. HOWEVER, I'd like to introduce
everyone to the free & fun world of Photobucket ( I'll take the "plunge" first and hope you guys
will follow suit:

C'mon, then -- show us your pretty faces! ;^)
 :: :: 28/02/2009
BTW, Nubie, thanks for the Mano Negra videos. It just doesn't seem fair to me that so many men get
better and better looking as they grow older! IMHO, sure, Manu was a little cutie in those days, but
I'm more of a pushover for handsome, which he is these days.
 :: :: 28/02/2009
Pap - I salute you!!!! If you ever take the boat from Tarifa, Spain to Tangiers, Morocco ask for my friend Mohamed.
 :: Teresauk :: 01/03/2009
Yay! Way to go, Teresa! And BTW, you're a babe!

Spain is simmering gently on the back-burner of my dreams right now (stupid, stupid money), but when
(not IF) I do get there, I'd be delighted to take a side trip to Tangiers and meet your friend Mohamed. And
to meet you, for that matter.

My husband put the lovely idea in my head today of "Wouldn't it be cool if you guys could all meet up
somewhere?" Et naturelment, the perfect time and place would be a Manu gig!

Can you imagine??

 :: :: 01/03/2009
Hey I wonder if anyone else will expose themselves too (not literally I hope)??????

It would be so cool to all meet up at once, I would love it....can you imagine how good that Manu gig would be....we would all go even more crazy than usual.......but it seems impossible : (

If we did even though we had never met before it would feel like were all old friends!!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 01/03/2009
Next one...I like the idea Pap, maybe in near future...
 :: :: 01/03/2009
Marija - Well done!!!!!! but photobucket says your picture is private and wants a password. Can you un-private it please?
 :: Teresauk :: 01/03/2009
 :: :: 01/03/2009
Marija - Yeah!! All that exercise up those 5 flights of stairs has paid off ; )
In the words of're a babe!!!!
The doggies are cute too : )
 :: Teresauk :: 01/03/2009
I'm in no way avoiding to be exposed. You'll have my picture as soon as my poor internet connection allows me to do so. I have to admit though that I'm the fatest from you all - not all of you together just each one of you seperately.
Marija I'm in love with Ben!
Good news from here about the weather. It seems that winter has come to an end after two WHOLE months. I can't understand the scientists' fears about the climate change. We had a normal winter after a normal autumn after a normal summer after a normal spring after an other normal winter. Ok, we had a hot winter two years ago after a very hot summer indeed, but I'm not very sure that this means that Greece will become a desert in 50 years...

What a nice idea to meet in a Manu gig!

PS: Pap, I wasn't any annoyed by the baby and the knife. You can understand by its calmness that it didn't take anything seriously. Bixo Chango is a he? I thought it was a she... Sorry for forgetting you BIxo! Nubiasol tell us about the video!
 :: piggytat :: 02/03/2009
I have no idea how this photobucket works!

This is just a try
 :: travarica :: 02/03/2009
I think it's working,

P.S. I'm the one on the right!!
 :: travarica :: 02/03/2009
I'm loving the pics, everyone!

This is not the most flattering image in the world of my husband or me, but it brings a smile to my face every time
I see it. Cartagena, Colombia, March, 2008 - Fun times at Carnaval. The white powder probably isn't what you're
 :: :: 02/03/2009
What the fuck? How is this photobucket shit working? What do I have to do after I upload the picture???
 :: piggytat :: 03/03/2009
Aarghhhh am goin mad.This work will kill me.I need to be recharged.puxa vida!
Only good concert make me feel better.
What does this Manu waiting for?
 :: kariola :: 03/03/2009
piggy-after you upload it, you just copy direct link for the picture!

and what's Manu waiting for? he's waiting all of us to come to his next concert in Barcelona! it would be a great place to meet, and we wan't have to spend our money on accommodation because we can all sleep at marija's imaginary place!!
 :: travarica :: 03/03/2009
What are WE waiting...?!? Manu can't be in 7 places in one time, but we can...! :-)
Come to my place! Hehe there is room for everyone...! :-) It's not really 5 stars hotel,
but for what we need is perfect...! We can later bring radio bemba and we'll have
live preformans (one star more then)!

Pap I'm not thinking what you'r thinking that we are thinking...... :-)
 :: :: 03/03/2009
Pap - I think you just won the prize for the best photo!!! What the hell is that white stuff????

Piggy - Calmate chica! I had the same problems with photobucket it definately isn't obvious what to do on that site.

By the way....totally unrelated but I am sitting at work looking out of the office window and I can see Jay K the singer from Jamiroquai going into the estate agents opposite.....he's been hanging around for over 1/2 hr now.....He is really short in real crush on him has ended now I think : (
 :: Teresauk :: 03/03/2009

I hope it's ok!
Sorry for the bad language. It's Monday for me today, because I wasn't working yesterday.
 :: piggytat :: 03/03/2009
Flour maybe...?

Teresa, that's why he allways has big hat...
Manu is short but we don't care... :-)

Piggy I think everyone had problems with this photobucket...
 :: :: 03/03/2009
I'm not familiar with Colombia culture, but to me seems that they were makeing pancakes...
 :: :: 03/03/2009
I think Jay K looks short on tv, too, so I'm not surprised! Manu is short but EL GRANDE!!!
Colombia? pancakes?
Why I don't know what you are talking about!
 :: travarica :: 03/03/2009
Yeah Manu makes up for being short in so many ways!

I think the colombia and pancakes reference is because of Pap's pic of her & her fella in Colombia with flour on their faces. And Marija thinks that they must have been making pancakes. Possibly it was the Colombian Pancake Fiesta.
 :: Teresauk :: 03/03/2009
Great pictures -- you guys are all so CUTE! We could be the best looking (and certainly the loudest) group of friends at that
gig in Barcelona. ;-)

Marija, does your hotel accept dogs? BTW, are Ben and Malisa yours? Back in fall your were talking about getting a dog.
Anyway, they're so sweet. Dogs are always photogenic!

Re: white powder -- it's corn starch. I was wrong about the city, though. That photo was taken in Barranquilla, not Cartagena.
Barranquilla has the best-known and most festive Carnaval outside of Brazil. The people there have a tradition of throwing
corn starch at each other at the big events. I'm not sure why. They're very nice about it though; they come up and ask your
permission before powdering you. They asked so nicely, we had to say yes! ;-)
 :: :: 03/03/2009
I'm talking abou pic that Pap posted...
 :: :: 03/03/2009
My brain is little slow..........I forgot about picture.........Now I understand!!

So, Marija, are we coming to Barcelona or not?? When are RB playing there? In September maybe? Fiestas de la Merce??

I think that we didn't see a picture of Nubiasol.or am I wrong??

And what about Mike? Piggytat scared him with our description?
 :: travarica :: 03/03/2009
Mike disappeared! I don't think we'll see him again.
Pap, I think you travelled to South America one year earlier than you should.
Sorry girls, but for me Manu is just fine because I'm short too! xoxoxo
Happy square root day to everyone!
 :: piggytat :: 03/03/2009
Hehe, may I throw this powder on you...??? ;-)

Pap hotel accept dogs, even cats, and any kinde of pet...
Ben is dog of my best friend, and as we spend lot time
together, I accept him in one hand as mine too...
Malisa is dog that found in Arendjelovac last year. We
were on trip, and after week we needed to go back but
we couldn't take him with us becouse bus driver is asshole
that sad no. We shouln't left him... :-(

Anyway, pitty ther isn't Pancakes Fiesta, I would
love to go...! We could make one... :-)
 :: :: 03/03/2009
Happy square root day???????
 :: Teresauk :: 03/03/2009
Why not Teresa? The next one will be 4/4/2016. Who knows until then...
The truth is that I said it because I find it very stupid and very American!
 :: piggytat :: 03/03/2009
Ah, that's math-related, so of course I'VE never heard of it. I still have nightmares about math exams!
 :: :: 03/03/2009
That's funny, Piggytat because Americans are horrible with math!
 :: nubiasol :: 04/03/2009
Hi Nubie! I forgot to say, I've seen probably most of Almodovar's films over the years, but I have yet to watch Habla Con Ella.

Do you recommend it?
 :: :: 04/03/2009
Yes. It is a strange movie.

Nice photos, everyone. I agree with Teresauk - those flights of stairs has done you well, Marija. Pap, you will look like you're having the time of your life! Damn Canadians always have to one-up us! And Piggytat? Ah, that ocean!

I want a vacation!

I'll fiddle with my scanner & photobucket this weekend. I've been working, cooking, and exercising - and well, that takes a lot of time.

As well, since Papilloposa, Madcow and myself are the only ones from this side of the Atlantic, it seems like we'll have to travel to Europe. Spain, anyone?
 :: nubiasol :: 04/03/2009
Ah jeez. So many errors in that last post. I meant to write "flight of stairs HAVE' and "Pap, you ALWAYS look like you're having the time of your life."
 :: nubiasol :: 04/03/2009
Nubiasol, you Americans think everything is big. :) That ocean is only a lake... ;)
 :: piggytat :: 04/03/2009
Piggy-you killed Mike!

Did anyone listen to Mike Patton from Faith no More these days?? I thought that Tonino is the only guy who sings old Italian songs and wear suits, but no! Just listen Mike Patton Mondo Cane on youtube!

Does all the men in middle age crisis start singing in italian??
 :: travarica :: 04/03/2009
Hello Nubiasol! Don't you see that we are makeing party in Barselona. I expect west coast to come... (Nubi and Pap; I don't remember where madcow lives but he is in it too)
 :: :: 04/03/2009
Travarica - Mike Patton certainly is versatile, isn't he?

Here's one of my favourite tracks from the album Anonymous (by Patton's band, Tomahawk). Excellent workout music!

Marija - I don't know where madcow's from either, but I thought madcow was a she.
 :: :: 04/03/2009
Pap, that's just noice...!!!
And Tonino is not middle-aged!!!
 :: piggytat :: 04/03/2009
Am I the only one who doesn't know who Mick Patton is? : /

Piggy - It IS world maths day today.....they just said so on the news...I have no idea what happens on world maths day...very strange!

I thought that Madcow was living in Ireland....she always manages to record the UK TV programmes about Manu.....but I don't think she is Irish....I think she just lives there.....I maybe wrong : /
 :: Teresauk :: 04/03/2009
No, Teresa you are not the only one. I don't know him either and I don't know almost anyone that is mentioned here... That's why Pap and Nuby seem intellectual to me...
 :: piggytat :: 04/03/2009
For a long time, I didn't know who Mike Patton was either, but a good friend of mine is into him big-time, so
that's how I got to know a bit about him. Best known for being the lead singer of Faith No More.

"Just noise?" What can I say? I have eclectic taste. I'm a one-man woman, but definitely not a one-musician fan.
 :: :: 05/03/2009
Sorry Pap, I don't listen to one musician either and I admit that from time to time I might be listening to completely different music styles, but I really found this song very irritating. Not me, my ears... Sorry! Gogol Bordelo are much much better! And of course it might be true that you have eclectic taste, because you are intellectual.
 :: piggytat :: 05/03/2009
OK now we are talking about musical tastes. Ages ago on this forum Pap mentioned something about imagine if Michael Franti and Manu where on the same stage.

Well......I had never heard of Michael Franti at that point apart from a song on the "One Giant Leap" album which I quite liked. As far as I know he isn't well known in Europe. So I looked on youtube and found the new album "All Rebel Rockers". Well at first I thought it sounded can I say this without offending anyone.....americanized and a bit plastic....I couldn't quite believe in what he was singing about for some reason. BUT I have a friend who is Morroccan and actually studied English in Canada. Where she has become a massive fan of Michael I gave him another listen and guess what.....I really like him now....especially "Rebel Yell" album. So thanks for that Pap : )
 :: Teresauk :: 05/03/2009
I have to know who Mike Patton is, because my boyfriend is a big fan!
And because I'm torturing him to listen Manu and go on concerts with me, he decided that I have to listen his music also! That's how I discovered Mike Patton! I was listening to Faith No More in my school days, but I didn't know that he's so versatile like Pap said! I must admit that I had to look in my dictionary for the word "versatile"!

Pap-I like the song!

piggy-sorry, Tonino is a young guy!
 :: travarica :: 05/03/2009
This is one of Michael Frantis best ones
 :: Teresauk :: 05/03/2009
What is wrong with this photobucket...?!?

