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Els Foros del Chango - CHE SUDAKA

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 The Rifffs
 :: :: 13/08/2010
It was great meeting Che Sudaka at
the hotel after the Sazava Fest in
the Czech Republic. We really
enjoying chatting to you guys and
we look forward to future
collaboration between us. Would
love to maybe support you at a few
of your gigs. Your albums are
great and we played them all the
way to Prague after we met and all
the way to Munich after our gig at
the Cross Club. Take care and
maybe see you in Malta for a trip
to Ragusa. Cheers Ray and the
rest of The Rifffs
 :: :: 13/08/2010
Thank you guys!!!!...your cd is really great!!!!...rude boy style!!!...nos vemos por la vida!!!!
 :: kachafaz :: 14/08/2010

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