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 ¿Barcelona en el otoño?
Hola todos - I'm planning a trip to Barcelona in the fall, probably early September or maybe October. Does
anyone know if Manu might be in town and performing? Muchas gracias.
 :: :: 18/07/2009
He will be performing in France in September. Go on, hire a van and follow the tour, miss mariposa!!!
 :: :: 18/07/2009
Cheers, Lola! What a stellar idea! How much do you think would something like that
cost? Ha ha, I guess that would make my husband and I sort of like "Manu Heads" or
 :: :: 18/07/2009
Hey Pap! He plays Nice October 1st and I have seen flights from Barcelona to Nice for just 40 € (not sure what that is in Canadian $) but probably the cheapest option......go on go for it!!!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 18/07/2009
Hola todos, hola Papilloposa-Mariposa :D

I'm thinking about the same thing! Teresauk is right: October 1st Nice is
for sure and as there is no news yet about following concerts it seems
logical (hehe... Rumba de Barcelona! :o) that he goes home... home to
So I am thinking about something like going to Nice and from there to
Barcelona. OK, not striktly because of Manu... Going to Barcelona by
boat from Genoa!!! :o So yes, seeing what I'm saying I'm starting to
realize that it would be a longer trip... Few days in Genoa (I love that
city, too!! We went there last year with Hicham - I found him here on the
Forum - to see Manu playing on Goa Boa both days, like a little
magic...), few days in Barcelona, plus Nice, plus travelling... I don't know
how realistic this is... only that I can't get this Genoa-Barcelona boat trip
out of my mind :D
Anyway, there must be a cheap and quick way to get to BCN from Nice.

Early September: the French tour begins on the 7th.

 :: narzissus :: 19/07/2009
narzissus - That sounds like a sweet little trip! Probably not economically realistic for us, but a person can dream. ;^)

What I'd really, really love is to be in Barcelona for either my husband's birthday (Sept 3) or mine (Oct 19), since both our
birthdays last year sucked big-time. Fingers crossed!
 :: :: 20/07/2009
Hey hey Papilloposa,

Yep, the plan is not realistic - for me at this time because of TIME...

But for you... Maybe you should go in the beginning of September
then... The question is if you want to go to any concert, too. Where are
you coming from? For how long would you be staying?

Anyway... I hope you will have a great time... anytime, anywhere....

A recommendation: - you can sign up for
notification about concerts etc. or just follow up.... with BCN

Rumba de Barcelona hasta al final!

 :: narzissus :: 22/07/2009
I think concert info is often on myspace before its on this site (I think radiochango and this site are run by the same people).

I was just thinking that I could get to see him in Calais for about 100 € + concert ticket. But I don't have a spare 100 € : (
 :: Teresauk :: 22/07/2009
narzissus - We're from Vancouver, Canada and (if we can go) we'd stay at least a week, hopefully longer.

Teresauk - I see the Calais gig is on September 13th... Wouldn't it be AMAZING if you could save up the €s and we went to the
same show? We could actually meet! :-) BTW, have you ever been to Calais, and if so, what's it like? I wonder what kind of venue
they'll be playing at ...
 :: :: 22/07/2009
Pap - I think if you are going to travel all the way from Vancouver you should stay at least 2 weeks. It will give you more time to explore different areas. Girona is near to Barcelona and its really beautiful and well worth spending some there. Also Figueres where Dali used to live and the amazing museum. God I want to go now!!

OK Pap I am going to make a deal with you.....if you get to the Calais gig I will meet you and your lovely husband how about it????? I have been to Calais before but years ago and I can't remember much about it. Lots of Brits go over on the boat to Calais for the day to shop at the cheaper the UK way too expensive for everything.
 :: Teresauk :: 22/07/2009
OMG!! I have just found out that I could take my car over on the boat for about 29 € each way!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 22/07/2009
Oh. My. God. Are you serious, you chica loca?? Because this could actually work out. But before we
get ahead of ourselves, do you know how we'd go about getting tix, assuming they aren't sold out

Anyhow, our friend the travel agent (from my BNI* group) has presented us with several compelling
options, and one of them has dates that would fit perfectly with our mad little scheme here! And we'd
arrive in Barcelona before noon on the day of Mr P's birthday. :-D

Speaking of which, I've been with them a year now, and the experience really has helped get our
business back on track. I highly recommend it.

 :: :: 23/07/2009
So when is Mr P's b-day?

I have just found this site selling ticket but I have no idea if they are sold out or even if you can buy them from outside France.
 :: Teresauk :: 23/07/2009
Sorry totally non MC related but.....Its funny that you mention BNI as I was just sitting here wondering about advertising for new clients. I did go to one networking event for women but am not sure I get the concept really.
 :: Teresauk :: 23/07/2009
Mr P's b-day is on Sept 3rd.

Re: the tickets, if you can get them from the UK (I really doubt we can get them from here), maybe we could
mail you €s so you could get them for the three of us. BTW, nice boob action on that site! ;^)

Re: BNI (actually I'm off to a meeting in about an hour), the concept is quite simple really. A bunch of small
business people meet up, get to know each other and give each other referrals. E.g. I just gave the travel agent
a referral; a friend of mine and her boyfriend want to go to Hawaii in November. I hope to give her my OWN
referral very soon. Fingers crossed! Anyhow, if you go to the BNI website and find a chapter close to you, you
can get in touch with them and go as a visitor. The lunch / meeting here costs 20$ CDN, which is not bad.