I tried to post picures of my new friend that I took yesterday but it isn't working...
Little help Pap, as I saw, you'r pb expert... When I click upload, nothing is happening... My conection is to slow maybe it is becouse of that... But last time that wasn't problem..
 :: :: 06/03/2009
Marija, I was just about to ask if everyone is still alive.
My home connection was slow too, that's why I couldn't upload the picture.
Not only slow, but also very very unstable.
 :: piggytat :: 06/03/2009
Hmm... it worked for me just now. Here's what I did:

• click on My Albums on the homepage
• click on Choose Files under Upload Images & Video (make sure where you're uploading FROM is selected in the box
on the right, e.g. My Computer)
• the pic should load, then click on Direct Link and post that here

Let's see if mine worked:
 :: :: 06/03/2009

It seems that is becouse of connection, last time was 49,5 and this time is 50,6Kbps!! Lol! I'm waiting for faster internet 3 months...! I'm going to kill them, every time they sad to me - Yes yes, it'll be finished for a week or two...!!! Aaa!!!

Piggy I'm not alive, today I carryed up 6 times my little Kira (he still can't come down the stairs and up, he's afraid of them) and I'm exhausted now! I learned him today to go up stairs, but that was with treets on every secont one...(we manage to first floor, and it took us 20 minutes just for one!) If I countinue like this he'll become pig...and if he thinks that I'll carry him even than, he's wrong...

Oh, this was hard day...bed is calling me!!! Bye for now!
 :: :: 06/03/2009
Kira is such a sweetie! Don't worry, Marija, my puppy was afraid of the stairs for weeks. We did the whole treat thing, too,
and one day she mastered those stairs, and that was it. No more fear! Now she can't wait to run up and down. :-)
 :: :: 06/03/2009
Today he made it without my help, that was only first floor but it's something...!
But he still is afraid to go down the stairs...Right Pap, for a week, we'll be at second one!
 :: :: 07/03/2009
OK. I think I got this photobucket picture uploaded and I hope I have the right link!

Well, if you carry the puppy up the stairs you WILL get a workout!
 :: nubiasol :: 07/03/2009
Damn I'm the only rubia!
 :: Teresauk :: 07/03/2009

We are brakeing all limits! Pap today he made it without my help to go up the stairs and not just we made it to second one, we made to fifth! Yes!
 :: :: 08/03/2009
so... when are we going to know if Manu is coming to North America ?
 :: :: 08/03/2009
Marija - That's great! Good perrito, Kira, good perrito! I think you'll find that as soon as he's done it once, there
won't be any more problems. BTW, Lexi pooped at her doggie training class the other night. ;-( Bad perrita,
Lexi! Bad.

Teresa - Is it true that rubias have more fun? ;-)

Nubie - Nice pic. I would sell my soul to have hair like yours!

Bixo - I guess we have to wait for the guys to catch their breath after the South American tour! I'm not too
optimistic about the Sasquatch Festival any more, but maybe later in summer...
 :: :: 08/03/2009
I actually posted this as an independent message, but we all know how those can mysteriously disappear, so, here it is

A friend emailed me this message today, and I want to pass it on:

Hello All,

Today is an amazing day!!

Yes, we lost an hour of sleep and yes, Vancouver is currently experiencing flurries...

The silver lining: today is also International Women's Day.

To each of you, I salute who you are, what you believe in, and more importantly how you impact
the lives of everyone you touch.

Salute to our International Sisterhood.

¡Abrazos, hermanas!

 :: :: 09/03/2009
Let's have hope Pap...

Remember Manu came to Canada in June and July... so there's still hope he can make it to Canada this year.

Proxima estacion... esperanza !
 :: :: 09/03/2009
That's right, Bixo!

Hey... where IS everybody?
 :: :: 10/03/2009
Hi Pap!
How are you? :-)
Un beso from Kira to Lexi!

O life is good...! I don't know why but i'm little weird today...

I'll try to zzz now...!
hugs! :-)
 :: :: 10/03/2009
I'm glad life is good for you, Marija. Lexis sends a beso back to Kira. She likes giving besos!

Life is pretty good here too, only I'm disappointed in my Spanish class. I took it just for something fun to do, but
unfortunately, the teacher is kind of unfriendly and the lessons drag along. Half the students have dropped out only
halfway through the 10 weeks! Oh well. I AM enjoying the doggie training class.

Hugs back & laku noc!

 :: :: 10/03/2009
so pap... que opinas de la nevada de ayer ?

that's today's spanish homework ; )
 :: :: 11/03/2009
Hi everyone - I haven't been on this forum much because my coursework is taking over my life. And I think I am going back to bed to hibernate until the spring : ( And thank god we haven't had any nevada over here lately....I have seen enough of that for one year!!
 :: Teresauk :: 11/03/2009
Bixo: ¡No me gusta! I'm happy to say it's all melted here in the West End, though, and it
didn't kill the little spring flowers.

Teresauk: Sounds like you're not a winter sports kind of girl either!

 :: :: 11/03/2009
All familiar forum desperados, nice to read you :-) I haven`t been wrote for a long time,but I have readed the posts.
I am sick,so I am laying in my bed and sweating,at least I don`t go to work.hehe
For a few days I listening last fm radio online (Manu Chao ofhorse;-))and many similiar artists which is offered.
So I discovered Tonino Carotone who is mentioned on this forum.Seems ok to me.
Like you canadians I hope that Manu came to croatia this summer.I don`t know how to drag him but I hope that he remembered our beautiful coast.
We deffenetly need his positive energie `cause people here are despered.All this shit about recession made whole nation very nervous and unsatisfaid Am sure that his concert will make things better,at least for us who listening him.
We will see,but this waiting is killing me, I wanna know his plan tour,it`s quite time to say someone something about that.It is emergency.
Warm temperature regards 2 all of you!
 :: kariola :: 11/03/2009
 :: kariola :: 11/03/2009
Hello my friends!

Ye ye ye! alo alo alo! ye ye ye! alo alo alo!

Who's alive here...?

Welcome back Kariola! Yeah I hope too that Manu come to Croatia soon, and maybe we'll drag him by re-designing site manuchaohrvatska. That's what Canabinola and I think that will work....!

Teresa that is why I think I was bear in my past...I just love hibernateing...!
 :: :: 13/03/2009
Hi guys,

I wish I could hibernate until the f***ing recession is over. Arrgghh... tough times for lots of
people, huh?

Oh, well. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

 :: :: 13/03/2009

Have any of you been wine tasting? How's that like?
 :: nubiasol :: 14/03/2009
Taste of wine?
Many,many times...:-)
 :: kariola :: 14/03/2009
Kariola : ) lol
 :: Teresauk :: 14/03/2009
I think I win my sickness.I remembered my own medicine against drowsiness and it works against the flu too :-)
Pay attencion this is useful.
In 1liter water I puted squeezed 4 lemons and 3 oranges,2 big spoons of honey,than 6 spoons of CEDEVITA (thats croatian No1 product for export),it is an instant drink full of vit C, and one andol C, than shake not stirred like 007 said.
Maybe its overreacting but it works.
Such a beautiful day and I am full of energie tanx to my patented drink.I feel like Asterix when drinks the magic potion.
So kids are at grandmas place and am goin take a walk and smoke too cause in healthy body is healthy spirit.Isn`t it? :-))))
 :: kariola :: 14/03/2009
Nubie - I really enjoy wine tasting. My parents live in BC's interior, in the heart of wine country, and last
summer we drove around touring the various wineries in the district. Yummy! If I ever had to give up drinking,
wine is the thing I'd miss most. BTW, my dad insists that someone else drive next time ... fair enough!

Kariola - I'm glad you're feeling better. But now you're going to undo all that good work by smoking? Tsk! I'm
only teasing -- I don't lecture people. However, my husband quit 5 weeks ago, and I'm happy to say, he
hasn't killed anyone yet! ;^) BTW, there's a shop in my neighbourhood that imports central & eastern
European foods; maybe they carry Cedevita. I'd like to try it.
 :: :: 14/03/2009
Papillonka -- Definitely try to find that gorgeus instant powder.
You`ve got taste of orange, lemon and grapefruit. its very freshy.I hope you succeed.
And I don`t smoke cigarets cause am everyday sport type, just joints...sometimes for the relaxation,on the end of the day.
If Michael Phelps could do it...hehehe. Anyway tanx for advice.
Manu Ciao!;-)
 :: kariola :: 14/03/2009
Poor Michael! And what kind of bastard of a FRIEND would take that picture and sell it to the tabloids? ;-(
 :: :: 14/03/2009
A friend that believes the money was worth it. And you know he's thinking: C'mon people. It's pot!

Very funny, Kariola.

I didn't know Canada had wine regions - I thought it was too cold. They don't sell Canadian wine over here - at least, I don't think they do. I'll check.

Cedevita comes in a large orange container? I wonder if it's the same as Emergen-C. Hmmm.
 :: nubiasol :: 14/03/2009
Haha, Kariola I have that powder and it's really great...but your recept is similar to mine for makeing can imagin how good than I am in cooking...good...
Anyway, I think Michael planed everything to get more money.
They stoled medal to Milorad Cavic last year in Bejing that is for shure, so I'm not disturbed or anything becouse of that event with pic...

btw, piggy ha desaparecido...?

And Kariola, that's great. Your sport type that don't smoke, a lot.
I have friends that are smoking like train and still they can manage in sport.
They aren't going to get far if countinue with this rhythm...

Chao! :-)
 :: :: 14/03/2009
What a nice day today my friends! For the love of god this special manviv subject was finally closed!!! Bitter again?...
 :: piggytat :: 16/03/2009
Peeking into other forum pages, eh, Piggytat? By the way, what was that about?

Good to have you back in our little neck of the woods.
 :: nubiasol :: 16/03/2009
Nubie -

Don't get me wrong; I don't feel *that* sorry for him. It's just the principle of the thing. It wasn't a big
party, just a small group of friends the guy (foolishly, it appears) thought he could trust. I do admit, I
place a pretty high value on friendship. I also think criminalizing weed is stupid and hypocritical,
seeing as booze and cigarettes are WAY more harmful but remain legal and easily accessible.

Re: Canadian vino, yes indeedy, we produce some nice wines, especially in the province of BC
(British Colombia), where I live. BC's interior has long, hot summers and an arid climate not unlike
parts of California.


Marija -

Actually, the guy LOST millions of dollars, as Kellog's (a major sponsor) dropped him. Those boxes of
cereal with Michael's picture on them will probably become collector's items... I guess someone really
peed in HIS cornflakes, eh? ;^)


Piggy -

Hi! What WAS that about? Do you know?
 :: :: 16/03/2009
Peed in his cornflakes - lol

Glad I'm not a role model! I'd have too many sins to atone.
 :: nubiasol :: 17/03/2009
Mr.Phelps didn`t know, that`s what friends are for... that one`s called traitor. Expencive way to find out.
 :: kariola :: 17/03/2009

Has anyone heard any rumors about when the band will be tripping back to the US?

 :: :: 17/03/2009
Hi phishmanson - No word yet, but this site and the myspace page are probably your best bets,
so keep checking. :-)
 :: :: 17/03/2009
Thanks, dude (... or dudette)!!!!

I just stumbled across Manu Chao & friends back in January... February??... (I don't know... even the recent past is blurry)... while I was channel surfing. I caught the last half of the Austin City Limits show and I was knocked off the couch.

Anyway... ever since then, I've been on a mission, and I can't WAIT 'til they come back around!! I'm in the mood to dance until my heart bursts... or until I melt on the floor...

I figured this would be the best place to find out, sooooo THANKS for the confirmation!

 :: :: 17/03/2009
Hi guys,

crew is back again. :-)

Phishmanson hi and welcome!
(Ok, maybe we'll need to hold piggy on chain if we want that our new visitors stay longer than 2 days...remember what happend with mike...??? :-) )

I don't understand, why webmaster closed subject about Madjid, he had 75 post, it's not about space than...
And I need to gossip a little, have you seen that girl ana f. from subject para manu chao that is despret for attention...? It looks to me like that...
I have my proverb -- leave crap to stink.
But sometimes esa no fungciona...
lol i don't know what am i talking... like I've knowen

 :: :: 17/03/2009
In what way would a chain help???
Anyway I have to admit that I've already started missing the special manviv subject and I'm thinking about creating special manviv II, as we are experts on sequels here. Just a thought!
Marija where are all these things you are talking about?
 :: piggytat :: 17/03/2009
In subject Para Manu Chao, there is despairing woman.
 :: :: 18/03/2009
"Despairing woman" and chains here, hmmm? Sounds like a fun crowd. :)

Thanks for the welcome, Marija! Glad to be here... So what happened to Mike? I'm a little nervous now... ... and is piggytat any relation to Sylvester the puddytat? LOL

... What's "manviv" about? Unlike the vast majority of people here, I'm a boring, one language person... a little inept at chatrooms, too... this is new for me, so have patience!! :P
 :: :: 18/03/2009
Hello Phishmanson!
Mike was a guy that appeared some time ago and I was kind enough to introduce everybody to him, something that he finally didn't appreciate and disappeared. I guess Marija implies that it was my way that made him disappear, but I don't think so!
No, I'm not related to Sylvester the puddytat, I'm related to Miss Piggy. xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 18/03/2009
Phishmanson - Hi and welcome!!

