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 Balkan tour - tickets?
Does anyone know anything about tickets for the balkan tour and
especially for Serbia, Hala Pionir Beograd?
 :: piggytat :: 11/08/2013
You have all informations here and you can buy tickets on this website
 :: Pitch :: 11/08/2013
Have you bought any tickets from there? Is it a safe place? It says that it
is in Croatian and I can't find any english.
 :: piggytat :: 11/08/2013
i don't know but i think it's have to use a translator. it will happen in Serbia not in England...for sure it's in serbian!
 :: Pitch :: 11/08/2013
jaja I'm sure you are correct! But my translator says it's in croatian. I
looked for air tickets from Athens to Belgrade and I find them quite
expensive, so I think it will remain a dream for now. Thanks anyway for
 :: piggytat :: 11/08/2013
Don't mix croatians with serbs if you go there, relations between them are terrible...
I think you can catch a bus from Athen to Belgrade for a cheaper price but the trip will be longer...
For the plane the problem there is because of their national company JAT who refuse to let other companies operate flights...that's why it's a little bit expensive.
 :: Pitch :: 11/08/2013
Yes, I could guess that about the relations. The bus is cheaper, almost
half price, but the journey lasts 18 hours! I thought it would be nice to
combine Manu's concert with visiting Belgrade, but now i don't know! I
will sleep on it!
 :: piggytat :: 11/08/2013
Be patient me dear piggy. maybe he'll visit ous or maybe didimusic did to much of a damge for Manu to consider coming back.Are we balkans or european?Lol
 :: :: 12/08/2013
Auto anarotiemai ki ego, ti eimaste, alla oti kai na eimaste den exei
simasia, giati oute se europaiki, oute se valkaniki periodeia erxetai. Kai
na sou po tin alitheia de me endiaferei ti provlimata mporei na
antimetopise me mia etairia, auto pou vlepw ego einai oti i ellada
dianuei ton pempto xrono tis krisis kai tha axizame pisteuw ligi
symparastasi apo enan kallitexni pou ypotithetai oti asxoleitai me tous
ligoterous pronomiouxous. Milontas prosopika, ton akousa persi sto
Cascais, stin Portogalia, opote antexw, eprepe omos na exei erthei stin
ellada idi apo persi, auti einai i gnomi mou. Genika mou dinei tin
entyposi oti mas agnoei sxedon epideiktika kai auto me stenoxorei poly.
Makari na erthei kai tha ta paro ola piso! xaxaxa
 :: piggytat :: 15/08/2013
Piggy, i bought tickets from gigstix last time when Manu was in Serbia, and
also this time, never had problems :-)
 :: :: 21/08/2013
Pozdrav Marija :)
 :: :: 21/09/2013
Pozdrav pozdrav! :))
 :: :: 28/09/2013

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