Well, I'll keep you in the loop re: our travel plans, and please keep me in the loop re: anything you can find out
about the Calais gig.

 :: :: 23/07/2009
Oops, I guess that would be £s ...

 :: :: 23/07/2009
Where were the boobs?

I think you may be able to buy the tix as there is a Canada option on the address form and you can opt for e-tickets so there should be no probs!

I can't find any info about the concert hall except that its called Calypso. To be honest Calais is probably not the best place to get to cheaply or easily from Barcelona. Nice probably would be your best option. Not that I am backing out of it.....just thinking about your situation.
 :: Teresauk :: 24/07/2009
Alas, Nice doesn't work with our dates, and it would probably be a more
expensive place to stay for a
night. Plus it would be so much fun to meet you. Can you recommend a
good Euro airline for cheap
 :: :: 24/07/2009
The boobs flash on when you first connect to the site, then flash off in a
couple of seconds.
 :: :: 24/07/2009
Hey Teresauk,

So, I've spent some time googling and have found that none of the discount Euro airlines fly to Calais. (I guess it
must be pretty small, but that of course makes the gig even MORE compelling!) Anyway, we could fly to Brussels
pretty cheaply and bus / train or rent a car and drive to Calais. Another interesting idea (if the three of us actually
manage to pull this adventure) off: We could fly from Barcelona to whatever city you live in and cross the
channel together. We would of course contribute to the cost of ferry and gas, thereby making it a bit cheaper for
you as well. Obviously this would mean allowing us into your vehicle, but not to worry -- Lovely Husband is very
adept at repressing farts! ;^)
 :: :: 24/07/2009
LOL this trip is getting more and more crazy by the second!!! A girl after my own heart ; )

Yes I don't think Calais is very big and to be honest isn't really a holiday destination...just a port and cheap shopping. But I maybe wrong and I apologise to any French people reading this ; ) It would be great fun if you 2 travelled over on the boat with me. The boat is around £29 each way with a car and 1 passenger, but may work out cheaper if there were 3 of us. Return flights from Barcelona to my nearest airport London Stansted are around £70 but it could be cheaper or more expensive depending on dates. (That is flying with Ryanair). And its about a 2hr flight and that is from Barcelona Reus airport...not sure if thats the main one or not, as they also class the Girona one as Barcelona too. Confusing or what? This would be sooo funny if it worked out!! BTW Your hubby can sit with the window car is a fartless zone!!
 :: Teresauk :: 25/07/2009
YAAY, you're home from the pub! And we'll be heading to ours right soon.

Okay, so, seriously, hubby and I are going to do some invoicing this weekend, crunching some numbers, and figuring
out for sure if we can do this trip. Christine The Travel Agent and you will be the first to know!

 :: :: 25/07/2009
*Crunch, crunch, crunch!*
 :: :: 25/07/2009
Well, the numbers have been crunched, the Official Happy Dance has been performed (there will be encores); we're going to Spain, baby!

Next on the agenda: Getting a French-speaking friend to come over and help us order tix for the Calais show!

 :: :: 26/07/2009
Woo Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just let me know if you have tix for Calais and I will get mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This could be soooooooooo much fun!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 26/07/2009
We've booked gig tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I book the flights with Ryanair, I need to know if we should fly over the day before (Saturday), or would the Sunday
of the show give us enough time? The Sunday flight would get us to London Stansted on noonish. But we don't yet know
how to go about meeting up with you, how long the drive to Calais takes, etc. So:

• Where and when should we meet you?

• Will our arriving at noon on Sunday give the three of us enough time to make it to the ferry, do the crossing and get
ourselves to the venue?

Sunday would be preferable for us, as it would save the expense of overnighting in London, but if you think we'd be
cutting our time too short, then we'll fly over on Saturday. In any case, please let me know asap so I can book the flights --
they're mega cheap, by the way! :-)

This WILL be soooooooooo much fun!!!

 :: :: 26/07/2009
BTW, just click on my user name to email me. :-)
 :: :: 26/07/2009
OMG!!!! You have gig tickets!! We could just about do it with a few seconds to spare! I will email with full details!! ; )
 :: Teresauk :: 26/07/2009
Or I will do once hotmail decides to work : (
 :: Teresauk :: 26/07/2009
Got your email; have responded! :-D
 :: :: 26/07/2009
I have a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeee!!

Pap - I have replied!!!
 :: Teresauk :: 26/07/2009
This is so exciting! You'll have to tell us about it - unless the master of all webbie material has an issue with it. Ojala que no.
 :: nubiasol :: 26/07/2009
Nubie - It is exciting, isn't it? Will be thinking of you and wishing you were with us. Who knows, maybe one
fine day you'll make your way north and see a never-to-be-forgotten gig in Vancouver! (We even have crash
room for you.) I found this line in my horoscope today very inspiring:

Whatever you do now, make sure to nurture your dreams.

 :: :: 27/07/2009

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