Marija - I can't see Anna F in "Para Manu Chao" Maybe she has been deleted by the Webmaster for saying the wrong things. How despairing was she?
 :: Teresauk :: 18/03/2009
She is there! I had to look twice too. By the way, did you have anything to do with this fire?
 :: piggytat :: 18/03/2009
LOL I see her now!! I think she is desperate not despairing.....Not just Manu crazy but Man crazy!

What fire? Where?
 :: Teresauk :: 18/03/2009
In London, the centre I think. I thought you might forgot a cigarette...
 :: piggytat :: 18/03/2009
Oh that fire.....ummm damn I wondered where I left that splif ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 18/03/2009
The authorities would like to see you now.
 :: nubiasol :: 18/03/2009
Its ok because all of the evidence will have burned, so they can't prove anything! Shame about that half smoked splif though ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 18/03/2009
Helou beautiful people!
It's good to be desaparecida for some time! Than I can read your this month posts for an hour!
I was scared that piggy stole Tonino while I wasn't here! But she didn't! Good girl!
I'm going to check that Para Manu Chao Anna F, to see what are you talking about!
Nubiasol- I tried to see your pic, and I can't open it !!!!!! Why!!!!!!!!
It says that picture does not exist!

So I see that Kariola is presenting you Croatian products! I think he's trying to move our economy from stand-still!
OK! Now I'm going to have my glass of Cedevita!
 :: travarica :: 19/03/2009
Hello my friends! I need your help.
I want to fuck my boss. I mean completely fuck him, but not literally.
So, can I have some ideas?
PS: I don't want to get fired... I just want to fuck him.
 :: piggytat :: 19/03/2009
Wow Piggy......what has your boss done? I think mine is a complete pendejo and gets me so annoyed that I feel like walking out of my job...nearly every day. And I definately wouldn't want to fuck him ; )

You could put his work email address/telephone number on some dodgey sex website offering some perverted sex service ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 19/03/2009
Teresa - Oh man, if they find you, finally you could use Michael plan to escape out prison...have you started working on tattoo...? :-) I'm not saying a word to police, but in case that they found what you've done... :-)

Piggy you could try to dishonor him infront everybody but not to know that you are standing behinde...???
 :: :: 19/03/2009
Ooooh, juicy stuff here, gang!! Gotta run right now to a meeting, but will check in later, hopefully after having
brainstormed some compelling ideas on how to *fuck* one's boss! :-D
 :: :: 19/03/2009
Thanks for the welcomes, Teresauk and piggytat!

... hey piggytat... speaking personally, I'd suggest this professional fornication be long and slow. Maybe identify another female in the office (semi-attractive, at least... and one whom you don't particulary care for...) and leave suggestive notes or little interpretable signs on your boss's desk which would indicate they are from her and that she's sexually interested in him... all the while, she knows nothing about it. Then you could sit back and watch the subtle changes in their interactions... (this will only work if one or the other wouldn't want this to work out, natch) ... you could say it'd be kind of a "two-for-one" deal. :P
 :: :: 19/03/2009
Haha thise is getting better and better...!

Good one Phish... :-)
Piggy you could put in his coffee lacsative (spelling???; a lot lot lot of it) befor business appointment and watch how he's running every minute to bathroom. Maybe you get lucky that his tummy is reacting faster than he thought so he .... infront of everyone... :-P

He is going to be fucked... :-)
 :: :: 19/03/2009
LOL Marija & phishmanson!! - Great ideas!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 19/03/2009
Piggy, do you have access to the boss's computer? If you do, check out his web surfing history. Maybe there'll be a bunch of
hardcore porn sites, and you can tell all your co-workers what a sick perv he is! ;^)
 :: :: 20/03/2009
About fifteen years ago, we read a story in class in which a man was hanged. The narrator went on and on about how this man deserved his death. After we read the short story, the teacher asked if his murder was justified.

The class agreed that the man deserved to die, but when he asked us what that man had done to deserve death - the class couldn't respond. No details as to what he did to deserve death were mentioned in the story.

Just a thought.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/03/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 20/03/2009
Mrs Piggy -- Find someone to call your boss and said him that he`s gonna "sleep with the fishes because of his sins".The old sicilian message that make him freeze.hehe
Maybe radical but it`s effectively.Nobody loves beeing threated.
But Nuby, our moral vertical also got right,did he deserve the pranks????
Ofhorse he deserve,bosses are scums.
Wanna say welcome to our new mate Phishmanson.
Finnaly am not along among the womens anymore :-)
Bienvenido compadre!
 :: kariola :: 20/03/2009
Trave -- drink more travarica, our finest scotch.
 :: kariola :: 20/03/2009
Hello again my friends.
Thanks for the nice ideas, but I don't want to fuck him in his personal life, only in work.
And yes, he deserves it, because he owes me an answer about financial issues since the end of February, while in the meantime he had the time to close the same issue for himself. He is my supervisor, not the owner of the company, he has one person in his department - me - and this is how he showed me his appreciation for working 10 hours a day for two months to reach HIS deadlines.
 :: piggytat :: 20/03/2009
Yeah Piggy I agree he does deserve it!! 10 hour working days are not nice!! But I think confrontation is the only answer......just demand that he sorts this issue out NOW!! And if he still tries to worm his way out of it, go above him, to his boss.

Karlola - are you male? I didn't realize.....I think cos your name ends with and "a" it automatically makes me think you are female. Maybe it should be Karlolo ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 20/03/2009
Grrrr :-/ yes Teresauk am a male,masculine guy proud and strong :-) father,husband, friend etc. and kariola is croatian word for wheelbarrow.Funny eh? ;-)
Am at work I was bored so I found this.
He is envisaged recession,interesting.
"The owners of capital will encourage workers with the purchase of expensive goods, housing and technology, thereby binding them to expensive loans to the level unbearable. Unpaid debts will cause bankruptcy of banks that will have to nationalize, and the state will then take the road that leads to communism."
Karl Marx, 1867.
 :: kariola :: 20/03/2009
This is not propagandha,am a catholic(bigger than pope) :-) but it makes you think.
 :: kariola :: 20/03/2009
Happy FRIED-day, everyone!!!!!!!!

I like the laxative and pornsite ideas... and if the history comes back clean you could always add a few, right???? I could send some links! LOL

Miss Piggy... if sounds as though you're more interested in a playful tease than an outright, down and dirty fuck. Check out this website (I just tested it out and it could work... pretty funny, too)...

... and nubiasol... such a deep idea... yuck. Someone not responsible for something one has already accused him of? BAH! Never happens!!!! Too much thinking for me there. (besides... I hate to feel guilty!!!) :)

Marx is pretty heavy there for a Friday, kariola. And pleased to make your aquaintance! You and I are in similar shoes, I see. We'll have to back each other up when things get nasty here. Hahahahaaa. (but I must admit, it's pretty cool to be among so many women... :)....)

Cheers, everyone!
 :: :: 20/03/2009
What a brilliant idea Phishmanson, simple but brilliant! I'll keep it as plan B!
Kariola, I totally agree with you and Karl. I think the point is to earn as much as you can from your job, but not to consume that much and not to take huge loans, or maybe no loans at all. You are already half-rich of you don't have debts.
 :: piggytat :: 20/03/2009
Sorry Karl...I will never call you a woman again : /

I love your Marx quote by the way.....something more along the communist route would work a whole lot better in my opinion.
 :: Teresauk :: 20/03/2009
I'm not even going to TOUCH that one!!! :)
 :: :: 20/03/2009
I like that Marx quote by the way. The financial system in the U.S. (with its collapsing banks and high national debt) makes some think the economy may collapse in exactly the way the quote describes.

People were encouraged to borrow more than they could afford. Will it lead to communism? I don't think so - sorry Marx. However, our congress just passed a bill that would tax bonuses at 90%. This from a party that always touts tax cuts.

Interesting times indeed.

Oh and Piggytat. It's good to know you mean your boss no harm in his personal life. That is good to hear. (Or read.) Some of the posters' comments were getting really creative . . . jeez. I better not get you guys angry!

It's all in good humor.
 :: nubiasol :: 20/03/2009
Hi guys!!!

Kariola I'm glad for you... Now you have male friend among us... :-)

Teresa you aren't only one that thougt that he's women...Haha, I thought same becouse of ''a''... Sorry Kariola... :-)

Fish I don't understand...? What to touch...?
What great day is today...!!! La primavera!!! Finnaly...!!!! Oh I've been waiting soooo long... :-))

Yeah it's friday so my eyes can't look anything about work, bosses and thing like that...They'll run away from me...

Piggy what have you chosen for plan A in the end...?


 :: :: 20/03/2009
Marija, I think phishmanson means that he won't touch Karl's words.
Plan A is to be insistant until his nervous system breaks down.
Plan B is Phishmanson's idea.
Plan C - most possible right now - a bomb under his ass.
There is no primavera here by the way, only cold and clowds, and the weekend it's going to be worst.
 :: piggytat :: 20/03/2009
Hugs to U 2 my girls.Am a little bit euforic.It`s weekend howhowhow
Come and visit my country this summer.
Manu, look at this,paradise lost
 :: kariola :: 20/03/2009
Ditto on la primavera!!! I almost forgot about that... it's like 36 degrees F where I am in the states. We should reach the low 50's by Sunday, tho! Can I get an AMEN?!?!?

Thanks for clarifying, piggytat... that's exactly what I meant... not about to start a discussion/debate about the (dare I say it?) benefits of communism. ...

AWESOME footage of Croatia, kariola... and the music? ... what can I say? :)

Ahhhhhh.... WEEKEND! There's a cold beer in my fridge sending soft, telepathic messages to me at this very instant. Patience.... just a little patience....

Have a great weekend, everyone!
 :: :: 20/03/2009
Kariola, are you trying to steal our tourists? xoxoxo Nice video though.
How nice it's weekend! My boss may break a leg - and believe me that's not a wish in Greek - break a leg just means to break a leg.
I don't know phishmanson, maybe some Karl - homoeopathy do some good to you.
Have a look at this song. I like it and I think it has an interesting video.
Nice weekend to everyone!
 :: piggytat :: 20/03/2009
Kariola - Coatia is very beautiful, thank you for that!

Now everyones got me thinking about la primavera tambien! The sun has almost arrived here too...the flowers are coming out and the birds are singing......Oh how I love the sun!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Phish - Enjoy your beer!!

Another good song from Espana
 :: Teresauk :: 20/03/2009
Piggy I like plan C, you should try it. Maybe he break leg that way.
Or his ass will sleep with fishes like kariola sad.

Yeah, my favourite destination for this summer is Croatia. I was in Greece and Montenegro all thise years so, they bored me. Little change would be good...
But Greece have sea for medal...and Croatia... :-) Montenegro is yuck...

We are felicitation this weekend like it's new year...than Happy new weekend guys!!!

Hehe... Fish, be happy that you have beer in fridge...Beer is waiting for me in shop...I need some bomb in my ass to activate me right now to go for it...
 :: :: 20/03/2009
nubiasol-thanks for the link, this one works! I can see you!

Kariola-I'm drinking travarica, don't worry! And I must admit that you have good presentation of our beautiful country and its products!
And I want to see manu in croatia again, and very soon!

Piggy - did you "fuck" your boss?
 :: travarica :: 20/03/2009

Great song!
 :: nubiasol :: 21/03/2009
Nubia - Yeah I like all of Macaco's stuff.

I just wondered if anyone had seen the post called "Ya" The poor girl thinks Manu is going to email her!! I shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself...hee hee!
 :: Teresauk :: 22/03/2009
Oh actually it might not be a girl.....Oh and I noticed another person asking Manu to contact them....what is up with these people!!
 :: Teresauk :: 22/03/2009
Hee hee maybe he email them in near future...
I'm laughing too, but in some way, that is sad...
Maybe we need to say them truth...
My husband don't have time for them... :-)
 :: :: 22/03/2009
lol good one Marija...

maybe the three of us could hang out sometime in the not too distant future ?

; )
 :: :: 22/03/2009
Yes we could, I would love that!

I resist to fight with that asshole in subject - lo cabron y facho que es manu chao, some other day, I'm living for little sunbeam now! On very weird way, infront computer...

Buy for now!
 :: :: 22/03/2009
Bixo - It would be great to hang out together ......... we really have to organize a meet up with all of the gang at a gig somewhere one day!

Marija- - I agree about the "lo cabron" post Why do they bother arguing about it. Its obvious that they only want to provoke everyone and is obviously not true at all!
 :: Teresauk :: 22/03/2009
Yeah, leave shit to stink.
 :: :: 22/03/2009
That thread is just too funny - not the insults to Manu, obviously, but how people respond to tell others not to respond! That was amusing.

Ah, I needed a good chuckle.
 :: nubiasol :: 23/03/2009
Hee hee...

Finnaly no more posts will be there... :-)

I can rest in pease now...
 :: :: 23/03/2009
where are those posts you're talking about? I can't find that anna f that Marija mentioned, and where are those desperate manu mail wanters?
I wanna laugh too!
P.S. Marija if you could tell your husband to send me a mail!
 :: travarica :: 23/03/2009
Trave, ana f. is in subject - para manu chao, like other despert people...
And we are also talking about subject - lo cabron y facho que es manu chao...

You don't need email from him, have you forgot that he is good friend with Tonino, your husband, so we are hanging out very often...
But if you insist, he'll send it to you... :-)
 :: :: 23/03/2009
Lucky Manu :-)
Am going crazy at this job,can`t stand it anymore.
Still trying to heal myself because of tough and rough weekend and now I have to put up this old turtles in my fuckin office.Damn.I had job interview last week(it`s very promissing) so I hope that I count last days here.ufff
And what about that poor girl?She tries to get in touch with our Manu?Poor little thing,too many drugs can be dangerous for brain cells.Uye!
Am just kidding,maybe she`s too young and naive,we should not judge her.
I'm glad that you like Croatia.Seems to me that despite everything, here is cooler and relaxed life so I suggest that you all move on here and that`s the way that you will improve migration policy.Clandestino lol :-)))
 :: kariola :: 23/03/2009
Hm hm I promise to myself new tatoo and decision has been made.The little trible which Manu wears like patch on his cap (little trible which remind me on the little party midget)or verse of me quedo contigo or how This have to do before the summer because of the sunrise.That will be nice memory for this inspirated period of my life even when I`ll be the old fart. :-)
Another hour at work and then going out on the sun.yeeeee
So long my virtual friends
 :: kariola :: 23/03/2009
I'd like to say something about the subject 'lo cabron y facho que es manu chao'
1) The subject was too old, since Dec 2005. Within these years maybe even the writer has changed his mind about manu.
2) I don't care at all if someone talks bad about manu, because simply I don't believe these bad things. I don't believe that manu is perfect, but I think he's quite good.
3) I never said that the subject must be closed, I only wrote there for fun - at least I made Teresa laugh! I don't have an opinion if it should be closed or not, I don't find it important, so closed or not closid, it seems the same to me.
4) I can understand the reason to be closed, because it's not just a disagreement, we don't have a person that disagrees with manu and says his opinion in a polite way, it's the opposite, he insults manu and he is rude. In fact I was surprised that this subject survived for sooooooooo long.
5) I don't like police, but if someone breaks in my house I'll call them, because it's their job to come.
PS: Kariola, will you ever stop stealing our tourists???
 :: piggytat :: 23/03/2009
Kariola - Hey join the club we all hate our jobs here!!! Well except Pap who loves hers cos' she is her own boss : ) And I think a Party Midget tatto is a good idea....but where abouts???

Piggy - I put my response on that "lo cabron" subject with a degree of irony and sarcasum (can't spell) When I read your response I could tell that you were only making a joke a typical Piggytat way. Some other people were just taking it all far too seriously....I mean who the hell cares what other people think about Manu....I am sure Manu himself couldn't care less. I too can't believe that the webmaster didn't delete it long ago....I mean that is his job to police this site. But it did make me giggle ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 23/03/2009
This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :: piggytat :: 23/03/2009
Piggy - Tranquila chica : )
 :: Teresauk :: 23/03/2009
Mmmmmmmm tranquila is the word that gives to my nerves like no other...
It was the message No 300, not that I had any mood for a war.
 :: piggytat :: 23/03/2009
Another chuckle inspired by piggy's comments.

Speaking of Papillo, where is she? I know she likes being her own boss, but that means she has to hustle for work.

Since most of us have a love/hate relationship with our jobs - what type of job would you prefer to do?
 :: nubiasol :: 23/03/2009
By the way, what does facho mean?
 :: nubiasol :: 23/03/2009
I think Pap has given to Pap some days off.
I don't have a problem with my work. The problem is with my salary. With the double money I would love my job! Or it just might be a time problem - the month is too long!
And now seriously, I would like to do one of this two things as a job:
1) Teaching a foreign language
2) Pottery
No connection between them, I know.
PS: Nub! You ask US - us from we, not United States - what facho means?
 :: piggytat :: 23/03/2009
mmm Nubia - I am not sure what facho means either but it is my dictionary as a slang for "fashion". But that doesn't really make sense : /

My perfect job would be to travel the world and buy beautiful things and sell them in my shop. I would buy things from Morrocco, India, Thailand, South America.......the list goes on and on and on and on. And my shop would be very hippy and chilled out. I would play lots of world music and maybe a little cafe out the back where nice people could hang out ..... thats my dream : )
 :: Teresauk :: 23/03/2009
Teresa the question is what type of job would you prefer to do, not what is your dream! Like Pap would say: Chica, come to the real world!
By the way, will you sell my pottery as well?
 :: piggytat :: 24/03/2009
Teresauk, what a nice dream! I would visit your website and look at Piggy's pottery.

I'm in limbo with the career. I thought I wanted to teach until I taught - then I thought: Hmm. Why am I here when students are text messaging, reading the newspaper, turning in plagarized work? It is as if I need to entertain as well as teach and as you can tell from my dry sense of humor - I don't entertain well!

Well I looked into Urban Dictionary and saw that facho means homosexual. I don't know about you, but that no longer seems like an insult.

OK. Back to reality.
 :: nubiasol :: 24/03/2009
Kariola, i like tattoo idea...Canabinola and I were thinking to do tattoo in memory on Manu, some text from despedida, si me das a elegir, alas rotas, kitapena...thise are mine favourites but I can't decide yet wich one...

Yeah, I think I would love to be vet. First of all, becouse I love money and than are animals...

But my dream is similar to Teresas, I would love to travel...Maybe travel guide or something like that...Manu assistant, that wouldn't be so bad... :-)
Also I would love to play guitar...ah...i love it...
Friend of mine told me that if some man can play well guitar, all women will love him...hmm...???

Anyway, good night for now...
 :: :: 24/03/2009
Marija -- Canabinola gives me that idea,when I see girl on the Manu concierto with verses of one of these songs I will know that that is you :-))

Piggy -- I admit that I cross the line,no more stealing.I`ve got proposition for you. You host me and my family in Greece and we will return hospitality to you and yours in
Than I could go in London to Teresauk and then to Canada.Will you take care of us Nubie? ;-)
Around the world.Anyway, my wife always grumbleing that I don`t lead her nowhere except in Croatia.

Teresauk --I saw that party midget on his cap which he was wear on the concert in Pula 2008.I `ve got pictures from these concert and Manus head with that patch on the cap in big plan.

Phishmanson -- where the f**k R U dude?:-))))).Are you alive?
 :: kariola :: 24/03/2009
Kariola same thing for you... :-) But when the heck is he coming here...?!

Hmmm I have deja vu (spelling?) about Fish...
 :: :: 24/03/2009
Marija -- Be patient like I am :-)
 :: kariola :: 24/03/2009
Piggy - I don't really see the difference between a dream job and a prefered job. I think people limit themselves by thinking "Oh that will never happen, I could never do that" If a person thinks like that, then it won't happen. I think anything is possible if you want it enough, and are prepared to work for it. So if you want me to give a different answer I will say I prefer to do my job, but be my own boss....and I am working on that one.....and it will happen (is happening) cos I believe it will : ) Just like you could become famous for your pottery if you worked at it ; )

Nubia - I keep forgetting about Urban Dictionary ..... its really useful sometimes....and funny!

Kariola - I know the Party Midget....I think he wore that hat when he played at Glastonbury last year.
 :: Teresauk :: 24/03/2009
psst.... ... can't talk right now... ... ... they're all around me... closing in... ... shhh!... .... no one else can see them, but I think they're all lying to me....

... pretend you don't know me, if anyone asks...

Burn this after reading. Shit... the tweakers are here again. Here they come... I gotta ge-............
 :: :: 24/03/2009
Fish, too much green could be bad for you, know that...? :-)

Teresa we think same! :-)
I belive in that but it has never worked for me...

Kariola I'll try but every day it's harder and harder... :-(
 :: :: 24/03/2009
Hello dear peeps,

I haven't been on for a while because I think it's better if I don't post when I'm feeling bitchy and self-pitying. How
ironic that you've been talking about work, because:

Last week ended with two bits of bad news: First, we found out we didn't get a lucrative (and much needed)
government contract we'd worked very hard on bidding for. Second -- and talk about adding (fatal) injury to
insult – our main computer died a fast and untimely death.

We're trying to look on the bright side and think of our new computer not as yet another entry on the debt load,
but as a shiny new beginning. ;-)

BTW, my dream job would probably be travel writing.

Nubie -- I SO know where you're coming from about the teaching. Same thing happened to me about 10 years
ago when I taught ESL. Rich teenagers using ESL as an excuse to hang out in Vancouver so mommy and
daddy will continue to finance their snowboarding and beer.

PhishM – Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't all out to get you! ;^)
 :: :: 24/03/2009
Hi Pap,
good to hear your alive...
I suppose becouse you post, that things are little better no...?

I think this is problem, I fall in love with Gerard...........................
I was watching babylonia fever yesterday and that was it.....!
Oh man, what is Manu going to say...
 :: :: 25/03/2009
Hey, gang

I agree with Papilloposa... when I'm in a bad mood, it's better not to share... well... not even a "bad" mood, just kind of "eh", if you know what I mean. The beer and music only help while I'm partaking in those pleasures. ... sigh...

Work sucks, that's my opinion. I've never been able to get wrapped up in the whole "career oriented" way of thinking. To me, a job is a job is a job... is a job. Hopefully, it pays decent and you don't have to hurt anyone while you're doing it. If I had a choice of a profession, I'd been doomed. Do they pay people to go to concerts all the time and dance and drink all night long? If so, that's the job for me!!!!!!!

Anyway, little stressful at work and I don't really log on to the internet on the weekends, hence my little bout of incommunicado. Sorry to all you dear folks who missed me! :)

I still need to find the time to read through this whole forum so I can get to know you all better... maybe this weekend!

Bummer to hear about your work issues, Papi.... but it sounds as though you're managing to turn the bad into good!

And good luck to you with hearing back from that job interview you had, Kariola!
 :: :: 25/03/2009
Hey Phish tanx goodness that you`re ok, I was concerned ;-)
I get the job but I have to do canceling deadline.
Another reason for party this weekend heh!
 :: kariola :: 25/03/2009
Phish - I think you helped me to discover job of my dreams! Going to concerts! And I hope that includes travelling! Going to concerts all around the world, and get many for that!

Why are you all talking about your jobs constantly, when you know that in this world there are sad little creatures like me, which are unemployed, for years..............
But I was also on a job interview, and by the end of this month I will be or not to be employed.........??!!

Pap - wish you luck in your new beginning!
 :: travarica :: 25/03/2009
Trave I'm one of sad creatures too... :-(
 :: :: 25/03/2009
Marija&Travarica -- Don`t be sad , everything gonna be alright.
Manu will bring luck to all of us.He`s our talisman :-)
And enough about job,there are planty of themes to chat.

Pap -- Lift up your head, we are with you :-))

It`s sunny day,wonderful for running in the nature or goofin around , I can hardly wait to get up from this chair.Kawabanga!
 :: kariola :: 25/03/2009
Pap - Sorry to hear about the contract and the computer....things will get bettter soon : )

Phish - If you are planning to read through the forum to get to know us all, it might be a long read as this "English Speaking Fans III" there are another 2 before this one ; ) And yeah its a sad fact of life how alcohol and music can make everything seem just fine, life just couldn't be better.....but the morning after you feel like death : (

Karlola - OK I wanna move to Croatia now.....your life sounds so good.....running and goofin around in nature on a sunny day : )
 :: Teresauk :: 25/03/2009
Cheers on the Bob Marleyism, kariola... "Don't worry... about a thing... every little thing's... gonna be all right... " ... ahhhhh... I feel better already.

And I agree on Manu and the band being able to help pull anyone through a tough time. I'm a music lover by nature (not a connoisseur or educated on the subject, mind you), and I cycle through the different genres depending on what mood I'm in, y'know? (i.e. Metallica/Korn/Sabbath on those days that I'm pissed off... Phish/moe./Grateful Dead on those days when the mere smell of fresh grass lifts me off my feet, etc..).

Anyway... part of the enjoyment aspect of the music appreciation is knowing something about the musician(s)... or at least a perceived knowledge of them. In the case of Manu, the first time I saw him... on television only, unfortunately... was also the first time I ever heard him. The initial impact was the joyousness the music brought to me as it flowed out of the speakers and sparkled through the air. The second and solidifying thing was seeing the personality of Manu and his friends.... particularly Manu. The goodness and purity flowing from the guy is beyond words. It's clear that he enjoys what he's doing, but what's even more impressionable is that he exudes the passion of one who truly loves to share what he has and wants to everyone else to play a part in the carnival. It’s wonderful. What else can I say? I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM LIVE IN CONCERT!!!

Teresauk… I’ll just stick to reading this chat for now. It should be enuf!

And travarica, let’s keep in touch about the new career. We’ll help each other climb the ladder of success! 
 :: :: 25/03/2009
Thanks so much for the good wishes, guys! Oddly enough, I'm really stoked about a project we're working
on for free. It's a 20-page brochure for BC's version of The Burning Man Festival. The theme is "Down the
Rabbit Hole", and Lewis Carroll's* illustrations are now public domain (i.e. free to use) so you can
imagine the fun we'll have!

( * The man who wrote Alice in Wonderland) Here's an e.g. of an illustration:


marija & travarica - Good luck to both of you, and BTW, I can relate. I've had to look for work many times in
my life, and being self-employed is sometimes very much like being unemployed.

phishmanson - I hear you about music and moods. I find that Marley and Manu are great for when I'm
feeling pretty good or ready to feel some comfort. For times when I'm pissed off and determined to stay
that way, there's nothing like Nine Inch Nails! Grrr... ;^)
 :: :: 25/03/2009
Kariola & Papi thanks...I belive that Manu can make blur about that with some concert here or anywhere near...

Trave I'm keeping fingers crossed for you. :)

Marley is my medicine for headache, great medicine...
Fish, I didn't make to his concert here last year and I'm still eating myself becouse of that! I was watching him on tv and crying, and who knows when he's going to come merde...
 :: :: 25/03/2009

I can't get enough of this song!

(Manu on guitar)
 :: nubiasol :: 26/03/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 26/03/2009
Now I’m depressed!! Thanks, Nubiasol!! :P (just kidding... but I am feeling a bit strange, tho)

I love the song and the theme, but that video weirded me out!!! I found myself close to tears a couple of times, wondering if it’s the boy who’s dead and his mind is trying to understand what’s happening and all he can do to comfort himself is by reliving the happy moments he can remember with his mother… or if it was the mother who’s remembering her son, and in that fragile void between sleep and consciousness she can almost reach him, but then she’s blown back again… or maybe it’s the mother that’s gone… I don’t know… only that the image of death was prevalent throughout the whole thing, and the boy is left alone at the end. A boy with the unquestioning love and trust for his mother, separated from her on a beach and not knowing what to do next…

… and then that minor key that kept being strummed on the guitar only further enhanced that feeling of loss… I can still feel it twanging away at the lower left back side of my brain.

… hmmmmm… this should be an interesting day….

Marija... where are you at in the states? I'm in central Massachusetts.

Where's everyone else from? All I'm sure of is wheelbarrow man's from Croatia. :) (... and see? I'm already projecting my laziness by not going back and reading your previous forums! )
 :: :: 26/03/2009
Yeah my internet conection is to slow and I can't see that video...

Fish, you were close, I live in Belgrad,Serbia... :-)
I'm sorry, I said here becouse I thought you read piggys intruduction... :-)
 :: :: 26/03/2009
I live in Athens, Greece.
The song is excellent.
I was more touched though my the video with Che. This man always impresses me. I wish I had just a little thing of him.
Sorry, that I'm talking about my job again, but things seem to go SO bad, that the only thing left to me is to laugh. I can't deal with them anymore, they are so beyond me, so I'm just laughing...
 :: piggytat :: 26/03/2009
Correction: I was more touched though BY the video with Che.
Oooops! I also forgot to laugh! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 26/03/2009
Nubiasol - i love this song, but I didn't watch video before! Now I understand lyrics better with english subtitles, but video is really great! le vent nous portera..............

Marija - I suppose phish didn't read piggy's introduction 'cause she already scared some people! Le vent les portera!
Phish - Kariola is not the only one from Croatia here! I'm from Croatia! Canabinola is from Croatia, but she wasn't here for some time.....
Manu was in croatia 2 times! And we want him to come again as soon as possible!
 :: travarica :: 26/03/2009
Wow. So we're all over the place, huh? Very cool.

And keep laughing, miss piggy... it IS the best medicine! :D

Here's a pic of me and my family from last summer. We had climbed a mountain nearby (Mt. Monadnock). I was amazed that our 5-year-old made it to the top without any help!!

This is my first time using photobucket, so hopefully it worked.
 :: :: 26/03/2009
p.s. ~ I just learned that you can click on the name of the user who made the last posting and be brought straight to it!!! Nice... I've been clicking on the chat's title and then scrolling ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the way down each time.

That's me... chat room extraordinaire. :) Haha, hoho, heehee
 :: :: 26/03/2009
Thanks for the video Nubie I love "Le vent nous portera" but have never seen the video before.

Phish - I love what you wrote about how you felt about the images in the video. I don't quite understand the storyline myself either but they do provoke quite powerful emotions. Thanks for sharing your pic look like you were having a good time : )

By the way what ever happened to DavidUK??? Maybe Piggy scared him too ; )

Piggy I hope you manage to sort out your probs at work soon : )
 :: Teresauk :: 26/03/2009
 :: :: 26/03/2009
how bizarre, i log on here for the first time in ages and see Teresa asking after me- what timing lol

sorry haven't been around for a while, I'll be here more often now :-)
 :: david uk :: 26/03/2009
Hey, David! That is a funny coincidence!

I just joined in a week or so ago and everyone started making comments about piggytat's inate ability to drive people away (now that I know she's in Greece, tho, I'm not afraid! LOL). I think they had chalked you up as one of the dead. ;)

... thanks for joining back in, and pleased to meet you! The testosterone level has risen again!!! MUAHhahahhahaaaaaa...
 :: :: 26/03/2009
Oh yeah I never mentioned that I am psychic ; )

Hi David welcome back!!!

fafa42 - Merci!!! Thank you that is a very nice clip!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 26/03/2009
Yeah... thanks, fafa!

Hey, everyone... you smell that? ... FRIDAY's coming!!! WaaaHoooooooooooooooo!
 :: :: 26/03/2009
Yeah gang is back again!!! I'll call canabinola and we'll be one hell gang!!!
And than, only who miss is Bixo,
Bixo where you disappeard now...???

David welcome back!!! Where have you been...!?! :-)
Kariola god heard your pray! Now you have Fish and David! :-))

Piggy things will get better soon... Enjoy yourself... :-)

Fish we too have had some problems with that photobucket, and very nice pic, I would love to visit that place one nice day...

Merci fafa, but I can't watch it... grrr...

Virtual hugs for everyone!!! Bring on that friday!
 :: :: 26/03/2009
I have to clarify that I MIGHT have scared Mike, but not David!
 :: piggytat :: 26/03/2009
Might... ;-)
I'm listening thise days Toninoa and I've changed my minde, he's good in the end... :)
 :: :: 26/03/2009
hi folks, thanks for the welcome back :-)

I suffer from an anxiety disorder which has played up quite a lot in the past few months, but am doing ok now.

I was not scared by piggytat lol
 :: david uk :: 27/03/2009
Nice to see you back, David! BTW, I can relate. I have an anxiety / depression thing myself, but
I manage it quite well. I can even do public speaking now!

¡Abrazos para todos!
 :: :: 27/03/2009
Great interpretation, phishmanson and thanks for the head's up on how to reach the bottom of this page. (Thanks fafa42.)

Piggy, I hear you. Sometimes situations get so out of hand and so ridiculously bad that they become comedies.

Oh, better for you, Papill. I LOATHE public speaking.
 :: nubiasol :: 27/03/2009
Ahhhhh... anxiety and depression... two of my closest friends... it's a love/hate relationship, no? ... although I am one of the undiagnosed. The only good thing about it is that when you're up, you're REALLY UP!!! You know what I'm saying?? But the downs? ... sheesh... pretty rocky... not sure if I'm borderline depression or bipolar... I should get that checked out someday... but nah... :)

I still have a difficult time simply going to lunch with coworkers. I always find an excuse to go my own way and usually find myself in my car with a book and a nap. Glad to hear you've recovered, Dave. If you have any extra meds, let me know!!! :)

Ditto on the public speaking. YUCK. Can't do it...won't do it... unless I'm properly prepared, highly motivated, and sufficiently inebriated. It's rare that those three stars would align, and if they ever did, steps one and two would pretty much have been thrown out the window by the time the inebriation kicked in... so it's safe to say I avoid it at all costs...

Regarding Miss Piggy's laughter at the bad situations... remember... there's a fine line between humor and hysterics. :P

Glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't know about the shortcut. Thanks, Nubi!

p.s. ~ ¡el fin de semana comienza hoy!
p.p.s. ~ I can't write short posts...
p.p.p.s. ~ Still nada on a US tour. Who best to bug about that? That manviv person? He seems to be everywhere... "bye bye BOOM!"
 :: :: 27/03/2009
She is a ghost, that's why.
 :: piggytat :: 27/03/2009
Ghost ??
 :: Teresauk :: 27/03/2009
I think Piggytat has looped back around to that video again...

I got that impression, too... when she was walking away from the boy when he was in that huge hole... but then I wasn't sure because the video's focus kept switching between the boy and the mother... I still don't know which one was the memory...
 :: :: 27/03/2009
IN my mind phishmanson!!!
I'm talking about manviv - she is a ghost, so she is everywhere - not the woman in the video.
 :: piggytat :: 27/03/2009
Ah, so... thankee sai.
 :: :: 27/03/2009
Re: public speaking - Hey, I never said I LIKED it, only that I could do it. And even that would be 10 minutes max, under
duress. There's a woman in my business networking group; she's a psychologist / hypnotherapist who's become sort of
like my guardian angel. Whenever I get nervous when I'm speaking (i.e. every time), I look at her and she's gives me
this encouraging smile and usually I manage not to send my glass of water tumbling across the table or have a heart
attack. So, I guess my unsolicited advice today would be this: find your guardian angel. :-)
 :: :: 27/03/2009
Re: the "Le vent nous portera" video -- and here's me regressing to my English major days -- one could also
interpret it metaphorically. E.g. kids get older and lose their way, get f***ed up with dangerous drugs or
whatnot, and so get to a place where a mother's love can't reach or help them anymore. Ugh. It's just as
depressing interpreted that way, isn't it?

Okay then, as an antidote to haunting, lump-in-throat-causing videos, here's an extraordinarily silly clip frommy
favourite cartoon, Family Guy. Enjoy!
 :: :: 27/03/2009
 :: kariola :: 27/03/2009
FROMMY?? WTF is "frommy"? What I meant was "from my". Have another vat of coffee, Pap!
 :: :: 27/03/2009
It acctually work :- )I am also moron for such things but it managed to me.
PhisM. -- When I see you writing these essays you made me a complex because my english does not allow me to express myself in the way I wanted, and the phrases also set me headaches when I try to translate,grammar is a catastrophy,but I am postive person so I hope that I will learn one day completely talk like my language.

Also wlcme 2 Davey

I don`t know how much it is wise to what we have published our pics here cause somethimes we talk about senstive things but whatever...who gives a f**k!
Don`t bear a grudge but I love to abuse on english ;-)) hehehehe
 :: kariola :: 27/03/2009
Teresauk and David uk -- I have to admit that cockney make me horny LOL
Teresauk -- You wanna move to warmer regions?:-)) Life is always nice if you do so and believe me I shed blood sweat and tears to make my kidz decent life(also second job in weekend) but it worth it,except that I had very little sleep but you get used to it. :-) I still got enough time for partying,training but not fot studing :-(
Uff I began to write long posts.That`s good sign
 :: kariola :: 27/03/2009
Kariola - LOL cockney makes you horny!!!!! Thats funny....well I am a true cockney girl......funny thing is now that I am studying Spanish I am really aware of how bad my own English accent is : ( And I know from my Spanish studies that the best way to improve is to just keep trying....and don't be worried about making mistakes because even native speakers don't use their own grammar correctly. Thanks for sharing your pic too!!

Pap - I thought that you would like to know that I have got myself a couple of freelance jobs (as well as day time job) And am hoping that it builds up into something that I can live on...wish me luck : )
 :: Teresauk :: 27/03/2009
That's AWESOME, Teresa!! Best of luck to you!

 :: :: 27/03/2009
BTW, good peeps,

I've been meaning to tell you about a very cool website,

It's free, and how it works is you register as a "DJ" and type in songs or artists you'd like to hear, plus you
can click on other people's stuff and listen to it.

I am (of course) PapillonLexi, and yeah, that's my little dawg in the avatar. :-)
 :: :: 27/03/2009
Aw crap, the link doesn't work. I'll try again:

If that doesn't work, just google or type it into your browser.
 :: :: 27/03/2009

 :: :: 27/03/2009
Kariola, Travarice & Marija - Can you record the concert for us???

Pap - Thanks for the link.....I have been listening to lots of random music on blip tonight!

Phish -I have been watching the video clip again and have decided that it is indeed the ghost of the mother....or in other words the memories/thoughts of the young sad : (
 :: Teresauk :: 28/03/2009
Marija -- yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tanx!
I cant record,can someone?
 :: kariola :: 28/03/2009
Shiny,happy peple :-) another Croatia crew member is back..I will try to
record that concert,but I can`t promise
 :: canabinola :: 28/03/2009
peple..uh...I mean people.It is too early,I can`t see very well yet
 :: canabinola :: 28/03/2009
Welcomback canabinola!

I think I can record it on my computer but pic will be bad, so maybe some of my friends have dvd recorder but i cant promis too...esperanza!
 :: :: 28/03/2009
Here`s the thing:I don`t have dvd recorder too,but I have my sattelite
reciver connected to laptop so I can record only sound..better this than
nothing.Marija,you try to record it like dvd, didn`t tell us which
concert they will show? Exit?
 :: canabinola :: 28/03/2009
Yes, exit second part... Trave you might see yourself... :-)
I asked everyone from my contact list, and we have luck!
My cousin have it, and he'll record it...
This is first time that I cant wait end of week!
 :: :: 28/03/2009
Uye,Marija! That`s really good news,your cousin will record it and we will
get it!
 :: canabinola :: 28/03/2009
Great news Marija!! I look forward to watching it too!!!

I just wondered if anybody else out there in the world is participating in the "Earth Hour". People in every country are being asked to turn all of their lights off tonight for one hour to raise awareness for global climate change. Lots of major cities are joining in.....I am waiting to see what happens here in UK. I think its a great idea and will send a massive message to the governments if everyone does it.
 :: Teresauk :: 28/03/2009
Hi Teresa!

We participated in Earth Hour last year at a friend's hi-rise apartment. Had wine and cheese
by candlelight, used the laptop (battery power) to listen to music, and looked out the balcony
doors to see what the rest of the neighborhood was doing. Some lights did go off, but it
wasn't as spectacular as we'd hoped. This year it seems to have been better publicized, so
maybe more people will know about it

BTW, I'm glad you're enjoying! Have you registered? If so, what's your DJ name?
 :: :: 28/03/2009
Hi Pap - Its the first time I have heard about Earth Hour and that was only because a lucky friend of mine who lives in Malaga was panicing about buying a lighter so she could light her candles tonight. But I checked the website and lots of people seem to have pledged to participate.....but like you said about last get all fired up and excited and then you only see 2 lights go off : (

No I haven't registered on blip yet I was just listening to peoples posts. I guess I have to register to be able to search for your DJ name? I'll take another look at it later.
 :: Teresauk :: 28/03/2009
Here in Croatia only capitol city Zagreb will turn off the city
lights,officially,it is really great idea,whole country should do the
same,not only one town. Save the Earth!
 :: canabinola :: 28/03/2009
Teresa - Yay! It's the Teresa & Papillon DJ Weekend! BTW, cute kitty. :-)

Canabinola - Right on, Zagreb! And I was born there. :-)
 :: :: 28/03/2009
Ohh...I turned off lights, but I don't think others have done same, few lights were off, but I doubt that they were home...
Have I missed date...?
 :: :: 28/03/2009
LOL Pap you found me!!! Thats my kitty cat Libby....she's a naughtly little thing but I love her!! It doesn't seem to have a lot of the stuff I search for.....and if it does there are samples and not full versions. But I am enjoying it here in the dark with the candles out.....oh and apparently my friend is the only person in Malaga that is taking part in Earth Hour as the lights are on everywhere else : /
 :: Teresauk :: 28/03/2009
Hey DJ Teresa here an I got music in my soul ...... LOL!!!

No Marija its the correct date.....just nobody else took part....same here where I live.
 :: Teresauk :: 28/03/2009
I don't know if they said it today on news, but I heard about this idea long time ago...I think that lot of people don't even know abot it...
It's sad world in what we live... :-(
 :: :: 28/03/2009
when youre going to puerto rico????
 :: :: 28/03/2009
Who is going to puerto rico?
 :: :: 28/03/2009

Ah, another paranoid soul - do what I did. Allow enough time for the regulars to view it and then delete the picture. That way, anyone who wants to use your statements against you will have to work for it.

The good news for me is that Manu Chao isn't on our national radar (U.S.), so I doubt if bosses/employers, etc. would even THINK about looking here.

Lights out? One good outcome of an entire city shutting off its lights is that you get a true sense of how tiny we are because there are so many stars. The last time I saw the Milky Way (what we call our solar system) was about 15/20 years ago. Now all I see is a few constellations here and there.
 :: nubiasol :: 28/03/2009
 :: nubiasol :: 28/03/2009
No plans for Puerto Rico for the moment. I'll let you know if something changes.
I think that many people here took part in the Earth Hour. I was out at that time enjoying my coffee, the lights were off, but the tv was on, because the national football team was playing. Let's not forget though that it's a symbolic action. What we do everyday is much more important than a symbolic action for one hour in a whole year. Many official authorities announced that they would take part in this action. I'd prefer if the next one happened at some working hour just to check the sensitivity of the companies as well.
 :: piggytat :: 29/03/2009
Well said.
 :: nubiasol :: 29/03/2009
Tanx Nubie!
3.55 a.m. I became addicted about this forum.I have just deleted a picture so I can honestly say that I am very very high at this moment :-)))
SaveOurSphere and GodsavetheQueen
 :: kariola :: 29/03/2009
Hey Pap,half Croatian girl :-)..I just regisrated on blip fm. it`s really cool!!
But I don`t know how to manage my playlist..I hope i will figure it out
during the day.I am workin on it :-)
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
Ok,playlist is here,DJ annapurna is on the air :-) but...what it means "you
have 18 props to give out" ? what now? I should send it to some other
Pap heeelp!!!
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
I agree Piggy!

I have just deleted my pic as well.....the paranoia is spreading!!

Canabinola - DJ Teresita here......I got confused by the props but you give them to other DJ's if you like their song choice, by clicking on the thumbs up icon : )
 :: Teresauk :: 29/03/2009
Hi Guys

I am Anita from Hungary.
We supported Earth Hour, so as I did.
I love this site, especielly now, since Google Translate makes possible to understand the spanish stuffs too.
 :: AnitaHu :: 29/03/2009
Haha,you are so funny paranoid people,I was just preparing to put my
pic here,but paranoia gets me too :-)

DJ Teresita,thanks for support,I am just starting with my DJ job,soon I
will get it. I found out what the props are,as soon as I registrated there I
got 5 mails from people that gave me their props,now I have to send
them some of mine...let our music rule! I am going back to my DJ work
now :-) hear ya!

 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
Yeah,I have one listener!! Teresita,is that you? :-) Btw,I like your playlist.
Ska Cubano?! I just love them!
Now I am gonna see Pap`s playlist...changoooo...
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
Welcome neighbor!

Piggy same situation was here, everyone were watching football...I would like to see their faces if they turned off tv match...
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Hello Anita! Welcome! You have to tell us some things about yourself so as to know that you are not paranoid. Or that you are. Just kidding! Don't go away! ... To find Mike maybe! xoxoxo
PS: God I'm so good at welcoming people!
 :: piggytat :: 29/03/2009
Why I have pice of shit conection and I can't do anything with it!!!
AAA! I'm going to kill those guys from network! They've sad three month ago that I'll SOON get it!
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Piggyly we have found your hidden talent!!!
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Canabinola - Ska Cubano are great....I'll play some more of them for you!! ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 29/03/2009
Haha,Piggy,you`re great! I hope Anita will come back...really,where`s that
guy Mike,hehe..

Marija,your attempt to get adsl is starting to drive me crazy
should invade in your post office and make them real mess
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
Teresita,they are really great,I have one their album,and I wasn`t listen to
them for a while...untill you remind me :-) my playlist is spreading,I have
2 listeners now!

I send you some of my props
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
Hmmm...canabinola that way I'll never get it...neither this way, doing nothing...
They are killing my nerves!!!
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Marija I really hope you get it soon, otherwise in a while you'll start complaining about how slowly you open this subject and asking for #4. xoxoxo
 :: piggytat :: 29/03/2009
But next will be #5 right...? :-)
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Of course! Let's just confuse everyone!
 :: piggytat :: 29/03/2009
I think its 4
 :: Teresauk :: 29/03/2009
Hi guys :)

Tnx for the welcome.

No, I am not paranoid at all (yet... lol), so if u have Myspace sites, u can check me out.
 :: AnitaHu :: 29/03/2009
Mare,trust me,sometimes there`s no other way to get something,I just
can not belive that,you will pay them for f****** adsl,you are not asking it
for free..

Haha,Anita,here you can be what ever you
want,paranoic,depressive,manic,opssesiv-compulsive or anxious :-)

Hey,where are the guys? Testosteron level is falling....
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
That's good to know neurotic ppl are welcome here. :) So I can relax.
 :: AnitaHu :: 29/03/2009
Here is the best crew you can find on net :-)
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
Canabinola they will regret... :-)
Ahora, ya estoy en paz ...But for a week I don't think so...

Anita, I'm not paranoid, why would I be...? :-) I love this crew...!
If you want to know us better, look piggys introducion...BUT I must warn you befor you read it...You are watching it on your own safety... Your choise... :-)

Canabinola, guys will be back...or not...
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Hmmm,I am not sure they will regret. But one day when you get your
adsl you`ll say "how could I live without that !!" Don`t give up :-)
 :: canabinola :: 29/03/2009
I don't know how am I liveing without him.
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Welcome Anita......its a pity DavidUK isn't on the forum as I think he speaks Hungarian and spends a lot of time there.....if I remember rightly.
 :: Teresauk :: 29/03/2009
Marija, is it NOW? I mean the concert! Have you taken care that it's being recorded??? You know that's a manager's work. You do nothing, just telling other people what to do. Very easy!
Anita I checked yourspace. I'm not convinced yet. Maybe some paper from a doctor? Just kidding again... But you have strict rules: talk to me or I delete you!
 :: piggytat :: 29/03/2009
hi yewwwwwwww
sorry wasn't on the forums for a while, in Dublin no big need of the Internet!

I read Manu's having troubles in mexico, regarding things he has said about the governement
and the way they act against people in 2006 for Atenco, may 2006

do you hear sthg in the States? I need a translation I suppose.
 :: madcow :: 29/03/2009
Piggy it's for an hour...And I just phoned them to see how are thing going, and can you imagin, they forgot for that! Thank you piggy that you reminde me to reminde them! Otherwise If they fall a sleep grrr...! ok I'll call them minutes from begining just in case if they forgot...
I can't wait! But it will last only an hour :-( becouse it's second part, first one I forgot to watch!
 :: :: 29/03/2009
Madcow welcom back!!!

This week everyone are coming back! :-)
 :: :: 29/03/2009
I can't understand spanish very well...Madcow what happend...????
Is that Manus spech...?
 :: :: 29/03/2009
well I try to give a good translation of what I've read in french elsewhere

Official statement of Manu Chao, Guadalajara, March 27

Yesterday, just awake, I was informed that the Mexican government inquired about my declarations in a press conference during the International festival of Cinema of Guadalajara. Declarations referring to a police operation ran in May 2006 in the locality of San Salvador Atenco, operation which involved two died, more than 200 detentions and of many complaints about sexual assaults on women, made by police officers. Still today, 12 people are jailed, and condemned from absurd judgments from 31 to 112 years. Without any doubt, I assert myself like one of all these people who fight for their release, wanting to end with those moments of huge injustice. During the day, we learned a procedure of " immigration checking " could be launched concerning myself, and could lead at any moment to my immediate expulsion from Mexico without preliminary judgement.
Yesterday evening, on the rambla of Catalunya de Guadalajara, was projected in the open air and in free entry; the film " Radio LT22 Colifata" from Charles Larrondo, in the Cinelandia section, of which I should have been the president. As usual, it was probable that I will sing some tunes after the projection, as it still arrived during the festival at Cabañas institute, off the Cinelandia cycle. It seems important to me to specify that it’s only time for relaxing and singing … moments which didn’t belong in any maneer to the official schedule of this event and moments offered without any lucrative spirit to cinema amateurs who come here to benefit from selected films.
The decision not to sing on the rambla Catalunya this Thursday was expressly mine. I took it to avoid any possibility of violent overflow, if the authorities would have had the intention to come and to arrest me to stop at this time. What could create a confrontation between police and people. I know that children and thousands of people could assist, I didn’t want to take the risk. The essential reason of my decision was that one. And no other. Here even, I want to apologize to all the people who came and couldn’t hear any " temitas rumberos" after film. I hope they understand my decision, dictated by the context. Siempre Atenco Manu Chao
 :: madcow :: 30/03/2009
This is why I think Manu is a great man. Unlike many others, he really stands for his beliefs. Thank you madcow for this translation.
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Yeah, that pretty sums it up. I used the google translate service on that posting, too. Some of the words came back gibberish, but it sounds as though Manu's being considered "hostile" and "dangerous" by the government down there.. simply for speaking the truth and daring to have an opinion (God forbid!). To avoid a potential riot at a peaceful show, he opted to cancel out. I don't know exactly how tense things got, but for the man to make that kind of move, it must have been pretty heated.

Scary that this sort of thing still goes on around us.

It's been a pretty busy weekend here, I see... a few new names have popped up (welcome savannahsong, madcow, AnitaHu, and canabinola!!!).

Thanx, Teresa, for tilting me towards one translation of that video. I've been reluctant to watch it again!!

Someone brought up music stations... here's another one that's pretty cool. You can select from a wide array of music genres or type in a band's name... the site will then play similar music as the one you selected. Pretty cool. I just choose either Manu Chao, jam bands, or heavy metal and let it rip away all day. Once in a while, they play the same tunes over again, but hey... it's free! :)

... and PHUCK... it's Monday again. What the hell's up with that. Can't we have a weekend that never ends??? Just ONCE?!?!? I mean, come on!!!

I'm exhausted, too, so I'm in no mood to go to work tomorrow... my kids woke up around 2:30am Sunday morning puking their guts out and continued to do so for the remainder of the night... ugh... and get this... one of them was on the top bunk when the overwhelming urge to empty his stomach came upon him... Yeah.... .... get your imagination going... ... and let me help you with the mental imagery... .... .... did he simply roll over a bit and vomit on his pillow or just next to it??? .. Oh, no.... .... he leaned up and shot it out OVER the railing of the top bunk... .... ... talk about splatter. And we have wall to wall carpeting.... ... AND we ate pizza for dinner....... and I had just finished my 7th beer around 1am and lied down to bed an hour before the incident. I swear I was in HELL!!! LOL

p.s. ~ they're getting better now...
p.p.s. ~ C'mon FRIDAY!!!!
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Thank you, Madcow. I was seriously confused given that the police riot in Atenco happened several years ago - 2006. In any case, here is a link of Mexico's response to the Manu investigation:

You learn something new everyday: Apparently foreigners cannot speak for or against Mexico's politics. I find that very interesting.

And not to brag phishmanson, but it's still Sunday over here.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/03/2009
I have read all the texts about this stuff I found here and at other sites. Just copy the spanish text to Google Translate and it translates that.

It's very sad. :( Actually I am even worried for him...
 :: AnitaHu :: 30/03/2009
I tried to read the whole forum, but it's too long. So I cannot find Piggy's introduction. Where is it? I saw some pix of u guys, and of dogs.

About Myspace: yeah, there is a lot of ppl there who keep sending friend requests, and never talk to each other. It makes no sense for me. So yep, I made my rules! :) Not that anyone would get them... :( LOL
 :: AnitaHu :: 30/03/2009
Is Manu still in Mexico? Does anyone know?
Anita, my introduction is in this subject on 28/2/09.
You have to go a little up!
 :: piggytat :: 30/03/2009
As far as I know, he is not there anymore. (Sorry but I can't remember where I found this info, I have read so many articles about this issue).

Oh ok, thank u, I found the introductions! :) They r very informative and useful. :)
 :: AnitaHu :: 30/03/2009
Thanx, Nubiasol. :P
 :: :: 30/03/2009
They accusing our Manu eh?
Bastardz! Someone gotta whack them all.Look like that`s police state.Here I omitted honest Mexican people and inviting them to raise voice in defense of truth and against tyranny.
Viva la revolution!
 :: kariola :: 30/03/2009
I go away for 5 minutes and all hell brakes loose on this forum!!

Surely freedom of speech is a basic human right.....I am in despair about the state of the world : (
 :: Teresauk :: 30/03/2009
Why are you saying that Teresa? What happened within these 5 minutes???
 :: piggytat :: 30/03/2009
Its just an expression Piggy - I meant last time I looked at the forum it was dead....there was nobody around.........and the next time I checked there were loads of messages.....I obviously have bad timeing ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 30/03/2009
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa got it! we say that too, but for some reason i thought you meant 5 minutes literally. coffee for me maybe?
 :: piggytat :: 30/03/2009
Piggy I thought same, we really need coffee...
Kariola have you watched it...??? :-)
I don't understand, they played again first part..
Madcow thank you... Yeah, that's why we love our Manu...
 :: :: 30/03/2009
I hope everything is ok with Manu,Great Man,we all know that,because
he`s telling the truth they want to arrest
him...mamuimjebempandursku...sorry guys,I don`t know how to tell this
in english

Kariola,my man,viva la revolution :-)

Savannah,nice to see you here .-)

Marija,have you recorded it?
 :: canabinola :: 30/03/2009
Oh dear, I hope Manu's okay too.

I haven't been on the forum since Saturday -- this is troubling news. It's almost like Mexico is the new Colombia these
days, with the constant violence between drug cartels and police. Yikes.
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Hola people of the world!!

For those of you who want to know more about Atenco political prisonners, you can check this site:

Also you can show support by sending your signature at this address:
It might not seem a lot to you, but it's important to do it!

Thank you guys and happy evening everyone!!
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Just the other night I sow some disturbing scenes from Mexico on TV. In my heart I pray for peace for all normal people.
 :: :: 30/03/2009
I forgot to say: thank you all for warm welcome :)
 :: :: 30/03/2009
lolalola - Let's hope that the publicity that Manu gets over the problems in Mexico will help to make more people aware of the issues! Go Manu!!!

Hi Savannahsong - You are very welcome and I will join you in that prayer : )
 :: Teresauk :: 30/03/2009
Hi all,

I would like also to say something about Mexicos police: nositeseupickumaterinu! Naseg manua ste nasli da dirate...!
That is our lovely language.

I hope that webmaster don't translate this.

Savannahsong welcome :-)
I've send it, poor people...I feel sorry for them, this is just little how we can help...
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Jejeje praying doesn't help. Maybe it helps the one that prays to feel better, but it can't change a situation. You have to think of something else.
Hello Savannahsong! And welcome! May I ask where are you from? Of course I may!
 :: piggytat :: 30/03/2009
Piggy you just can't resist... :-)
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Piggy - Do you know that there isn't a god? If you do you have very privileged information!!

As I write there is pictures of the drug problems in Mexico on the BBC news......its a very sad situation.
 :: Teresauk :: 30/03/2009
Croatia. I've been here before, sometime around the concert in Pula :). But that seems such a long time ago...
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Jajaja again. No, I don't know for sure, but I certainly hope that there isn't, because if there is, he doesn't seem like a good guy!
Marija, I really can't!
 :: piggytat :: 30/03/2009
Maybe there is a bigger picture.....piggy...I am not saying that I believe it but many people do.
 :: Teresauk :: 30/03/2009
In the end the only thing that matters is what is in your heart :)
You can call it what ever name you can think of: god, love, karma... It doesn't matter :)
That is why I'll keep praying in my heart, because that is the best I can do in this moment.
 :: :: 30/03/2009
Maybe! I'll sleep on it right now and let you know tomorrow!
Buenas noches!!!
 :: piggytat :: 30/03/2009
Buenos! : )
 :: Teresauk :: 30/03/2009
 :: :: 31/03/2009
No! Nothing about god!
BUT here is a really beautiful song that i'd like to share with you:
Tell me if you like it.
 :: piggytat :: 31/03/2009
Hey, gang! Tuesday now… one day closer!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO!

Nice song and nice message, piggytat…. Thanx for sharing.

I’ve always believed in a force of GOODNESS. I agree with savannahsong… there’s no need to put a face on it. I’ve grown up a catholic/Christian (?... I still don’t know the difference!! LOL) all my life, and my wife insists I go to church every Sunday, but events in my past caused me to distance far from those things my parents wanted me to believe. In the end, though… the intent is still there. That need for protection and a name to whom we can call on when things are looking so bleak there is no hope of salvation…. And then you dig deep in yourself again and find that there’s still a small kernel left of that goodness, and it’s just waiting for a drop of rain or a tear drop… and then it starts to grow again. Sigh… a long, vicious cycle, actually… :P

We all have something inside of us that is inherently good… and that is what I believe in. (see, piggy? I didn’t say the “G” word!!! Not even once! )

Thanks for the email address, lolalola. They have my support! It’s truly disgusting to read about this obscene behavior and disregard for human rights displayed by ANYONE… nevermind when it’s committed by police and government officials. It’s sad to know that there are countless masses of other people throughout the whole world who are still forced to suffer under the whims of the deranged and twisted minds of a few who think they have “power”.

Kariola… whassup, dude??? I never thanked you for calling my ramblings “essays”. So, thanks!!! And I think you write just fine. I can only imagine what I would sound like if I tried to post a message on one of those other forums (French, Spanish, etc.). Ay, yi, yi!!!! And thanks for sharing that pic! You have cute kids!

Viva, MANU!!!
 :: :: 31/03/2009
Whoops! Sorry for that little "" thingee... I wrote that last posting in Word and then copied/pasted over to this tiny little writing box that we're forced to use! The smiley face got lost in translation! :)
 :: :: 31/03/2009
PhishM -- My opinion is that no religion teaches not to do evil things(except the wrong interpretation of the faith,everywhere we had fanatics-loonatics)so it`s good to have something to belive in (like offspring sing :-))
I am raised in the Catholic spirit (my tattoos say enough :-)) and going to church on Sunday but I can say about myself that I am hypocrite because I don`t live like true believers(at least I am aware about that),but like you said it`s important to try to be a good person.
...and thanx in the name of my kids, you also got good lookin family and all of you seems happy.

Piggytat -- the deeply touched.Really.

Marija -- did you record Exit? :-P

Canabinola -- My old friend.Finally! We need comrad like you are.Tough girl.

Savannah -- where have you been all the time?We are bleeding here and there`s no sign of you. LOL

Teresauk -- this one occasional song for these last events in Mexico
 :: kariola :: 31/03/2009
Thanks for the kind words, Kariola. I am the king of hypocrites... beLIEVE me!!! hahahahaaa It's hard to live the good life when there are so many bad things out there that make you feel sooooo good, y'know??? LOL

... and NICE song!! Now you've got me smiling for the rest of the day! I'm glad I listened to that before returning to work!

... oh, yeah... was that you crowd surfing???
 :: :: 31/03/2009
Kariola, my friends record it, tomorow i'm going to give them cd to move concert on it becouse they don't :-P Have you watched it...? :-)

Fish - Frome where is coming all that...??? I mean, man, you could writte little longer...I needed time to read that... :-)Anyway, I don't belive in god or something simillar, to me that are nonsens. But we shouldn't argue about religions, one belive in one thing, others in somehing else, that is what they chose to belive in.

Piggy, yeah, we get used to your welcomes... :-)

Savo - I agree with you, that is really well said.

Where is nuby disappeard...?
 :: :: 31/03/2009
That`s right Marija,you and I talked about religion before,I know what you
mean...Kariola said well,it is most important to be a good person,and
that`s is something that comes from our harts

Manu Chao is the best example how person should be and live
 :: canabinola :: 31/03/2009
Canabinola your right...we should take example from him...

ps: Guys...are there any news on his next destination...???
 :: :: 31/03/2009
Stupid question from very stupid person (me): Serbian and Croatian language is the same or similar?
 :: piggytat :: 31/03/2009 Phish that`s not my style, I rather play pogo dance LOL

Marija -- I hope that he`s gonna leave Mexico soon as possible.

Canabinola -- Good philosophy , it makes sence.Respect to all people with good will.
 :: kariola :: 31/03/2009
What the fuck? Am I invisible??? The question is stupid, but real.
 :: piggytat :: 31/03/2009
Can anybody send Babilonia guagua to Phishmanson I want him to watch it?
 :: kariola :: 31/03/2009
Piggytat -- it`s similiar language.There are some diffrenties but we understand each other.
 :: kariola :: 31/03/2009
 :: piggytat :: 31/03/2009
Piggy you are not stupid, many people ask that... :-)

Kariola I have it, thanks to Canabinola, but I can't send it becouse my internet is too slow for that. Just wait till she comes back, she loves to share her stuff with others, so she is best person that you can finde for that.
 :: :: 31/03/2009
No Marija, I am stupid, trust me!
Be patient, fast internet is coming!
 :: piggytat :: 31/03/2009
That is true, what you said about Canabinola, I have seen it my self :)))
Ones, she sent me great "Manu live on RTL studio", and I'm still hooked on it :).
Especially tracks 5 and 7. Thanks again, Canabinola :)
 :: :: 31/03/2009
Piggytat you're too funny!
 :: manuchista :: 01/04/2009
Piggy if you say soo... :-) Yeah, faster internet is coming to slow thise day...

Savo I love tracks 1 and 3...! :-) Before she sended to me albums and concerts I had three or four albums, and now I have all that she coleted all this years! And belive me, her list of manu folders is huge! I'm going to keep thanking to her all my life! She said to me while she was planing to send me all that, Manus coulture must keep on going... :-) Una chacha muy loca that I love! :-)

Good night guys!
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Before she SENT to me...
 :: :: 01/04/2009
What the heck is Babilonia guagua???

Yeah, Kariola... I'm not much of a crowd surfer either. I usually like to jig alone by myself in and around people in the aisles and the grass... or hang out on the fringe of a mosh pit and push people back in. :)

Miss Piggy... you've won the highly cherished "first laugh" award!!! That little cry for attention cracked me up!!!

Yawn.... off to bed, friendly ones. See you on Wednesday.
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Manu Chao: Babylonia en Guagua (2002)

Internationally renowned singer Manu Chao follows up his best-selling live album Radio Bemba Soundsystem with this release of a live 2002 performance originally staged at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. Additional behind-the-scenes footage of the tour and a selection of films directed by Chao offer viewers even greater insight into the world of a musical superstar than the ticket-holders who attended the concert in person.
 :: AnitaHu :: 01/04/2009
Getting close to 500 messages here... Pap... keep an eye out for opening the next one ; )
 :: :: 01/04/2009
I have Babylonia en Guagua- DVD and DViX format and I can send it to you, but I don't know how? I'm not a Rapidshare user, so the only thing that comes to my mind is torrent, and that's illegal, isn't it? :-D
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Stupid people ARE funny. Bumping my head against the wall, saying I'm stupid, stupid, stupid MUST be funny for someone to watch. The funniest thing about being stupid is when you realize that you have been stupid for a very long time, maybe for ever, but only now you realized that you are stupid and that all this time you thought you were clever.
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2009
Piggy is that your autobiography...? :-)

....You could try with megaupload but I'm not shure...?

We aren't going mass from 500 pleas, my know...he is to weak...
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Hi everyone!!

Sorry to interrupt the light hearted discussions. But I just wanted to say something about what is going on in London today. It is as I am sure you know the G20 Summit and protesters are everywhere in the capital. Everything has come to a standsill. Its getting very tense and I sense something big is going to happen. I have seen reports that groups of bank workers are waving handfulls of money at the protesters, tuanting them. I mean if that isn't a kick in the face to each and everyone of us then I don't know what is!! Even my boss has just said to me that if this carries on the whole country could go out on the streets!!

This is clip from the BBC website:

"Hundreds from protest groups under the G20 Meltdown banner marched from Tube stations to the Bank of England urging those who had lost their homes, jobs, savings or pensions to join them in following four "horsemen of the apocalypse" to "lay siege" to financial institutions. Crowds were chanting "one solution revolution" and "climate, justice, peace". Among them were groups of masked protesters from other European countries."

The times they are a changing!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009
Really? A revolution starting from London? Can't really believe it today 1st April. If you told me yesterday... Or you can try again tomorrow!
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2009
I don't know why I fact I won't bother anymore
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009
Teresauk- I wish I was there...
Revolution all around?
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Holy shit, Teresa. That is scary.

Be careful.

In response, I can't support a revolution of this sort. The financial problems the world is facing is due to the stupidity (no humor implied in this definition, tho... sorry, Miss P!) of the banks AND the people. We all screwed up on this. To protest the banks is idiocy in itself. Most of the people who work at banks are just like everone else with a job... meaning it's just a job. To go and try to blame them for the situation is pointless (as are most demonstrations, I think)... BUT for those bank people to be reportedly taunting the people with fistfuls of money is not necessary and truly foolish on their part...

I don't know... I agree that times are changing, but if people don't have a clear goal and plan as to how to make that change, they shouldn't try to rush it, y'know? All this blaming is going to get everyone nowhere... and fast.

QUICK!!! I need some happy music!!!!!
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Yeah Savannah! This kind of thing doesn't happen enough in the UK and its great that it is makes me feel very hopeful! Shame some people don't see it that way...but their just stupid anyway!
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009
fish - I don't think the protesters are blaming the actual workers of the bank, they are just protesting in front of the banks. Its the workers that are taunting the protesters....and then obviously when there is violence the protesters will be blamed. Most of them are peacefull but obviously there are those that are there for nothing more than to cause trouble. Its good that people go out and show that they are not happy with the situation.
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009
I think no one her thinks that workers are the problem. Regular clerks in banks are just regular people like you and me.
But I resent, like most people I believe, the sky high wages and bonuses that bank managers are distributing among each other while we are strangled by high interests, everyone have some kind of loan ... and so on....
This subject almost always makes me mad, because there is so much injustice in it, so I should better stop now.
Guys in London- I am with you!!! Make those 20 lizards suffer!
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Teresa you might wanna join them... :-) I heard on bbc moments ago, that Manu Chao said that he would love to come! I really don't know if my minde is joaking with me becouse of 1 april!

Hey, maybe revolution come to here! That would be great!
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Injustice? In this subject?
 :: :: 01/04/2009
I meant banks and other legal financial terrorists.
Sorry if my post haven't had lots of sense.
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Oh now I get it... :-)
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Thanks for the comments, ladies. I wasn't implying anyone here was thinking that that the bank workers were to blame... sorry if I insulted anyone.

The whole protest thing always leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I don't know why... It may be that it's the "bad" memories and scenes that always make the news, and therefore have formed that unconscious impression in my head... those "trouble makers" who decided to go too far, maybe....

Also... I've always been the timid sort without too much passion or strong feelings towards anything, so I've never been involved with a protest or outcry like this. I should have kept my mouth shut (... or, more exactly, "kept my fingers still").

I agree wholeheartedly that there is plenty of injustice and disgrace in the higher-ups at the banks and the abuse they so freely distribute... and you're right... People should go out and let everyone know if they're unhappy (being a guy, I'm more attuned to non-communication... shut up, put my head down, and maybe it will go away, right? LOL... again, sorry... one of my MANY faults! :P)

Susannahsong... thanks for the offer of getting me the DVD. Like you, I'm inexperienced with how to share files and such... No biggee... I'll see if I can track something down on line.
 :: :: 01/04/2009
You are right, in the way- I come from the small country and protests and demonstrations here are rare, small, non violent and non productive as well.
I am against any violence in any case, but I also think that people should go out and protest if they are angry, hurt or harmed in any way by any kind of politics.
Looks like you are strong... No need to break windows, just shout out loud :)))
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Babylonia en Guagua contains 7.5 Gb of material,what you can
download from torrent is just a small part of Babylonia,Phish,because I
like to share I can send it to you by old way-post,haha...
Babylonia is great,especially scenes from the backstage,but what do
you think abot Live in Foro Alicia-Mexico,2006.I just love that
concert,really,really great playing of Radio Bemba,perfect!
 :: canabinola :: 01/04/2009
Ooops! Sorry for calling you Susannahsong, savannahsong!!! (You knew what I meant, anyway!!! LOL)

Canabinola... thanks!! We'll chat more later about that idea. Let me poke around at the local music stores, first, though... The only live footage I've seen of Mr. Chao is the Austin City Limits that aired a few months ago. I thought that was kickass, so I'm looking forward to seeing this stuff you are all raving about!!!

Gotta go... work calls........ tick, tock, tick, tock... 55 hours and 56 minutes to go until 5pm Friday!!!!
 :: :: 01/04/2009
CNN reported on the demonstrations. They made a Freudian slip, however, when they said the police would prepare for the violence that would break out later in the day.

I thought hmmm. They are sure that violence will break out? I wonder why?

When we had our demonstrations here against legislation that would have treated illegal immigrants as felons, the police (the LAPD of Rodney King fame) went into full gear. They didn't care who they shoved and knocked down. Witnesses say that the police instigated the violence.

If you are a part of the protest and you see this, remind people to remain calm. They shouldn't take the bait because then the focus is on the violence and not the reason people demonstrate.
 :: nubiasol :: 01/04/2009

I don't believe you should apologize for bringing up a subject that is heavy. If we wanted all light all day, we wouldn't be drawn to Manu's music. At least I wouldn't be - part of the draw and the respect I feel for the artist is his political view, his desire to speak out against injustice whether or not it affects his popularity.

I would hope that every once in a while we would like to be reminded that we live in a world that extends beyond our own walls.
 :: nubiasol :: 01/04/2009
Teresa, relax!
Well, I think this is my fault, but I didn't hear any news all day and I really thought that you were joking.
BUT you can't blame me any more because I have admitted that I am stupid.
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2009
No problem Phish,what ever you need from Manu I can send to you,or
anyone else here,audio,video or 3gp video for cell phone :-) just ask.

Nubiasol,I agree with you about what you say in last post. I feel the
same for Manu and his music.
 :: canabinola :: 01/04/2009
It's the top story here today, Teresa. I've just been reading about it on a
Canadian site; here's a link if you're interested in the
coverage here:

I really feel for the unemployed people they quoted. Paying your
mortgage with a credit card? Yikes. Scary times indeed.
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Nubia - Thank you....I totally agree with you. I am drawn to Manu's politics and its a bonus that he is a great song writer too.

Pap - Thanks for the link....quite a good review. Yeah scary times!

Fish - Babylonia en Guagua is great, you must watch it!!! Here is a link a clip for the dvd
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009
Ok we made it to 500, are we moving to english speaking V or we are going further...?

Nubi I too agree with you, Manu is fantastic, for him only thing that is important is justise.

Teresa - hey girl, don't worry, acually I'm glad that you change subject becouse I wouldn't have clue what is happening ot ther...

Piggy if you are stupid, can I join you...? I don't have right now anything interesting to do si I would like to join the club...

Pap -- Well look who's back! You haven't been here for a while...And thanks for the link...

Hehe I was right about C'binola... :-)
 :: :: 01/04/2009
hi friends
woohoooooo 500 posts!!
 :: madcow :: 01/04/2009
We are moving forward to english IV...

Pap, will you open it ?
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Marija, let's see how far we can go.
Bixo, the next one is No5, not 4, we are not ordinary people.
Teresa, not even a word for your stupid cyber-friend? Still mad with me?
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2009
Ummmmm maybe.
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009
mmmmmmmmmm but why why why why??????????????
 :: piggytat :: 01/04/2009
How can anyone be mad on our little miss piggy....??? Teresa is joaking...why would she be mad... :-)

I can't go any furder, my internet is dying...C'mon guys...We are reaching Hary Potter...!!!
 :: :: 01/04/2009
Somebody please make No5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piggy - You said you wanted a "word" .............. so I offered "maybe" ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 01/04/2009

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